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Rare Amphora vase known as the Praying Mantis Antigo t

Rare Amphora vase known as the Praying Mantis Antigo t


The Bat Vase by Amphora bohemia, circa high. Only five of this vase are known to exist. they are one of the most sought after vases for amphora collectors

Amphora Gres-Bijou Pansy Vase

Bohemia Clayarts: Large Royal Dux Amphora vase with four owls

Rare Amphora vase, known as the Praying Mantis Vase, sculpted and applied cyclamen buds

Pair of Amphora Art Pottery Vases

Stunning Rare Austria Amphora Riessner & Kessel Mountain Lion Forrest 9" Vase


Stellmacher & Kessel Riessner - Art Nouveau Amphora Vase The Amphora porcelain works existed from in the Teplitz-Turn area of Bohemia, ...

Terracotta neck-amphora Geometric, 4th quarter of the 8th century B.C | The procession

White ground jug made in Athens in the early Century BC. The woman is depicted spinning cloth. This is one of the finest Attic white ground vases I've ever ...

Foto stock : Andalusian vase in green glass and cord trimmings, chains and ridges,

Amphora - Vase. Glazed Pottery. Turn-Teplitz, Bohemia. Circa 1900.

Amphora Pottery; vase with sculpted, stalking male lion; neck decorated with irregular honeycomb

Antique Hand Painted Nippon Vase

Panathenaic Amphora Made Attica, Found in Libya 425-400 BC Pottery Panathenaic amphora.

gold lacquer flower vase

Bisque-Fired Bottle This church-keyed bottle is one of the pieces from my

Highly Enameled Decoration Bohemian Canary Vaseline Moser Tall Vase.

Cobalt Amphora With Poppies

Attributed to the manner of the Lysippides Painter | Terracotta amphora (jar) | Greek, Attic | Archaic | The Met

Art Nouveau Amphora Vase

RARE Victorian Era Pointons Stoke on Trent English Porcelain Orchid Vase

Lundberg Studios - Iridescent Swirl Bottle Vase

Etruscan black-figure amphora C.500BCE

CA 1890 Ancient Greece Vase Antique Chromolithograph Print

Attic Black-figure Panathenaic neck amphora Greece c. 530 BCE

Riessner, Stellmacher and Kessel, Amphora Pottery Turn-Teplitz, Bohemia (now Czech Republic) Urn with multicolored glaze and gilt bronze mounts, ...

Eduard Stellmacher (1868-1929), Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel, 14-inch-tall Amphora “Fates” vase, Turn-Teplitz, Bohemia, 1902-1903; red RSTK stamp, ...

Outstanding Rookwood 14" Scenic Vellum Vase by Carl Schmidt, sold for $ 13,225 in

Greek-Minoan amphora ceramic with marine-style decoration, 1500 BCE

222: RSTK Amphora ceramic vase on

Antique Bohemian Floral Persian Hand Painted Enamel Art Nouveau Glass Bud Vase

Newcomb College Pottery 1925 Pine Cone Vase (Bailey)

Two-handled jar (amphora) depicting a victor in an athletic contest about 490 B. the Kleophrades Painter Greek Athletes


Amphora pottery vase with beetles, red Stellmacher-Teplitz mark, approximately 17 inches

Black figured Panathenaic Amphora

T'ang Creme-Glazed Vase with Dragon Handles -


Gartner Blade - Strata Series - Classic Vase - Ruby

Black-figure amphora. Chalcidice.

Emile Galle cameo glass vase : Lot 6013

Art, this vases dates back to about 530 B. It is called black figure amphora .

Man urinating in pitcher held by slave. Urine was collected to bleach wool.

Very rare Ancient Greek Campanian Krater with Actors Very rare Ancient Greek Campanian Krater with Actors Three men robbin.

Nippon Moriage Vase with Flying Bats

A Gustav Gurschner Art Nouveau bronze beetle vase, Vienna, Austria.

Aromatic Amphora in the "When Life Hands You Lemons" series, by Kari Russell-Pool.

