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Relatively easy conversiontwo rear subframes back to back and a

Relatively easy conversiontwo rear subframes back to back and a


Relatively easy conversion..two rear subframes, back to back, and a good rear section, cut and shut.. the Hustler 6 is similar

On this version at the front I used 1/4" X 2" strap formed into pedestals to support the centersection with 3/16" gussets tying it all together.

The rear mount is more 1/4" strap made into angles to work with the same Energy Suspension part number 4.1126 mounts as the front. The subframe crosspiece ...

The formed pedestal mount design was originated by Rick Littlewood, I believe, who did a lot of original and inventive fab on his V8 conversion back in the ...

American Muscle

The subframe crosspiece has a "nut bar" made of 3/8" thick stock welded to the crossmember with gussets similar to front. The gussets were cleaned and shiny ...

V2 to V1 Rear Subframe Swap-20160819_182303.jpg ...


"The project so far has been fun but relatively simple and unchallenging, however, that is all about to change as we are now venturing into the heart of the ...

The subframe crosspiece has a "nut bar" made of 3/8" thick stock welded to the crossmember with gussets similar to front. The gussets were cleaned and shiny ...

The nearby recylcer was great and agreed to send the entire vehicle at a great price (which is not something most auto recyclers will do), granted once we ...

It is sitting far higher than it would mounted in the car, as it is not sprung with the car's rear mass. The side struts sit about ...




Some pics of the tool itself.

Next, I ran a 35mm2 cable from the starter power terminal under the floor and around to the bulkhead connector I installed a few months ago.

Rick Dobbertin has an idea to make it really easy to stuff an IRS under just about any front-engine, rear wheel drive car you can imagine.

For this conversion, I determined not to use the AWS immediately. Rather, I decided to leave the system intact but inoperative until I could replace the ...

Rear subframe. More photo documentation of the conversion ...

heres a few custom subframes Image

s550 Mustang Steeda IRS Subframe Braces

37 Chevrolet Nova Subframe Install


For comparison, here's the other side in its correct, Aprilia intended alignment:

... V2 to V1 Rear Subframe Swap-20160819_182316.jpg ...

... the frame with bolts. rear subframe mount

Here it is:

The following pics are of the latest as of 1-26-2014 version using the 3" X 5" extruded angle rather than the bent 1/4" plate for the rear mounts.

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Aluminum rear subframe bushings + AKG poly diff bushings = broken diff bushings

So to clear up for the end of the day I dropped it back on the engine to see what shape it was all starting to take!

... the rear-subframe were deformed. Toe is adjusted using a cam washer which is normally trapped by a formed lip. The pictures show the damage to this lip…

BMR Front Subframe Chassis Brace - Red (15-18 GT, EcoBoost)

Mini Stuff, Classic Mini, Projects, Mini Things


CS6A Complete AWD swap | FWD OZ Rally converted to AWD via Outlander/EVO 9 - EvolutionM - Mitsubishi Lancer and Lancer Evolution Community


Putting a Heidt's Mustang II IFS into a Classic Mustang Text and photography by Dale Brunswick

American Muscle

I had to swap the spring perches (or carriers) over as the estate has slightly different shock absorber attachment to the saloon.

a good bottom view of the largely complete engine compartment subframe. Motor and differential are attached along with brake vacuum pump (orange bracket)

Btw thanks to fellow member IJ, here is a picture showing the reluctor wheel at the back of the crank on the left.

So, here again a chance to review and comment - and help improve the road handling of the C3, by grafting a C5 rear suspension to it.


The price for the base Narrow Crown Vic crossmember is $795. Click here for more information.



... center the spacer so the most contact is made between the spacer and the upper part of the sub-frame mount post before tightening the 19mm nut on the ...

120168 IPD Poly Subframe Bushing Insert Kit 3507923, 3507924, 8678497, 23053020803, 61430104


Rear suspension layout, including braking parts

I picked up an r32 and r33 subframe as well as my s13 one and made a hybrid of the s13 an r32.

Based on Mini parts.. two rear subframes placed back to

The view from the back. Lots of space for the engine and transaxle. Going to start working on fitting the subframe when I have time.

We started by pulling off everything we'd need from the Outlander...transmission, transfer case, mounts, driveshaft, complete rear subframe.


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Powerlok/ LSD XJR rear subframe

1.1 Rack and Pinion conversion (TCP)

I was pretty confidant that I had done my homework before buying all the parts for my car, and common forum lore had me believe that because the diff is not ...


Our primary Mig welder is a huge and heavy monster that's a pain the arse to drag around from workshop to workshop - so I bought this little 'Gas-less' Mig ...

After installing the rack, I stuck the control lines under the plastic guard with the fuel lines, and back to the rear subframe.

... everything from the front, at the back the trailing arms can stay in place if required, or you could take the opportunity to remove, replace the bushes ...

With swap components from Speed Tech, you get LS-specific engine mounts, body

S550 Mustang Steeda IRS Subframe Braces


... V2 to V1 Rear Subframe Swap-20160819_193715.jpg

1 Bmr Watts Link Fourth Gen Camaro Subframe Connectors Suspension

At this point I got rather carried away and forgot to take photos, so there is a bit of a jump to the (nearly) finished article.


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Rack and pinion conversion-20160614_133347.jpg

So would you swap out the aluminum subframe bushings for 75D poly? What's worse, stressing the chassis due to the aluminum bushings, or the change in ...

MGF Coil over GAZ shock conversion kit ROAD version.Mike Satur design Hydragas replacement

Modern Subframe Onto An Outdated Frame, Part I - How To - Hot Rod Network

Top view of engine compartment subframe with motor, differential, vaccum pump, and inverter support bracket in place.

My Brother is moving from the sandy suburban blocks of Perth to the wild wilderness of Tasmania, all the outdoor activities you could ever hope for are ...

The rear sub-frame is isolated by rubber bushings which allow some movement relative the WRX chassis. This movement can be the source of a rubbery feeling ...

Porsche Boxster to Cayman body conversion 3.jpg


Grannas Racing 8.8 Rear Kit - Supra / SC300

Sub-frame Removed

In hindsight I really should have just stayed with the s13 subframe and then made custom engine mounts from the start. Doing it this way with the r32 mount ...

With the engine locked hitting onto something at the engine-gearbox junction (perhaps a strange body inside the bellhousing) and no tools to check on that ...

I encountered problem no.2 with the front subframe – the offside driveshaft boot fouls on the rear engine mount. The shaft can rotate but there is a lot of ...

20150317_193004.jpg ...

... down with 'gun-wash' thinners and a stiff brush but eight or so years of grime, corrosion and surface rust won't disappear that easily. The white spots ...


Toyota Celica 2nd generation GTS/Supra IRS differential. This is the ubiquitous 7.5"

2015 Triumph Street Triple RX - STR w/ Daytona subframe and tail section ...

At this point I got rather carried away and forgot to take photos, so there is a bit of a jump to the (nearly) finished article.

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08140022.jpg To those who have done a chevy conversion.-stock-dual-fans-

SR Performance Height & Damping Adjustable Coil Over Kit (15-18 w/o MagneRide)