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Rod Steiger right US Navy World War II He saw action on

Rod Steiger right US Navy World War II He saw action on


Rod Steiger (right). US Navy, World War II. He saw action on destroyers in Pacific. Actor.

Leon Askin-Army Air Corps-WW2-fleeing the Nazis, he arrived in the States in 1940. He lost both his parents at Auschwitz. (Actor, best known for Hogan's ...

Rod Steiger-Navy-WW2-saw action on destroyers in the Pacific (Actor

Rod Steiger (1925 - 2002) ran away from home at age sixteen to join

Phil Harris Navy WWII 1942 Harris and his whole band enlisted together and served until the end of the war

Jackie Coogan Hollywood star and WWII glider pilot.

Rod Steiger in Al Capone (1959)

Rod Steiger

Rod Steiger

Steiger as the notorious mobster Al Capone

Aldo Ray:Actor-Navy-1944-serving as a frogman until 1946; he saw action at Okinawa with UDT-17. He is pictured on the lower right.

Rod Steiger Movies

Robert De Niro (bottom) modeled his performance in The Untouchables (1987) on Steiger's (top) portrayal of Al Capone.

Some critics called him hammy, but even when he did chew the scenery, it was usually quite entertaining.

Rod Steiger Net Worth

Clark Gable Jimmy Stewart worldwartwo.filminspector.com

Steiger as film tycoon Stanley Shriner Hoff in The Big Knife (1955)

From Jimmy Stewart to Clark Gable: A Look Back at the Hollywood Stars Who Served in World War II. Rod SteigerThe NavyFrom ...

Wayne Morris | Actor - World War II, in which he was a highly-

Steiger portrayed Benito Mussolini for the second time on screen in 1981's Libyan-funded Lion of the Desert.

Steiger in The Pawnbroker (1964)

Steiger in The Longest Day (1962)

Rod Steiger Actor Rod Steiger Dies CBS News

Steiger during a dynamic scene in The Big Knife

In fact, Murphy was the most decorated American soldier of World War II who ...

Actress Claire Bloom, in 1958, who was married to Steiger for ten years


Steiger with Diana Dors in The Unholy Wife (1957)

Steiger in 1978 for the premiere of

Rod Steiger Rod SteigerAnnex

Steiger's In the Heat of the Night (1967) co-star Sidney Poitier, considered him and Spencer Tracy to be the finest actors with whom he ever worked.

Don Rickles with his father before shipping out for service in WWII. March 1943. You can see the bubbly personality even at that young age.

Ten Possibly Interesting Facts About Rod Steiger

One of the better films of that year and Steiger is excellent in it as Robby Benson's strict Hasidic Jew father whose wrathful nature softens over the ...

Philip Dorn (Hein van der Niet, 30 September 1901 – 9 May 1975)

Rod Steiger Rod SteigerAnnex

Rod Steiger

Rod Steiger Portraits of Rod Steiger list

As Marlon Brando's crooked brother, Steiger gave an utterly stunning performance, earning not only his 1st Oscar Nomination but also place in cinema history ...

George Lucas, Lucas Films award winning director/filmmaker watches a film about the Tuskegee

Bob Hope Jerry Colonna World War II worldwartwo.filminspector.com

The 100 Greatest War Movies of All Time

Private screenings rod steiger

Duck, You Sucker! - Italian poster, with original title

Re: Actors who experienced the real thing.

Gertrude Stein.

Lew Ayres (1908-1996), American actor, en route to labor camp

Lee van Cleef worldwartwo.filminspector.com

A dream role for Steiger--he pulls out all the stops as a flamboyant Broadway director and costume designer who also happens to be crafty, ...

Benny Hill early in his career.

Having survived the attack, he was sent to officer school and wound up fighting WWII all over the Pacific theater. He remained in the US Navy for 25 years, ...

Steiger is spectacularly menacing as Shirley Jones unwanted suitor, but he also gives the character a touch of pathos that humanizes ''pore Jud''.


He originated the role of MARTY on TV, but turned the film role down because he didn't want to sign a long term contract with Burt Lancaster's production ...


Rod Steiger: Bigger Than Life

Audie Murphy (right) and Bill Mauldin in The Red Badge of Courage (Photo: MGM/Alamy) ...


Kurt Kreuger (July 23, 1916 – July 12, 2006) was a German

Kurt Kreuger (July 23, 1916 – July 12, 2006) was a German

And Steiger, in the Iago role, gives a chillingly despicable performance. You root for his characters comeuppance.

Daniel S. Burt described Steiger's portrayal of Napoleon (pictured) as an "unusual interpretation".

Philip Ahn (Pil Lip Ahn, March 29, 1905 – February 28, 1978

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Jack Palance worldwartwo.filminspector.com

Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin starred in the 1967 action-adventure World War II film 'The Dirty Dozen.'

The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell

Bob Keeshan worldwartwo.filminspector.com

Walter Matthau worldwartwo.filminspector.com

The Newseum in D.C. hosted a premiere for the World War II film

The Fathers of Action by The Antagonist

THE HARDER THEY FALL, Nehemiah Persoff, Humphrey Bogart, Jan Sterling, Rod Steiger


Famous Veterans of World War Two

NEW YORK STORIES: How a celebrated image marking V-J Day in Times Square has taken

Rod Steiger - natal chart (noon, no houses)

Nancy Kulp: A graduate of Florida State and the University of Miami, Kulp served as a WAVE lieutenant during World War II, specializing in electronics.

The Newseum in D.C. hosted a premiere for the World War II film

Donald Pleasance who played "The Forger" in "The Great Escape" was really a RAF pilot who was shot down and held as a pow by the Germans in World War II .

LION OF THE DESERT, Rod Steiger, Oliver Reed, 1981

Henry Fonda, who played the second Commander in Chief-Pacific (CINCPAC II) in In Harm's Way (1965), was actually a naval veteran of World War II who served ...

Ernest Borgnine was a U. S. Navy Gunners Mate 1935-1945 in the South Pacific where he earned the, American Campaign Medal; National Defense Medal; ...


THE HARDER THEY FALL, Humphrey Bogart, Rod Steiger, 1956

Ed McMahan earned his wings as a Marine Fighter Pilot in 1944 and became an instructor teaching carrier landings and a test pilot. After World War II, he ...

Buddy Ebsen-Rejected by the Navy, Ebsen was offered a commission in the U.S. Coast Guard. Because of his sailing experience, he was awarded the rank of ...

5. Jamie Farr

James Stewart entered the Army Air Force as a private and worked his way to the rank of Colonel. During World War II, Stewart served as a Bomber Pilot, ...

Henry Fonda, who played the second Commander in Chief-Pacific (CINCPAC II) in In Harm's Way (1965), was actually a naval veteran of World War II who served ...


Orvon "Gene" Autry: During World War II, Autry enlisted for service on the air during a broadcast of his show, going on to serve his country as a Flight ...

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“Always with the negative waves Moriarty!” I just must be a sucker for those World War II ...