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hand quilting stitches

Scrap stitching.Debbie Irving

I didn't have a lot of opportunities to take photos of the quilts at Quilts UK this year, as I was on my own on the stand most afternoons while Glyn went ...

Carol Ann Waugh- Stitch and slice and sew together. Maybe stitch some more.

Stupendeous Stitching project by Nyra Abbott

Find this Pin and more on Fiber Art.

I've used a variety of thread colors, usually related to the fabric color being stitched, and a wide variety of stitches ...

fabric collage. Fabric FishFabric ArtStitchingCoutureTextile ...

Machine and hand stitching AND ric-rac, oh my My Stupendous Stitching Project -

Art quilt by Mary 2017 Inspiration from Stupendous Stitching

Stitching a canvas.

Quilt - two layers of cloth and a bat held together by stitching Pastiche - artistic composition.

Projects from "Stupendous Stitching: Adventures in Surface Design"

sashiko and other stitching: Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival - part 10

I found the border a bit visually disconnected from the centre - it just didn't seem to work for me.

works of beth aten, hand dyed fabrics and stitching

I finished hand-stitching the binding and label on this quilt earlier this week. It's a t-shirt quilt commissioned by my good friend for her daughter and ...

sashiko and other stitching

Kate Themel Quilts - quilting stitch detail - also notice how she can change the colors of her design shadings with stitching.

Don't look too closely as I made a spelling mistake with permanent pen!

PAINT, STITCH, PLAY!" my new online class is here!

Beautiful stitching

Mariner's compass quilt at the 2015 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival. Closeup photo by Susan Briscoe. sashiko and other stitching: ...

Quilting Arts TV - Episode 1701 - Stitching, Two Ways

A little piecing and major free-motion. Find this Pin and more on Quilts: Stitching ...

Looking for quilting project inspiration? Check out Stupendous Stitching - just the start. by member Nicki Robinson.

Looking for quilting project inspiration?

We can't run through the basics of quilting without a tutorial on stitching in the ditch! This is an important step in the quilting process that secures the ...

Learn How to Square a Quilt

Close-up detail of embroidery & stitching on Red Cross Quilt

blog am29

Shanta Mingel, Kawandi (Quilt), Cotton and Other Textiles, 2005-6

Fall Tone Crazy Quilt By:Creative Daily

I thought my selection of fabric was smart but I realized in retrospect that it was still too dark in color to really see the stitching.

It is important to square a quilt before starting the preparation for long-arm and


On a whim, I bought several pieces from the Art Gallery line Indelible. This pattern immediately came to mind and I knew I could figure out a different way ...

It's Quilt Time! Don't let the stitching stop!

Exuberance Art Quilt 18 X 18 inches. Hand Embroidery & Machine Stitch on painted fabric. peaceofpi studio is the creative workspace of JoMo.

A week of slow stitching....is slow. I don't have much to show for it. And I'm fine with that. This little lap quilt is growing on me, even though I've done ...

Stupendous Stitching Bible from Craftsy student - I love this technique, can't wait to try it!

trees fused on to blue background

One little embroidery stitch can take your quilt from flat to fabulous! Simple stitches add line, color, texture, and those wonderful details you can't get ...

How to hand sew binding to back of quilt

'faces in the dark' - Jude Hill Spirit Cloth Jude Hill writes, “stitching a story because it seems I might be able to communicate something through cloth ...

Art Nouveau stained glass quilt by Marianne Bos : "This piece is made using fusible

Hand stitching . Wool dyed background and scraps. Ann Stephens

When you first start, your stitches won't be small. Even big stitch quilting. That is okay. Keep practicing until you find your rhythm. You will get there.

If this would drive you crazy you should maybe stitch in the ditch. If you can't see what I'm talking about, or if you're thinking "the quilt is going to be ...

Call of the wild elk quilt. Too much stitching, don't care for

hand stitching my way through Japan!


The other day I saw some doodling with thread on Pintrest and I just had to dash to my sewing machine to give it a try. Well….my first effort didn't look as ...

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've mentioned before my love/hate relationship with my works in progress. One minute, I am totally loving ...

Decorative stitches were used in this reverse appliqué piece. Additional decorative stitches and beading were used to complete the piece.

Photo via Craftsy member Thalia fromPrussia

Jude came in a few weeks to choose some thread for this amazing "Tree of Life" quilt. She has painted the black fabric and then machine quilted all over it.

The I of Isaac - via "stupendous stitching" class. Nice idea for individualized wall art.

1 Year of Stitches as Seen Through One Embroiderer's Hoop

Stupendous Stitching - via @Craftsy

As we zoom in for a closer look, you can pick out several of those attention-grabbing stitches. My favorite is the cross-stitch that she has used on the ...

sashiko and other stitching: Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival - part 10

On my November 2017 mini quilt, I sewed diagonal lines in one direction first, and then turned it around and sewed more diagonal lines to make a grid.

However, with this Stonehenge fabric, the stipling does it's job as quilt stitching without taking anything away from the awesome colors of the fabric.

You can see the quilting. The thread color contrasts with the backing material and emphasizes the stitching.

Sewing: Beautiful 'stupendous stitching' by a fellow Craftsy ...

Landscape quilt made by artist Rachel Wright

I am the type of person who likes to challenge myself. I don't enjoy just stitching fabric together so much anymore. So, I finally made the leap.

Here are some details from the 'Early to Bed' exhibition at the Welsh Quilt Centre. It closed on Saturday, so if you didn't get to visit, you've missed it.

Good Stitches {round up}

Diamonds Quilt

Art quilting[edit]

textile art by Zinkodot

Stitching a second row of the dimensional stitches

Thirfty Thirties Art Deco mini quilt

Detail of Journeys End art quilt with stitching - Cindy Grisdela

The Quilters' Guild launched a Modern Quilt Group at Festival of Quilts last week. I haven't joined - I didn't get a chance to go round and see what it was ...

How to Sew Art Quilts Part Two on Sewing With Nancy with Tammie Bowser

9 patch quilt

I am the type of person who likes to challenge myself. I don't enjoy just stitching fabric together so much anymore. So, I finally made the leap.

Raw Edge Applique | # 2 Intuitive Sewing Basics | Art Quilting | Advanced Tutorial - YouTube

Itching To Be Stitching quilt pattern

Then I ran the edge of my guide bar right over the previous stitching line. This was like skipping two lines of stitching. It saved me so much time and made ...

Next to Sharon's was Tomomi McElwee's colour play, with Red and White the colours of the Japanese flag, and my quilt idol (see earlier blog post here!

Art Quilts - Jamie Fingal dvd Rebel Quilting

Anyhow, when browsing online for the pattern of a quilt I greatly admired at the Syracuse show this is what I found:

I can't stitch in a straight line for one thing. But if I were quilting these clouds, I wouldn't have to. This is rea… | Pinteres…

Creative Stitching Friday. Quilt detail

Aloha Sweetie Mini Quilt Stitching.jpg

It will be a very big quilt when completed. I'll keep you updated as to the progression!!

Making a Quilt Sandwich on the Wall

I didn't want to bring down another project that had lots of supplies, but quilting doesn't mix well with piecing, since the machine needs different ...

(The completed quilt has not been presented yet, so we can't show you everything.. yet)

"Vintage Softie" employs vintage blocks and fabrics along with machine and hand stitching to create a sweet little critter. Elepants and cats are both ...


Creative Stitching Book