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Queen st 1974 Fredericton new Brunswick Canada firefighter

Queen st 1974 Fredericton new Brunswick Canada firefighter


Queen st 1974 Fredericton new Brunswick Canada

1974 Queen St Fredericton New Brunswick Canada

Fire in the Bronx on Southern Boulevard, 1967. 11 firefighters were injured combating this fire.

Old FF Pic. More information. More information. 1974 Queen St Fredericton New Brunswick Canada

Brooklyn NY October 25, 1974. 2 alarm fire at 3211. Fulton Street.

1974 Queen St Fredericton New Brunswick Canada

1938 Fire Dept gets 100 ft ladder truck Los Angeles California

Queen St Fredericton New Brunswick Canada

King Street Fire Station Fredericton

Charlotte St 2011 Fredericton New Brunswick Canada

Quint Tanker Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

P132-122 Parade on upper Queen Street Fredericton

The famous “Silsby” steamer of the Fredericton Fire Department, 1874. (Photo from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Taylor Collection.)

1 Hose Company, 1887 at the laying of the cornerstone of Victoria Hospital, Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.

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Archive photo courtesy of the Fredericton Fire Fighters

King Street Fire Station Fredericton

Exhibition building ...

131 Queen Street, ca.

P4-2-0105 Queen Street, Fredericton – decorated for visit of Sir John A. MacDonald

P4-2-13 Aberdeen Mill, Fredericton west end, burned August 1905

... Queen Street, until it was demolished in 1961 to make way for the current Playhouse. The tavern had been the first meeting place of the New Brunswick ...

4 Engine was also on King Street at just below the old Queen Hotel Alley, now called Camperdown Lane. This pump was the pride of the fleet.

P132-126 Gem Theatre, Fredericton

P132-137 The Farmers Office on Carleton Street, Fredericton


Clockwise: Uptown Saint John, Garden St. row houses, Reversing Falls Bridge,

P132-132 ...

One was in the 400 block of Queen Street, the area now occupied by the old Zellers building. The other was in the Provincial ...

Canada Fire Department Patch Badge Fredericton Service D'incendie Silver & Black

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Farraline House on Queen Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Canada Fire Department Patch Badge Winnipeg Service D'incendie Silver & Black

During WW1 nervous sentries shot and killed several men and at least one woman in New Brunswick. But I am aware of only one armed sentry shot by another, ...

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Fairville, N.B. 1898 - the fire department gets a steam fire engine

CA; 10.

Firefighters Museum - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia - steam fire engines

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Regina Canada Fire Department Patch

Robert Higgins, New Brunswick Liberal Party Leader, 1974

Fredericton Fire Department - Fredericton Fire Department

Saint John is known for its pub and restaurant scene throughout uptown. Statistics Canada found the city has the third most pubs per capita in Canada

Page 1. New Brunswick ...

Saint John City Market

(l-r) Firefighters Jeff Hatt, Bob Boyce and Ryan Young gather around Adolf Guterson's grave at the Drumheller Cemetery last Wednesday, June 5.


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Fairville, N.B. Fire Department - antique steam fire engine

June 27, 2018

1877 Great Fire of Saint John, New Brunswick

Prince William Street, National Historic Site of Canada. The building in the foreground is the Bank of New Brunswick building, Canada's first bank ...

During the 1920′s and 1930′s, the Fire Department staff consisted of only three full time drivers who would answer all the chimney and minor fire calls.

1926 World's Amateur Speed Skating Championships - Saint John, N.B.

Rediscover what's important Make a list of the things that are important to you. That's the life you can live here. Come home to New Brunswick.

The Forest Queen riverboat brought Edward Prince of Wales to Fredericton in 1860. She voyaged

Geography and Governance: The Problem of Saint John (New Brunswick) 1785 - 1927 - Ged Martin

CA; 23. New Residents ...


Women in firefighting

Brown structure in this August, 2013 photograph was my grandparents' Saunders Street home in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada until late in 1973.

IAFF ...

Bricklin SV-1 on display at the New Brunswick Museum

C.E.F. Recruitment, Saint John, New Brunswick 1915


Abandoned Constituency Office of Elizabeth Weir, former NDP Leader in New Brunswick

The gun carriage used in the funeral procession of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's), on 28 October, ...

The Imperial Theatre, a National Historic Site still hosting live performances.

View from Fort Howe of the Saint John skyline prior to Peel Plaza

Nova Scotia Teachers Union

Page 53 of the McAlpine's York and Carleton Counties Directory for 1884-85

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Germain St. row houses Uptown

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The Great Fire at St. John, N.B. June 20th, 1877

Halifax Regional Police - Police headquarters on Gottingen Street

Looking east on the Saint John Throughway, right before the Harbour Bridge and the now closed (since 2011) toll plaza.

1941, WW2 Defences of Saint John, N.B.

Charles Lynch, cub reporter 1938. Robbins Bros. Circus at Saint John, N.B.

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Geography and Governance: The Problem of Saint John (New Brunswick) 1785 - 1927 - Ged Martin

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Typical red brick building in uptown Saint John

A firefighter for the Air National Guard

Rev. Edward Bertram Hooper, Chaplain of 26th Battalion C.E.F.

Geography and Governance: The Problem of Saint John (New Brunswick) 1785 - 1927 - Ged Martin

CA; 4. About Fredericton ...

Moncton Fire Dept New Brunswick Canada Fire/rescue Department Patch!


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Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church in Saint John