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Save Maryland39s Night Sky with video Astronomy and Science

Save Maryland39s Night Sky with video Astronomy and Science


How astronomers around the world are piecing together a patchwork quilt of celestial activity

Astronomy for Beginners

Most Beautiful Piano NIGHT SKY Gothic Storm We Meet In Dreams Astronomy Space Star Orion Science HD - YouTube

Night on the Serengeti

What are constellations - In the night sky: Constellations (1/6) - YouTube

A Perseid meteor streaks across the sky close to the Seven Sisters or Pleiades open cluster Credit: PETE LAWRENCE

Camping and astrophotography

The Milky Way, as seen over Dinosaur National Park in Utah. (Dan Duriscoe)

A Delta Aquarid meteor streaks across the sky. (Mike Lewinski via Flickr)

Fear of the light: why we need darkness | Amanda Petrusich | Environment | The Guardian

360 Panoramic Video of the Night Sky and Milky Way: Visualize Astronomy

Milky Way Galaxy astronomy time lapse stars moving above mountain valley light pollution near horizon bright

night_sky.jpg .

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The new names are drawn from China, Australia, South Africa, Maya, Polynesian and Coptic traditions

Dark sky

Photo of the Santa Ynez Valley at Night

Light Pollution Visualization.jpg

Milky Way and photographer

Color photo of people viewing the night sky through telescopes with the Milky Way in the

'Climate Engineering' Could Be Bad for Skywatching, Astronomy

Jack Fusco

Michigan has one of world's few 'dark sky parks' for stargazers | Michigan Radio

NASA / ESA / S. Beckwith (STScI) / Hubble Heritage Team

Here is Dan Lewelyn at Deerlick Astronomy Village near Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by Dave

Scanning the skies

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Under the stars at Grasslands national park, Canada.

Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve

Dusk of March 1, one hour after sunset looking south-southeast for the brightest

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Astronomer Maria Cunitz might not be such an anomaly, were other women given the same educational opportunities


A spaceship visits a star in the video game "Elite: Dangerous," whose

The sky above Cape Palliser lighthouse, on the southern tip of the North Island.

This series of photo illustrations shows the predicted merger between our Milky Way galaxy and the

August 5-10, 2018

Solar system planets in a DSLR using planetary imaging techniques.

Learn how to make a star wheel with this amazing guide from Sky & Telescope.

Keep Science In Your Community!

At the South Pole, astronomers try to unravel a force greater than gravity that will determine the fate of the cosmos

Draco, the Dragon

Wesley Loftis in Clarksville, Virginia caught this Gemind meteor on the morning of December 13, 2017.

(Inside Science TV) -- The moon -- it can appear full, shining like a beacon in the night or just a sliver of a nightlight. Still, it's always there.

EarthSky Facebook friend Josh Blash captured this image of the Andromeda galaxy in July, 2014

Wonder Words (16)

artist's concept of Cassini at Enceladus

Learn how to observe the sky in 10 easy steps

Photo Editing – Lightroom & Photoshop Tutorials

The Milky Way for Children, Galaxies and Space: Astronomy for Kids - FreeSchool - YouTube

Jupiter's Triangle: How to see Jupiter's Triangle in April night sky

Before and during the 2003 Northeast blackout, a massive power outage affecting 55 million people

If you like science, you might enjoy my free scifi sampler.

Save Our Night Skies Fundraiser

iPhone Astrophotography: How to Take Amazing Images of the Sky with Your Smartphone Tonight! - Universe Today

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Other objects[edit]

Astronomy - Ch. 2: Understanding the Night Sky (4 of 23) What Are Solstice and Equinox? - YouTube

Astronomy Hacks: Tips and Tools for Observing the Night Sky: Robert Bruce Thompson, Barbara Fritchman Thompson: 9780596100605: Amazon.com: Books

The Real Reason Scientists Study Space

Capturing planets has become relatively easy, but extracting the most detail from the raw images

How to understand zodiac signs through the stars | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Our night sky could be set to include a new star in 2022, if the

Aqilla Othman at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia caught the March 29, 2017 young moon. The pale glow on the dark part of the moon is light from a ...

Dark Sky Reserve - Sun Valley, Idaho - Milky Way from Trail Creek

Portable Planetarium and Dark Sky Pavilion

Meteor with Jupiter and Venus - March 14th, 2012 by Mike Hankey

Astrophotography Equipment

Space Calendar 2018: Launches, Sky Events & More

International Dark Sky Places