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Rusinga primate paradise in the African Miocene and more

Rusinga primate paradise in the African Miocene and more



Rusinga fauna




griphopithecus reconstruction of the environment of griphopithecus alpani based on the abundant faunal evidence from pasalr supplemented by carbon …

Here is my reconstruction of Adapis, based on cranial and postcranial fossils from the Paris basin.

[PaleoAnthropology • 2014] Remnants of an Ancient Forest provide Ecological Context for Early Miocene Fossil Apes

our origins 3d edition cover

Kenyapithecus wickeri is a fossil ape discovered by Louis Leakey in 1961 at a…

simocyon-paisaje 2014 baja

Art illustration - Primate - Gigantopithecus: is an extinct genus of hominoid primate that existed for the last one million years until inhabiting the ...

Rusinga: primate paradise in the African Miocene… and more! | Primate, Prehistoric animals and Prehistoric

I created this panoramic view of Tai forest for Clark Larsen´s masterly textbook “Our Origins”.

Find this Pin and more on Primates by Chris Butler.

Proconsul, Prehistoric life

Proconsul (primate) - Wikiwand

праисторијски живот


anuncio-night scene

Apidium was a diurnal primate that lived roughly between 36-34 million years ago in. More information. More information. Rusinga: primate paradise ...

A Proconsul africanus specimen found on Rusinga Island


Art illustration - Prehistoric Mammals - Moropus: ("slow walk") is an. More information


Adorable Terror: Wolf-Size Otter Hunted in Ancient China

Rusinga: primate paradise in the African Miocene… and more! | Primate, Prehistoric animals and Prehistoric

Possibly North America's first primate?

662 Likes, 3 Comments - Fact Point (@factpoint) on Instagram: “

The primates and the eagles of doom

simocyon bones baja

Meet Notharctus - one of our earliest relatives to have hands like ours. Learn more with YOUR INNER FISH. #InnerFishPBS

Le tarsier des Philippines (Tarsius syrichta) est, comme son nom l'indique. More information

Purgatorius feeding on a large dragonfly-like creature Canvas Art - Jan SovakStocktrek Images (

Hipparion - Mauricio Antón


Comparison teeth and jaws of Old World monkeys and apes. From primateevolution.tripod.com Possibly from Fleagle, JG. 1999, Primate Adaptation and Evolution. ...

Gigantopithecus blacki by Mark Witton

Tarsius eocaenus • Primitive Primate from middle Eocene of China

sivapithecus-rec.jpg (227×260)

foramen magnum position

australopithecinae by zdenek burian

The Miocene of coastal Peru by Alberto Gennari

Tertiary Period - Laura Cunningham

Find this Pin and more on Dinosauri Prehistori Animals by LADA HRDLICKA.

Cynarctus by Mark Marcuson

In a surprise for paleontologists, the well-preserved fossil suggests that the animal spent its life scampering around on the forest floor.

Purgatorius es un género extinto de mamíferos placentarios que vivió desde el Cretáceo Superior hasta el Paleoceno Inferior, hace aproximadamente 65 ...

7 Bizarre Prehistoric Versions of Modern-Day Animals

Karan Carr Ediacaran Sea Floor http://www.karencarr.com/portfolio

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt mauricio anton

Hylobates es un género de primates hominoideos de la familia Hylobatidae conocidos vulgarmente como gibones.

Travel: Make The Most Out Of Your Trip To The Beautiful Rusinga Island

Image showing the relative extent of fossil discovery Darwinius Masillae vs Eosimias.


Illustrations of plesiadapiforms. New Mexico fossil find helps shape the family tree of early primates

Chimpanzee. ChimpanzeeOrangutansApe MonkeyMonkey BusinessAfrican ...

In Eocene period primates split into two groups : Prosimians (non-human branch still

Allodesmus demerei Boessenecker & Churchill, 2018 DOI: Abstract The fam.

Proconsul, 20 million years ago.

Bathornis grallator, a flightless bird about tall from the Late Eocene and Early Oligocene of Midwestern USA mya). It was originally mistaken for a ...

More information

Aegyptopithecus A propliopithecid genus from the Oligocene, probably ancestral to catarrhines; the largest primate found in the Fayum, Egypt.

Палеонтология и эволюция млекопитающих. More information

Extinct mammals. Art by the Kennis brothers

Euprimates of the Eocene that were likely ancestral to modern lemurs and possibly ancestral to anthropoids

"Bones Discovered in Montana Are of the World's Earliest Primate, Study Finds"-

Panoramic view of Rusinga Island from the South-East

A prehistoric corpse entombed within an Arctic glacier, crying tears of blood. A jungle

Phorhusrhacos on a hunt.

... using medicinal plants during the Paleolithic, approximately 60,000 years ago. (Furthermore, other non-human primates are also known to ingest medicinal ...

Ouranosaurus Sculpture by Red-Dilopho

Mammals Of The Miocene Era, Artwork Artwork: #39494 of 79790 by Mauricio Anton

Исчезнувшая Южная Америка Велизара Симеоновски; часть I: иные копытные

Исчезнувшая Южная Америка Велизара Симеоновски; часть II: прочие иные / В мире животных /

Proconsul africanus, middle Miocene, possible modern ape ancestor

Arsinoitherium de Mauricio Anton

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Rrrr, If I hear, "Fetch the peanut" one more time.

Homo naledi

Tarbosaurus Zhejiangopterus by PaleoGuy

Mike Kelly | Mass estimates in T. rex - I have seen as low as

early humans - Bing images | Alternate history | Pinterest | Early humans

oreopithecus.jpg 255 × 300 pixels

Species New to Science: [PaleoMammalogy • 2017] Coronodon havensteini • The Origin of Filter Feeding in Whales

homotherium-hunting-deinotherium-reencuadre.jpg (1082×933)


Dendropithecus - Bing Images

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Creature Design, Animal Magnetism, Primates, Monkeys, Rompers, Primate, Monkey

amphimachairodus snarling low res


Pelecanimimus - Mauricio Antón

deviantART: More Like Thylacine by Henrieke

"The life of a Smilodon"


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