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Republicans know they are targeting blue America If Americans

Republicans know they are targeting blue America If Americans


Republicans are in denial about a blue wave

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016, in Wilmington, Ohio. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Mr Trump carefully sought to target working and middle class families

Jim Lo Scalzo/AFP/Getty Images

Congressional Republicans are pushing for the impeachment of Rod Rosenstein. | The New Republic

Supporter of the policies of a sitting American president. Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Trump's 'Buy America' stance aligns him with top GOP target Tammy Baldwin

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy really wants to be speaker of the House. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

FINALLY: Senate GOP tax reform bill gets RID of Obamacare individual mandate, returning health freedom to Americans

Republican US Presidential nominee Donald Trump

Donald Trump speaks about tax reform during an event at the Harrisburg International Airport in Middletown

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images Polyarchy

Health-care-justice advocates outside Trump Tower in New York, January 2016. (Sipa USA via AP)

Martha McSally in Tucson, Arizona, is now running for the US Senate

Sarah Zheng

Unlike those who went for Canada, Jackson said South Africa would be his destination of

Trump Has Turned the GOP Into the Party of Eugenics

Donald Trump stands in front of the Pennsylvania state flag in October 2016. Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

Signs are placed on seats as people wait for a charity event hosted by the Republican

The Art of Negotiation:

1 reveal how the Russians used Facebook's advertiser tools, as well as free posts, to target people by their interests, political leanings, location, ...

Trump's 'Buy America' stance aligns him with top GOP target Tammy Baldwin

President Trump holds sample tax forms

David Gertner: Health-care needs to be affordable, right now it's barely affordable

Supporters attend a campaign rally for the Republican Presidential nominee in Pennsylvania on Monday

Sam Altman

LA Times via Getty Images

Russian interference tended to focus on telling the targeted group to fear and distrust the other

John Bolton speaking at the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit in Nashua, New

Republicans felt the backlash of their anti-immigrant efforts, turning California from red to

Research Wikileaks Clinton Emails etc. Research American Media Coverage. The truth lies in those FACTS!

How bad is the Republican coverup on Trump and Russia? We may soon find out.

Image: Republican candidate Karen Handel and Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff prepare for Georgia's 6th Congressional

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Does House Speaker Paul Ryan's retirement signal a blue wave in the fall?

Donald Trump - Patriotically correct - he has America's interests

The Break With Michelle Wolf - Netflix

Kim Jong-un supervising the second test-fire of ICBM Hwasong-14 at

Seth Meyers Has 'Very Fond' Memories of Roasting Trump

Donald Trump attends a campaign event in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Russia Hacked 'Older' Republican Emails, FBI Director Says

How the GOP Became the Party of Putin

Trump's 'Buy America' stance aligns him with top GOP target Tammy Baldwin

Robert Hugin, former CEO of Celgene Corp.

The GOP tars arts funding as a product of cultural elites, but dollars disproportionately benefit small, rural—and often red—states.

Trump voters would be among the biggest losers in Republicans' Obamacare replacement plan

Democrats target 7 congressional seats held by California Republicans for 2018 midterm elections

Trump Denies Election Interference, Putin Says He Wanted Trump To Win In 2016

Cambridge Analytica's Old Etonian chief executive Alexander Nix once said his firm had the data power

Donald Trump Campaigns In Florida One Day Before Presidential Election

Cleveland voters overwhelmed by ads


Daughters of immigrants, lawyers Aida Macedo (left) and Amparo Cid decided to devote

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social media mark zucerberg with american flags

Andy Greenberg

Indianapolis Colts players kneel during the playing of the National Anthem before the game against the Cleveland Browns on September 24.USA Today Sports

Ms Spiers made the alleged revelation in order to prove to a right-wing blogger

Congressional Republicans are pushing for the impeachment of Rod Rosenstein. | The New Republic

American companies are hiring crisis management firms to prep for a new kind of "natural disaster": a mean tweet from Donald Trump — Quartz

U.S. President Donald Trump meets with bi-partisan members of Congress to discuss school and community safety in the wake of the Florida school shootings at ...

Supporters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton watch televised coverage of the U.S. presidential election at Comet

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, by a wide margin, is the Congress member most people want to send their dead ashes to, said the website's creator.

Hacking the Vote: Who Helped Whom?

A year after Trump's election, what are Democrats' chances in 2018? | US news | The Guardian

America's system of checks and balances seems to be working

Mueller's New Indictment Points to Collusion With Russia The Department of Justice charges only Russians, but signs of their Republican partners are plain.

The American country singer Mary Chapin Carpenter's latest album, 'The Things We Are Made

Democrats in the Wilderness

Democrats beware: the Trump-Russia inquiry isn't the path to power | Cas Mudde | Opinion | The Guardian

EPA chief Scott Pruitt testifies before a House Appropriations Committee Interior, Environment, and Related

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence stand with their families

War on the Blue States


Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. Image: Gage Skidmore

The Trump Effect: How Hateful Rhetoric Is Affecting America's Children. "

This is an extraordinary moment. It is without equal not only in American history but in modern history.

... Wisconsin, in a neighborhood known as the Danish Village for its Scandinavian ancestry, sits a two-story white house with a large American flag hanging ...

trump. '

Venezuela has the world's largest known oil reserves. It is a Latin American nation that right-wing Republican administrations in Washington have targeted ...

A "Make America Great Again" hat sits on a table ahead of an election

The Color Of Politics: How Did Red And Blue States Come To Be?

Activists demonstrate against the Republican tax plan on Capitol Hill. Zach Gibson/Getty Images. Half of Americans ...

Jason Crow, a veteran and attorney, speaks during the Democratic National Convention at the

Know Nothing

Representative Mark Meadows, a Republican from North Carolina, speaks with members of the media

Gregory Reid