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Puppets War Create Their Own Order Of SciFi Knights Miniature

Puppets War Create Their Own Order Of SciFi Knights Miniature


Puppets War Create Their Own Order Of Sci-Fi Knights


Puppets War Prime Knight Battlewalker Scale

Puppetswar: New Science Fiction Conversion Kit Inbound

Puppets War Prime Knight Battlewalker back

Puppets War - Ready for orders? @ 2016/11/14 23:12:12


Aquila Guard with HMG (Front)

How do you like this new variant of an engineer? Any ideas for the name


Wargame News and Terrain: Puppetswar: New Insectopod Released - Check the Insectoid Swarm Range

We are currently working on it. Work in progress of course.

Puppets War Prime Knight Battlewalker Armed

[Puppets War in 2018] Cyberpunk vision - Forum - DakkaDakka | No assembly required

BTW if you want to know more about our products,

While a lot of people might be looking at this for your Sci-Fi 'Space Knights' I think these would be great for alternative heads on your Fantasy Football ...

Puppetswar: Science Fiction Battlewalkers Size Comparison

Puppets War have added some additional useful bitz to their webstore for giving your soldiers an added level of bling. See what you make of the new Hot Rod ...

Puppets War head

... 28mm scale Sci-Fi 'Purifier' miniature (2) ...

Puppets War have released a new gas mask head option for your officers to wear whenever they need to venture into dangerous environment, but still maintain ...

Puppets War wings

210054_md-Airbrush, Falcions, Glow, Grey Knights, Terminator Armor.jpg 800

Puppets War Prime Knight Battlewalker Armour

Blood Knights Helmets - Puppets War

Puppets War - Ready for orders? @ 2015/04/28 04:13:30

Each of the different characters covers particular races in the game. For example, above you have Keskodai, the Iconic Shirren Mystic. It's nice that we're ...

[Puppets War in 2018] More cyborgs (WIP) - Forum - DakkaDakka |

Thanks to puppets war miniature I could created my own kind of bikers army. This is my attack bike with multi melta.

Sci Fi Helmets Feature

[Puppets War in 2018] More cyborgs (WIP) - Forum - DakkaDakka |

Based on one of the new Forgeworld sets I've decided to make my own gang. Left in an abandoned hive to die, they are desperately trying to f.

Hooded Crusader Heads

Future Military Profiles: The IMPERIAL KNIGHTS (WH40K)

Northstar Miniatures: Grimdark Science Fiction Barbarians, Gnolls and Cultists Preview

Still tinkering.

After quite a break, an update on my Puppet Wars collection.

War tabernacle from "Nemesis". MiniaturesMiniatureMinis

You ...

You ...

... as the Marvel side of things was probably drawing in a fair amount of support due to the powerhouse that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, there ...

Pegasus Knights #1

It's nice that we're seeing the guys at Paizo behind Starfinder really looking for interesting alien creatures to throw into the mix.

Knight Models Batman Miniature Game Second Edition. "

There's never been a better time to jump into the Batman Miniature Game.

... 10 NVG team heads heads, designed to fit 28mm tabletop wargames scale, supplied unassembed and unpainted. Designed and sculpted by Puppetswar Art Team.

... 28mm scale Sci-Fi 'Purifier' miniature (4)

How do you like our vision of futuristic junkyard warriors? #orc #greenskin #ork #scifi #sf #war #warriors #junkyard #scrap #miniatures #wargames #figures ...

You ...

#puppetswar hashtag on Twitter

What ...

Infinity PanOceania Military Order Father Knight - Spitfire (1)

Badger Games: Bob Olley Drantakh Sci-Fi Miniatures and Painting Contest


... paints over a white base coat was an interesting prospect, and one I feel ultimately successfully fit the cartoony style of the miniatures and game.

28mm scale Sci-Fi 'Purifier' miniature (7) - Copy


A Healthy Glow - Kingdom Death Alison the Twilight Knight, plus mini-materials review

There was a Striker shown already, now it is time for a Trooper.

Puppets War's Warp Knights Swoop Out To Their Webstore

[Thumb - 20130226_155012.jpg]

Anyway, Puppets War have been working on their rather huge Mech and any mechanical construct worth its salt needs some hefty legs.

Share with us your ideas of further attachments, please. We may even produce some of them:) #PuppetsWar #preview #Prime #Walker ...

... 28mm scale Sci-Fi 'Purifier' miniature (5) ...

Order of the Phoenix - Harry Potter Miniatures

[Thumb - 20130221_191200.jpg]

Some time ago, I posted my first attempt at Puppet Wars models, which I was happy enough with at the time, but I've learned quite a bit since then, ...

The conclusion

How do you like them and what next troopes styles you want us to work on? #stalkers #puppetswar #scifi #sf #hobby #miniatures #wargames #figures #scale ...

Dumbledore's Army - Harry Potter Miniatures ...

How tall is she exactly from the bottom of her soles to the top of her head?


Ah Studio McVey is now one of the big boys. They're officially being copied. So proud!

Puppets War - Ready for orders? @ 2016/11/22 03:03:44

... Pegasus Knights ...

List of non-GW miniature companies @ 2014/08/24 23:26:19

Doom Rippers with Gauntlets

PW makes several arms for this set including a fancy DCCA that would look right at home on a Chaos Dread. It looks like a wicked hybrid of the old, metal, ...

Puppets War are working on something a little more alien as they preview some new minis for their Insectoid Swarm faction.

Puppets War - Ready for orders? @ 2016/09/01 20:25:48

Ain't he cute? https://puppetswar.eu/product.php?id_product=108 … #cyber #bug #scifi #sf #monster #puppetswar #miniatures #fun #game #hobby #wargaming ...

We are making another version of this mini. We call it more elegant version. Even Fat Demons should be gentlemen. Check out the greens of the new mini – Fat ...

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Puppets War New releases 2.0 (Page 8 - "Mayhem Knights Heads) @ 2013/02/20 19:59:33

Bombshell Miniatures posted their November releases up on their website for you to check out.

Pegasus Knights; Pegasus Knights ...

[Thumb - 20130226_155025.jpg]

... Pegasus Knights ...

Slytherin Students - Harry Potter Miniatures ...

Puppets War have added another set of accessories to their webstore. The IMPACT Team Heads you can see below give you ten of these helmets for use with 28mm ...

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Bellatrix & Wormtail - Harry Potter Miniatures ...

Also, if you ever needed some WW1 ottoman Janessaries carrying a soup pot, check it out.

Puppets War have once again given us a glimpse at their sculpting bench to show off the pieces of the next "big thing" they are working on.

Puppets War - Ready for orders? @ 2016/09/05 20:39:50

... Teutonic Knights (Spitfire/Combi Rifle) ...