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No, That Tiger in the Zoo Isn t Saying Hi to You


Save #Tiger


Tiger with Cub. The cub has almost the identical facial expression as the mother.

Tigers are indicators of the ecological wellness of the Earth. Photo: Akhilesh Kumar

Three baby tiger cubs getting their picture taken

Smithsonian magazine editor Michael Caruso is among the 400 influencers asked to protect and save the “Endangered Song”. Sumatran Tiger. “

Big Cat Rescue is saving tigers through education and legislation. We post the latest in tiger news here and in our newsletter The Big Cat Times.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel/Literature (quiz and discussion Qs) unit #1

Deformed white tigers are the norm in captive collections


Who is smarter; a tiger or an elephant?

Topeka Zoo's tiger cubs have mom by the tail! See more photos and videos and

Malayan Tigers picture.jpg

See our beautiful tiger photos in Century Tiger's image gallery, shared with us by wildlife photographers, conservationists, zoos and tiger lovers.

Save Tigers from Illegal Logging ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! - Care2 News Network

Big Cat Rescue's Feeding Protocol

Will we do what is needed to ensure the tiger's survival? You don't have to have your boots on the ground in the Sumatran jungle to help save the tigers .

Who is smarter; a tiger or an elephant?

Tiger reduced to skin and bones in Chinese #zoo prompts complaints. It hurts .

Where Tigers are on the Menu

Being TIGERS as an attractive species, doesn't mean that we should kill them for our own personal purposes. signatures on petition)

Harrowing video shows painfully thin tiger at controversial Chinese zoo - Mirror Online

Ren and Kishan from "Tiger's Curse" Black & white tigers

Tigress Crystal

Tiger chained up at tourist attraction


8 jan 2016 Malayan Tiger cub

SIGN THE PETITION HERE to OPPOSE SB 250 and to UPHOLD Louisiana State Law PROHIBITING private ownership of tigers.

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International Tiger Day, or Global Tiger Day – created at the St. Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010 – is celebrated on July 29th. Its' goal is to raise world ...


The man tries to sit up as the tiger sinks its teeth into his upper body

All Tiger Eyes on on the USFWS

Info for educators on the subject matter of the lesson plan:

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Save Wild Tigers

Exposed: true scale of Thailand's 'tiger selfie' tourism | World Animal Protection International

The Terrible Truths from Thailand's Tiger Temples (3)

captive tiger photo.jpg

Two Sumatran tiger cubs were caught on CCTV cuddling up to their mother in a rare glimpse | Nature | News | Express.co.uk

Meet the real captive-bred white tiger

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New US regulations around captive tigers could provide a boost for wild tigers

photo by Dharmendra Khandal for Tiger Watch

Initially, the Project started with 9 tiger reserves, covering an area of 16,339 sq.km., with a population of 268 tigers. At present there are 27 tiger ...

To view this video please ...

Zoo News Digest 9th - 18th June 2012 (Zoo News 820)

Causes for decline in tiger numbers

August 12, 2017

Like many, when I heard about the end of the Ringling Brothers touring circus, my first reaction was exhilaration. But as executive director of Global ...

White tigers to be re-introduced into the wild

Tiger in Ranthambore National Park 2016. Photograph Ace Bourke.

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Tiger Woods is three shots off the lead at ...

Hamilton Zoo's tigers in their enclosure earlier in the week.


Tiger Julie and cubs at JV Tigers Canyon, South Africa, photo Daryl Balfour

The Malayan Tiger

One of five tigers at Hamilton Zoo in the revamped enclosure.

tiger collage CAPTIVE U.S. TIGERS


Tiger Task Force instills renewed Hope for the Future of the Tiger

Internation Tiger Day

Get ...

A tiger caught on camera in the Himalayas

Oz will not be killed following his attack on a keeper on Sunday.

India, Tigers, Leopards, Lions, Vivek Menon, David Bowie etc

Varvara ...

... 'and when his handler approached him to change direction, he swatted his paw resulting in a ...

Malayan tiger. Photo by Melinda Arnold/Dickerson Park Zoo.

Tony the Tiger

Omveer Choudhary


Dreamworld Tiger Bites Handler

The Malayan Tiger

What does a liger look like?

A 5-month-old white tiger plays with his mother at their enclosure at Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad, India on March 21, 2013.

Evidence found of world's 2nd breeding Indochinese tiger population

We had a wonderful view, as the male tiger (T 28) – a large 4-year old – got up, crossed the road up ahead of us and walked towards us, ...

Not only are tigers hunted, but their prey, like deer and wild pigs, have been over-hunted by people. A depleted prey base means that tigers will often ...

Samantha Kudeweh, who was killed by a tiger at Hamilton Zoo in September.

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tigers-on-the-rebound-in-2012-india_62724_990x742 Indochinese Tiger ...

18 Tigers, 17 Lions, 8 Bears, 3 Cougars, 2 Wolves, 1 Baboon, 1 Macaque, and 1 Man Dead in Ohio