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September The 3 and Ww1 battles on t

September The 3 and Ww1 battles on t


Battlefield Maps - Western Front

Battlefield Maps - Western Front

The Battle of the Marne

37, The Rumanian Campaign, 25 October 1916

Unfortunately for the Germans, von Kluck didn't realize that the previous night Bülow had already ordered these corps (which Second Army currently shared ...

Battlefield Maps - Western Front

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Battle of Caporetto.jpg


Map of the First Battle of the Marne

German and Allied positions, 23 August – 5 September 1914


Encirclement of two Ottoman Armies[edit]

Map of WWI: Western Front - Sept 25-Nov 11, 1918 - Final

... 27th Division - Dickebusch Lake and Scherpenberg Sector, July 25-August 18, 1918 - Ypres-Lys Offensive, August 19-September 3, ...

September 9, 2014

The Theatre of War on the Western Front showing the main battle lines September 1914 to November 1918

The Battles of Ypres, 1917 (Third Ypres)

A Mauser T-Gewehr - German anti-tank rifle, being admired by some

... 1st Division - Meuse-Argonne Offensive, September 29-October 12, ...

A newspaper seller carries a hoarding pronouncing the declaration of war between Britain and Germany,

The Battle of Megiddo, 19 - 25 September 1918

Taken at 3.30pm on July 1, the day of the first assault, soldiers

The Meuse-Argonne Offensive, a World War I Online Interactive, Released

This map shows the location of the major battles of world war 1 fought over in

New Zealand on the Somme, 1916

Battle of the Somme

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MARNE 1914. This decisive battle on 6 September ...

French forces escort German prisoners in the town of Lihons in September 1916. A total of 41,000 Germans were taken prisoner during the Battle of the Somme.

The first day of the Battle of Loos, 25 September 1915.

On the morning of September 5, the French Sixth Army under Maunoury began marching east in preparation for the general attack planned for the following ...

Map 31.1: Major U.S. Operations in France, 1918 ...


Gunners of the 156th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery hauling a 8 inch howitzer into

aisne departmental map

World War I: Map of Somme battlefield, 1916, showing High Wood circled in

Franco-German flanking moves, 15 September - 8 October 1914.jpg

Battle of Passchendaele

Order of battle

WW1 art

... 26th Division - Rupt Sector, September 5-11, 1918 - St. Mihiel Offensive, September 12-16, 1918 - Troyon Sector - September 17-October 8, ...

The Battle of Megiddo, 19 - 25 September 1918 · Europe, Boundary Realignments Resulting from the War.

French culture ministry | French soldiers pose next to a cannon among the ruins of the Fay church in the Somme region of northern France in August, 1916

Where the war stood in 1916

Battle of Passchendaele


Exhausted stretcher bearers from the 3rd Australian Division rest in the mud and drizzle of Broodseinde

Battle of Albert. Scene in a communication trench before an attack. July 1916.

German troops charging confidently into battle in 1914. A rapid victory was their best hope of success; the longer the war went on, the less chance they ...

... 2nd Division - Meuse-Argonne (Champagne) Offensive, September 29-October 14, ...

"Sommeschlacht 1916, bei Combles: Zerstörung September 1916, Kriegsgefangene Engländer, Schloß Manancourt. “

47 Division's area of the front, 25 September 1915

German soldiers Battle of Marne WWI.jpg

WW1: German infantry charging against the Russian Fortress of Novogeorgievk in August 1915.

Soldiers at Somme

Railroad and occupied territory map of western and central Europe, northern Africa, and Turkey

The Portsmouth Evening News announces the start of WW2

The 1st tank use happened at 15th september 1916, during the battle of the Somme

First World War-Trench Warfare

Map of the Eastern Front in World War 1, 1914.

British cavalry at Néry, 1 September 1914

First Battle of Aisne - Trenches That Characterize WW I are Dug for First Time

... Villers-en-Haye Sector, August 21-September 11, 1918 - St. Mihiel Offensive, September 12-16, 1918 - Puvenelle Sector, September 17-October 10, ...

The Salonikan Front, 1915 - 1916

WW1, Somme: 3-5 September 1916, The Battle of Guillemont. Troops

World War I in Photos: The Western Front, Part II, and Armistice - The Atlantic

World War 1. British forces in Bapaume, France, site of a battle from


As this action is considered to be a part of the “Battle of Mlawa”, let's have a look at that first.

In the cartoons he prepared for Gas Attack, Raeburn had several themes he returned to regularly. Here are three from the overlapping "dreams of the enlisted ...

The Battles of Amiens, Bapaume, and the Scarpe : Allied line between August 8 and September 8, 1918.

WW1. German Squad reacting to nearby heavy explosion. - greatwarimages.com

Troops ...

A page of a letter sent during the Battle of the Somme, 3 September 1916

Wikimedia Commons 

British Attack on the Hindenburg Line between Cambrai and St. Quentin, September, 1918.

The History Place - World War I

The WWI Meuse-Argonne Offensive, September 1918

The Battle of Pilckem Ridge. An advanced British 18 pounder RFA gun battery taking up

Weekly recruiting figures for London and for the rest of the UK

Battlefield Maps - Western Front

'Battle Of The Somme, Attack of the Ulster Division', by artist J.P. Beadle.