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Probably the most famous photo of Mad Jack Churchill t

Probably the most famous photo of Mad Jack Churchill t


... at the 1939 World Archery championships) and bagpipe-playing. In his early life he served in the army in Burma, and then worked as a newspaper editor, ...

"Mad Jack" Churchill. Hes basically William Wallace on Crystal Meth in WW2.

Nicknamed "Fighting Jack Churchill" and "Mad Jack", he was known for the motto: "Any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly dressed.

Lt 'Mad' Jack Churchill. The only person on record to kill a German

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Lieutenant-Colonel John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming “Jack” Churchill, (16 September 1906 – 8 March 1996) was a British Army officer who fought throughout the ...

“Mad Jack” Churchill—A Rare Breed of Warrior

Badass of the Week: Jack Churchill- A British soldier in who only fought with a longbow and a sword. He was known as "Mad Jack", and after the war he still ...

Jack Churchill- Absolute Gun (Read More)

Photo via WikiCommons. "Mad Jack" ...

Mad Jack Churchill playing the pipes at a WWII memorial service.

Tom (l) and Jack (r) probably in 1939 before the regiment went off to France

Forgotten History-Lieutenant-Colonel John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming “Jack” Churchill, | History of Sorts

Mad Jack Churchill from RPModels has arrived in 100mm resin! Click the pic for more

... Mad Jack Churchill. by Paul Appleby. See more. With sword in your hand. "In my opinion, sir, any officer who


Jack Churchhill, the craziest man to ever survive world war two. After being rescued from the wilderness after escaping a concentration camp, ...

Jack-Churchill-Speaks-During-a-Landing-Exercise. mad-jack

Badass Guys: Mad Jack Churchill

A German photo of Jack outside HQ 118 Jäger Div Near Mostar (Jugoslavia) in June 1944. He was captured during the diversionary attack on Brac (to take the ...

Badass Guys: Mad Jack Churchill

Mad Jack Churchill by Arjen van Broekhoven

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Badass Guys: Mad Jack Churchill

A British humanitarian who organised the rescue of 669 mostly Jewish children from Nazi-occupied

Jack “Mad Jack” Churchill

Tales of the O-No Ranch. by “Mad” Jack Hanks

Winston Churchill

Lieutenant Colonel Paddy Mayne

Albert Jacka

Most famous as an actress and the mistress of Charles II, who she had two sons with, Nell Gwyn, or Gwynne, had an unlikely start in life serving drinks in ...

Daniel Inouye

Adrian Carton de Wiart

... WGB-SP-33-CFC-Lee

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A former member of the SAS, Fiennes is a writer, adventurer and holder of


Image via The Telegraph

As a British soldier and liaison officer during WW1, he was instrumental in mobilizing and fighting alongside an Arab army in a revolt against the Ottoman ...

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Mad Jack escaped the Sagan prison before being captured again and sent to Sachsenhausen concentration camp

Churchill resumed his military commission and rejoined the Manchester Regiment later that year, when Germany invaded Poland.

Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin at the Yalta Conference, February 1945

... Webstore: Digital Armies of Great Britain eBook ...

It should be noted that it was a ...

Nightingale became known throughout the British Empire as "the lady with the lamp"

A Belgian-born British lieutenant-general who served in the Boer War and World

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10 things you (probably) didn't know about Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites

Famous for his service in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars, Nelson'

Sellers smiling to the camera

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There's nothing wrong with wanting to Be Someone like Winston Churchill. I think highly enough of him that I named my firstborn son after him (pictured ...

1. Hugh Glass

Going old school, 'Mad Jack' the WWII soldier who used his sword and longbow to fight the Germans

The Prime Minister seated at his desk in the No 10 Annexe Map Room, May


... Mad Jack Churchill: WWII's Bagpipe Playing And Sword Wielding Badass

Forgotten History-Lieutenant-Colonel John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming “Jack” Churchill, | History of Sorts

Why it Doesn't Compare:

A DRUNK DRIVER ended this man's life

Call his spot here cliché, but like Bill Murray, we don't care—He is the undisputed modern king of not giving a fuck.


... 9 Most Badass Medieval Warriors OF All Time

Badass Guys: Mad Jack Churchill

Donald Trump has asked for bust of Winston Churchill to be put back in the Oval Office

Badass Guys: Mad Jack Churchill

Badass Guys: Mad Jack Churchill

“He was slightly eccentric. He had very unusual taste but was happy so long as he was doing his own thing.”

Found this Tumblr of images of Serge Lutens most well known work from the 1980s. Amazing; Wow! Don't know if its official or fan tumblr.

25 War Heroes You Probably Never Heard Of

Walter Sickert

Rethinking Churchill

jack churchill

Jack the Ripper was an unidentified serial killer who brutally murdered at least five ladies of

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An artistic impression of Mad Jack. radiodixie

A Zenith-JAP overhead-valve single cylinder machine, of the type Churchill rode across India and Burma

Found this Tumblr of images of Serge Lutens most well known work from the 1980s. Amazing; Wow! Don't know if its official or fan tumblr.

George Patton - Leadership

Why It Doesn't Compare:

Hans-Ulrich Rudel

Churchill worked together with David Lloyd George (pictured) to create what would be known as the Liberal reforms, which included the passing of the ...

... popular adoration, intensity and euphoria that surrounded General Gordon. A quasi messianic figure and icon of Victorian values, he was a phenomena that ...

Perhaps one of the greatest and most prolific playwrights to write in the English language female or male is the great Caryl Churchill.

Churchill in 1911 as First Lord of the Admiralty

Atholl High;anders

1972) – Otherwise known as Ginger Spice, she is the most musically successful of all the former members of the Spice Girls, releasing three acclaimed solo ...

The ex-Alex Phillips, ex-Jack Churchill Isle of Man Clubman TT-Winning 1950 HRD-Vincent Rapide

Famous People You Didn't Know Could Surf

Hugo Weaving, Claudia Karvan, Gordan Churchill and Josh Lawson

15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About National Lampoon's European Vacation

Advertisement. Churchill ...