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Safeway grocery ad from July 1943 showing both prices and ration

Safeway grocery ad from July 1943 showing both prices and ration


Safeway grocery ad from July 1943, showing both prices and ration points. (Antioch Ledger, California)

Safeway grocery ad from July 1943 in Antioch Ledger (California). Note ration points

World War 2 Ration Book

Grocery ad (~1939). http://www.pinterest.com/ashes42/a-bit-of-history-with-a-dash-of-genealogy/

Ration calendar from the Antioch Ledger (California), July 1943. US Home Front shoppers had to keep close watch on which stamps to use and when.

Woman's Home Companion Cook Book Vintage 1943 Wartime Postscript -- AS IS

Food prices for war rations

Fisher Foods ad 1940

Best War Time Recipes / Emergence of Advertising in America: / Duke Digital Repository

A World War Two recipe during rationing

Safeway ad from the Antioch Ledger, 1943

The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on July 20, 1943 · Page 11

US poster, World War II

From Good Housekeeping, 1917


US ration point guide poster with tables for April 1944 - Collections Search - United States

'T' labeled gas ration cards were given to truckers. Truckers were given an

The competitors are offering trading stamps. For a while, Safeway tries to compete with Save-a-Tape. I remember my mother saving these tapes. Whole ad.

1943 WWII Food Rationing Campbell's Soup Vint. Print Ad

You're Helping The Enemy - 1943

We see that by mid-1942, both 281 and 283 South Broadway had been evacuated, making way for a Safeway store in 1942. The premises were small for a ...

US poster, World War II

6, 1943. War years -- rationing.

US poster, World War II

For a while, Safeway tries to compete with Save-a-Tape. I remember my mother saving these tapes. Whole ad. However, Safeway soon gave in and switched to ...

US poster, World War II

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Volume 37, Issue 13 July 4, 2014

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6, 1943. War years -- rationing.

Everyday Life in Wartime

The Maryville Daily Forum from Maryville, Missouri on July 13, 1943 · Page 3

Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on March 16, 1943 · Page 2

Fax Duncan, owner

Their ads -- such as this one [whole ad] from Dec. 1, 1942 -- often included home economics-type tips and advice.

Poundland - Items on sale at Poundland that cost more than £1

Rationing of processed foods was an important part of life on the US Home Front. A complex and constantly changing system kept the grocery shopper on her ...

Ad for the new Piggly. “

Delmar Theatre Ad - 1941

July 29, 1943 ...


Artists: Young Cowichan artist gets graphic about her career On stage: Our Folk Fest shows again why its best in the west

Safeway (UK) - A larger Safeway supermarket in Bude, Cornwall.

Fax Duncan, owner

The above ad did not sound like the town was wild about the concept of a Drive-In Movie coming to town. There was nothing mentioned in the Laurel paper.

Flooring advertisement featuring renovated 10th and F Streets, NW, location, 1950s.

Retail - Goods are displayed in a rustic manner in Marrakech's souk (market)

Safeway "Lifestyle" look produce department

A Safeway.com delivery truck, used for deliveries to people who buy their groceries online. "

Hey--just like I was saying. I'm a time traveler.

... 31.

U.S. - The Pentagon, considered to be the world's largest office building is completed - In the United States, it is announced that shoe rationing Canned ...

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The Wilkes-Barre Record from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on July 10, 1943 · Page 16

Coca-Cola - This Coca-Cola advertisement from 1943 is still displayed in Minden

US poster, World War II

A lot of people were required as seen in the above ad from B. Perini and Sons. As usual the construction contract did not go to a local company.

The Wine Advisory Board's mission was to promote California wine. This 1939 advertisement, designed to appear in national magazines and regional

Advertisement from The Washington Herald, Oct. 18, 1910.The auditorium on the second floor saw many uses, including a variety of sporting events.

Safeway unveils a new flagship Lifestyle store in Livermore, Calif. Photo taken on Wednesday

March 24 1943 ...

Here are a couple of interior views of a Jewel store from late 1944. It's hard to describe what I like most about these wonderful scenes – The orange ...

A Marina Safeway in Hamilton, Montana built in 1962


Advertisement from 1890

Culvers Men's Shop - 1943


Inside a Jewel Food Store, 1944


#WeCantBreathe 4 Mile March in Saramento [www.InciteAction.com]

We Are What We Eat | Paul D. Swanson

Somerfield - A Somerfield (former Safeway) in Oakwood, Leeds



Morrisons - Morrisons supermarket in Milton Keynes (formerly a Safeway store)

In 1943 there was a housing shortage so Phillip Canning Co in Laurel put up these pre-fab houses for their workers. Compared to the house I am putting up ...

Presto (UK supermarket) - Image: Presto Deli


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Safeway store sign in Lakeview, Oregon.

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However our sales met stiff competition from much sweeter jams that used fruit juices like grape juice that were higher in glucose than white sugar and they ...


The man behind the counter, Armour meat Ad, Ladies' Home Journal, July

Dominick's - Dominick's Matteson, IL View towards Pharmacy (2012) Note the use of

Waitrose - Christmas 2015 display at Waitrose, Wharf Road, King's Cross.

Partial view of the camouflaged tented area at Marshalling Area C-21, Southampton,

Washington Daily News story on opening of the new store in Georgetown, 1953.