Vase / Handmade WheelThrown Ceramic Pottery/ by riverstonepottery, $60.00

Foto stock : Ampoule, bottle and carafe in penne glass, Italy, 17th century


An Italo-Corinthian clay amphora vase, Etruria, 6ht ct. B.C., Broken

Stunning Antique Nippon Hand Painted Porcelain Vase Two Handled 6 1/2"

The State of Iberoamerican Folk Art

Foto stock : Corinth glass jars, manufactured by Francesco Ferro and sons, ca 1880

Emile Gallé, vase Chrysanthèmes, MEN. Cliché C. Philippot

Minoan Vase

Bamboo Celadon Vase for Ikebana Floral Arrangement

NIppon Cobalt (bc)

Very rare Edwardian long genuine scarab hat/stickpin, Egyptian Revival.

Attic black-figure panathenaeic amphora. On the visible side: Athletes with a discus

Amphora-Lioness-Vase-475px-475px.jpg | Κεραμικα - Ceramics | Pinterest | Pottery, Pottery plates and Glass ceramic

Egyptian alabaster amphora with lid, New Kingdom, 14.4 cm high. Private collection

Decorated Ware Jar Depicting Ungulates and Boats with Human Figures Period: Predynastic, Late Naqada

A rare massive 'Mandarin palette', hunting-bowl, circa 1785

Pottery amphora decorated with cavalrymen, warriors, chimaera and animals.

Foto stock : White glass vases with coloured dots to simulate granite, by Pietro Bigaglia

A Greek Vase

Terracotta stamnos (jar) Attributed to the Painter of London B 343 Period: Archaic

Ancient Amphora Replicas

Spartan Art - Amphora - at the British Museum of Art

Foto stock : Clear glass jug subjected to devitrification, Italy, 16th century

Attributed to a painter of the Princeton Group | Terracotta neck-amphora (jar) | Greek, Attic | Archaic | The Met

Gold Leafing on a gourd vase


Foto stock : Blue glass ribbed vase with gilt bronze, Italy, 18th century

Émile Gallé, Vase aux cœurs-de-Jeannette verre translucide émaillé inscription gravée :

Art Nouveau Beetle Vase by Ernest Bussiere, c. 1902

Three Revelers (Athenian red-figure amphora), c. 510 B.C.E.

Rare enlarged, shouldered vase in blown-moulded cameo glass, acidetched with fruit.

107: Vase with Scarab Beetles. on

A pair of Daum etched and enamelled glass vases circa 1910 colourless glass with an opalescent

Exceptionnel vase de forme ovoïde et col droit légèrement évasé en verre multicouches à décor dégagé

FREIWALD ART POTTERY Bat amphora jugendstil nouveau symbolist secession bocklin

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Late Century BC Both the shape and decoration of this charming little vase are unusual and exact parallels are wanting.

Emile GALLE Cerisier et papillon Vase Artistique en verre triple couche

Black-figured amphora, Greek, made in Athens, about 540-520 BC

Artist: The Midas Painter, Greek, Attic, ca. 445-430 BC

Vintage Praying Mantis Eating Fly Wood Burned Hand Painted Chinese Cube Box Pink White Flowers Blue Fabric Lined

A fine and rare turquoise-ground famille-rose vase, detail, Seal mark

Art Nouveau Loetz Cytisus Iridescent Glass Vase with Pewter Mount. Pinned from titusomega.com

Terracotta jug | Cypriot | Cypro-Classical I, ca. 475–400 B.C.

Disegno Flavio Poli, esecuzione Angelo Seguso. Vaso in vetro sommerso grigio e zaffiro,

Spiny flower praying mantis. WOW!

Attic red-figure Nolan -amphora showing (A) an armed Thracian warrior with spear and pelta and (B) a youth leaning on a stick, 5th century BC.

Perfume Flask Roman perfume flask with a grid pattern. Glass, 200-400 AD

Cerámica Periodo: Formativo. 500 a.C.- 0. Estilo Vicus AB. Medidas:

Acid Cutback Greek Art Glass Amphora Scavo Vase. inspiration des vases grec

Minoan Art Pottery | Minoan eight handled amphora