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Save an Old Growth Forest Tree Switch from Virgin Fiber to

Save an Old Growth Forest Tree Switch from Virgin Fiber to


Old-growth European Beech forest in Biogradska Gora National Park, Montenegro

Coast Redwoods in old-growth forest in Muir Woods National Monument, Marin County, California

Old-growth forest in the Opal Creek Wilderness, a wilderness area located in the Willamette National Forest in the U.S. state of Oregon, on the border of ...

Tongass National Forest, Alaska. Old-growth forests tend to have large trees ...

Talladega County, Alabama (Chuck Hemard)

Romania's intact forests offer a glimpse into an unspoiled past

Our forests and climate project promotes global action on the role of forests in climate solutions.

Thomas County, Georgia

Let ...

Save an Old Growth Forest Tree: Switch from Virgin Fiber to Recycled Toilet Paper!

Save Trees

Gene reserve forest in ...

The Longevity of Vancouver Island's Ancient Trees

Thomas County, Georgia (Chuck Hemard)

Giant tree in Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo by Rhett A. Butler.

Western Red Cedar in a virgin protected forest in coastal British Columbia

Fungus on a tree stump in the Białowieża Forest, one of the last largely intact primeval forests in Central Europe

rainforest tree in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

VIA highlights valuable forest certification (photo)

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Explore our work on paper saving and fair access

Craven County, North Carolina (Chuck Hemard)

Photos Document the Last Remaining Old-Growth Pine Forests of the American South | Travel | Smithsonian

Redwood tree in northern California redwood forest: According to the National Park Service, "96 percent of the original old-growth coast redwoods have been ...

Old Growth. A historic grove of white pine in Algonquin Park

Lee County, Alabama

Photos Document the Last Remaining Old-Growth Pine Forests of the American South | Travel | Smithsonian

Black Spruce Layering

Smithsonian Campaign

This tree has two fire-scars, marking an intense fire history

Discussion document on genetically modified trees

... to save more than just a few monument virgin trees? We can never know.

photo of Seminic National Park

Pristine rainforest in Imbak Canyon, Sabah, Malaysia. Photo by Rhett A. Butler.

Rumanien Greeenpeace Forest Rescue Camp (C. Cummins)

Giant Douglas-fir trees in Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island


Clear Cutting Pulpwood--One Billion Trees a Year in United States

The Forest Stewardship Council is the only certification system that requires a consensus solution when conflicts arise between logging companies and ...

Social forestry in India

Forests are vital to our Earth. Trees purify our air, filter our water, prevent erosion, and act as a buffer against climate change.

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Appling County, Georgia (Chuck Hemard)

The process to convert their raw materials into paper involves a manufacturing model that prioritizes environmental impact.

Rescuing Romania′s forest | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 28.10.2016

A beech tree in the Shirakami-Sanchi preserve, which remains primeval virgin forest

CC BY 2.0 Kodomut/Flickr

Image for Why Velvet's claim of protecting forests should be flushed away

Forest fire must be managed rather than eliminated

For the heads of companies in the major pulp and paper producing countries, the theme of this issue of Unasylva - the relationship between forest ...

Muir Creek is a haven for old growth trees and three species of salmon

Sustainable forestry being practiced in Sweden

Valley: Bugaboo Creek in the Gordon River Valley Region: Port Renfrew area, Vancouver Island

For over a century, it served as a vast holding pond for the Great Northern Paper Company's mill. Millions of logs were floated into it to await ...

A cleared area of rainforest in the Brazilian Amazon

Kenaf Farmer

Vounteers from 10 countries around Europe have given time to gather data on the forests

{Essential Oils-Gifts of Nature} I marvel at Mother Nature Offering up these

One Million Trees

After Harvest of Single-Tree Selection methods

Much of it is virgin timber, with tests showing that some of the trees began growing as ...

The Life of Dead Trees. Pileated

[Road through the sequoias, Mariposa Grove]

As ...

Slideshow Image 1 Slideshow Image 1 ...

Flowering Jacaranda tree in the rainforest of Panama. Photo by Rhett A. Butler.

It is time to end old growth logging in BC's forests

... in me has brought me some peace of mind. We are closer than ever because ...

The bottom line is that if the USA were to stop using fossil fuels and use timber instead their hard wood forests would be cleared within 3 months causing ...

"Since 1600, 90% of the virgin forests that once covered much of the

The world's second largest rainforest is under threat, join the fight: http:/

Nowhere in America is forest land diminishing by the encroachment of urbanization as rapidly as in the New England and Middle Atlantic states.

Another roadside campsite beckons, but I stop only to stretch my legs, relieve myself, and smell the fresh forest air of mountains & rivers.

Paper not only requires forests to be cut down, it is also substantially more resource

Daniel Ludwig, “Another Season II”, 1996, Oil on Linen, 70 x 54 inches, Private Collection

Hemp grows like a weed enabling you to very easily supply the pulp mill with Hemp ans save the very few trees that do remain to us.

We are lucky to have healthy, intact forest just around the corner of our office – nature as it should be.

A JUNGLE IN THE CARBONIFEROUS ERA. Coal is the result of a chemical change in giant tree-ferns and conifere which sank in the swamps where they had grown in ...

From here, the virgin forest yielded to the dreadful plantations of cedar and cypress that make my heart sink every time I see them.

Knauf's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint has led to Global GreenTag certification for a number

Smithsonian Campaign

Explore our work on responsible fibre sourcing

Logging road in Sabah, Malaysia. Photo by Rhett A. Butler.

We were moving along so we didn't get to observe the Red Alder/White Alder differences but apparently each can reach good heights.


photo of a tree decorated with streamers of toilet paper

Paper consumption • Typically paper made of cellulose pulp which driven from wood.

Keeping Your Spiritual Ax Razor Sharp -

So far, her organization has identified and helped preserve 41 forests in 13 states. Three new West Virginia tracts now included in the Old-Growth Forest ...

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These weren't redwoods, but the trees stood incredibly tall. I just wasn't able to get a picture that showed a single tree from top to bottom

The trails were fairly well maintained and a pretty easy walk. It didn't seem too challenging and surprisingly few buggies about our heads.

Recycling By The Numbers | #infographic repinned by @Piktochart