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Rhinos are being seen with no sentient value only as an object to

Rhinos are being seen with no sentient value only as an object to


Once Upon a Time There Were Wild Animals in Africa

“To properly monitor poaching, statistics and information needs to be collated on a daily

A African White rhinoceros located in Kruger Park

Brutal rhino poaching methods have escalated in South Africa.

Please Take Action to Help Protect Rhinos

Rhino poaching hits 496 as government opens up panel on rhino horn trade

Rhinos look impressively prehistoric. That makes complete sense since this amazing species has been around for over 50 million years!

These beautiful rhinos no longer exist. Take that in. 💔🦏

Why are northern white rhinos so endangered? There are only two left

White rhino in Kruger National Park, South Africa


Rhino Mama and Baby. There is nothing like seeing a rhino in the wild. Black rhino in Zimbabwe.

Black Rhinos - Stromayer, Karl 2003 of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Video of rescued baby Rhino 'Running with Rhinos.

Horns grow back over time, with recent studies claiming that the re-growth of dehorned rhino horn appears faster than growth in non-dehorned rhinos.

Running Charging Rhinoceros dust at his feet

rhino 15 jan 14

DALLAS – A Texas hunting club that auctioned off a permit to shoot an endangered black rhinoceros in Africa said it will cancel the hunt if a federal agency ...

The trophy hunting industry is driven by demand, and sadly, demand for animal trophies is prevalent worldwide. Even in the face of extinction, ...

Tam. Photo by: Jeremy Hance

This undated photo provided Tuesday March 7, 2017 by the Thoiry zoo shows the rhinoceros Vince, center, at the zoo, west of Paris.

Baby rhino, thought to be about three weeks old. By Jason Glanville

Face-to-face with what may be the last of the world's smallest rhino, the Bornean rhinoceros

Our precious, endangered rhino population is being systematically executed for it's horn, which in the East is more valuable than gold per kilogram!

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What's more valuable for non-human animals – intelligence or.

Two southern white rhinos in Pilanesburg National Park, South Africa.

The main reason that rhinos are killed is because their horns are believed, by many countries, to be a cure ...

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Sad news about the death of Sudan, the last northern male white rhino, prompted some discussion about whether the northern white rhino is a species or a ...

baby_rhino ...

MADIKWE, SOUTH AFRICA: A RHINO was snapped fishing a zebra foal out of a

White rhinoceros in Kruger national park, South Africa.

White Rhino wild animals farming

An orphaned elephant calf is introduced to an adult at the Kafue National Park in Zambia

If the poaching continues as it does now, these African animals will be poached into extinction as soon as the year 2025.

Although CITES is legally binding on the Parties, it does not take the place of national laws. This means that CITES concerns itself, or should concern ...

In fact several such farms already exist in South Africa and China, breeding rhinos and regularly cutting off their horns in anticipation for the trade to ...

However, there are numerous cases where dehorning has proved insufficient to prevent rhinos from falling victim to poachers. For example, in Hwange National ...

Rhinos - Pexels image. “

The trafficking of wildlife and their products is one of the most profitable and attractive of all the illicit trades, possibly surpassed only by the ...

A study says that at the end of the 17th century, there were around one million Rhinos. During 1970s the number was drastically reduced to only 70,000.

In Resurrection Science: Conservation, De-extinction and the Precarious Future of Wild Things, M. R. O'Connnor takes an in-depth look at the increasing ...

How a Store of Rhino Semen Could Save the Species


And unless the locally indigenous communities are fully involved in conservation, the world risks losing the small remaining rhino, elephant population ...

Life of Pi/Literature (quiz and discussion Qs) 2nd unit

The last male rhino of its kind dies, African religious leaders call it a spiritual loss


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Female black rhino in the Mara

The rhino is one of the largest and most powerful animals on earth, and one of the most ancient. Its origins can be traced back 50 million years when it was ...

http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/animal-emotions/201401/black-rhino -auctioned-350k-in-the-name-conservation

The Chilly Work of Saving Ontario's Algonquin Wolf :: Earth Island Institute

Microchips to protect Rhinos in Kenya –

Rhinos were once a common sight in South Africa. Housing approximately 80% of the rhino population, Rhinos have decreased in population rapidly and even a ...

Assam became the first state in India to issue 'shoot at sight' orders for poachers in Kaziranga National Park, boosting the rhino population.

Last Male Northern White Rhino Dies At 45

If you're mourning Sudan the rhino, go vegan

H ruka-black-rhino by AustinSPTD1996

The elephant is an iconic being on our planet. It is not hard to see why. Elephants are glorious, grand, and majestic. They are the largest animals to walk ...



baby rhinos are too cute. baby rhino running!

Above, ear plugs for the mother (the black balls), put in place before the sampling and cutting began.


rhino with ranger

This will reduce smuggling of rhino horn which costs $60-$140 a gm in the international market. We need to explore all possible options to disincentivise ...

I was surprised at how simple it was. One of the men put his foot on the drugged rhino's massive horn, pinning the horn to a wooden block on the ground.

PETA ...


Baby Southern white rhino at a zoo. Research at zoos on this species is going

What the Death of a White Rhino Really Tells Us

Photo of Elephant in Tanzania

There are only six northern white rhinos left in the world


One of dozens of animal hunts at Dallas Safari Club Auction

indian-rhino. It would be an oversimplification to ...

Because if we did, we would have to ask ourselves; who the hell do we think we are?

I am the most threatened of the five rhino species, in western Indonesia only 35 of us, remain now alive, In 2010 in Vietnam, the last of my kind was ...

6_mpala_white_rhino.jpg - www.ecology.com


Black rhino (Diceros bicornis bicornis) in west Kunene.

Without getting into the politics of it all, the numbers of this species dwindle down to a mere handful and soon it will vanish from the earth.

The Asian rhinos, in addition to having only one horn versus their dual-horned African cousins, sported a thick gray hide that looked like giant steel ...

Rhino , 2000, by Catherine Chalmers; printed with permission from Catherine Chalmers

For soon, there wont be any of us left around to find.

The final design of Okja referenced elephants, hippos, pigs and manatees. The visual

Rhino horn One killed every 8 hours

Ivory tusks are displayed after the official start of the destruction of confiscated ivory in Hong Kong on May 15, 2014. (Tyrone Siu/Reuters)

Black Rinos in Ngorongoro Crater Wiki

Touch nature - By Jonathan Farrow from the Thoughtful Pharaoh I touched a rhinoceros yesterday; it was pretty awesome. A real, live rhinoceros.

Africa's Western Black Rhino declared extinct

Choose to adopt any of the five Rhinos at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary

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