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She is Lorna Dane also known as Polaris Her powers are magnetic

She is Lorna Dane also known as Polaris Her powers are magnetic


So, we can only assume she can do anything

And for the last time, this happened after the Apocalypse thing. She was still a mutant and always will be a--mutant. No one will know her better than I do.

Polaris - Lorna Dane. daughter of Magneto. half sister to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

Lorna Dane (Earth-616)

See, that's what the app is perfect for.

Polaris Lorna Dane Powers: Magnetic field manipulation allowing her to create force-fields,

Polaris. PolarisMagnetism.jpg

The origin of Lorna Dane starts with Magnus, the man who would later be known as Magneto, the mutant master of magnetism. At some point after his wife Magda ...

Because Lorna Dane has green hair, she is strapped to a mutantizer (see the first "X-Men" movie) which gives her magnetic powers and is declared Magneto's ...

bobydrake: “So I'm guessing the Lorna gets possessed trope hasn't


Lorna Dane in Uncanny X-Men #475

... Sinister ordered Malice to possess Lorna Dane, because he knew what would happen. There were times when I thought Mr Sinister was in love with Polaris.

"The potential power she wields could rival that of Magneto himself" Like I said in the Omega-Level thread, she's always holding back.

Polaris in her Shi'ar-designed outfit, while under the control of Erik the Red. Art by Dave Cockrum and Sam Grainger.

Lorna Dane (Earth-80920)

When taking a tour through her mind, Polaris revealed to Earth's allegedly most skilled telepath, Charles Xavier, that she had an independent DNA test ...

Lorna Dane (Earth-295)

Lorna Dane

Lorna Dane (Earth-1610)

Polaris Lorna Dane Powers: Magnetic field manipulation allowing her to create force-fields,

Hell on Earth War

Polaris and Magneto's relation explained in X-Factor #246

Lorna Dane/Polaris

Lorna Dane learned that she was mutant because of a sinister conspiracy. Mesmer captured Lorna and locked her in a machine that activated her magnetic ...

Lorna Dane

Entry 065 – Polaris


Marvel Legends Lorna Dane - Polaris - Action Figure

Polaris Factor X

Don't mess with magnet girl

Here is when Claremont started using Polaris as an antagonist to go against the X-Men and the continual performance of a single task. She became a ...

Lorna Dane

Biographical Information

The Mistress of Magnetism: LORNA DANE POLARIS Appreciation [Archive] - Page 4 - CBR Community

The three Marauders were surprised to find that Malice has possessed Lorna Dane, as per the orders of their leader Mr. Sinister.

#51 Polaris -Real Name:Lorna Dane Group Affiliation:X-Factor Mutant Powers: MAGNETIC MANIPULATION:can fly, create force fields, generate energy blasts and ...

Lorna Dane/Polaris

【Polaris】 X-Men Character Biography | [email protected]'s Space

Emma Dumont as Lorna Dane

The green haired vixen known as Polaris to most, and Lorna Dane to friends and family has been an on again, off again X-Man for many years.

... met LOrna Dane and convinced her to join X-Men, and then she joined Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters where she fully controlled his super powers.

NewPolaris.jpg .REAL_NAME: Lorna Dane .

Lorna Dane. Polaris

Can sense magnetic fields

Unlike her comic book counterpart, Dumont's incarnation of the character doesn't appear to have her signature green hair. Polaris 1

magnetowasalwaysright: “ jmc247: “ salarta: “ gaknar: “ The only reason Storm

Polaris aka "Lorna Dane" on the cover of ALL-NEW X-FACTOR

magneto family moodboard aesthetics - lorna dane polaris

Lorna was actually shown as one of the extremely few people in the x-mansion picking up very weird vibes from Kuan-Yin Xorn with her facial features.

Getting ready for Halloween early via her Instagram.

drbobbimorse: “ My MCU fancast for Polaris/Lorna Dane is Saoirse Ronan. I



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mistress-lorna-dane: “ 2017 Hi everyone. Today I want to discuss

Re: POLARIS the Magnetic Mutant - The Emma Dumont Thread

Lorna Dane. Polaris

The two returned to Osceola on the first available flight and after a very brief two day vacation at home, Lorna was enrolled back in school at Clarke ...

A bit of history on Lorna's powers. The first force bubble she made was in the 80s. She had gotten very good at it in the 90s.

... Polaris (Lorna Dane) ...

Barbara Gordon is my daughter. Escaping real life through comics.

... I said he can win if she half asses it or lets down her guard for some reason like sees his face or thinks he is better as happened in XF 126.

A young Lorna crashing a plane

spider-soldier: “Polaris costume ideas #2 - Doll divine ” ...

The Mistress of Magnetism: LORNA DANE POLARIS Appreciation [Archive] - CBR Community

Comic PDF

Lorna Dane/Polaris

Mara: I saw Polaris's parents as one of the more defining aspects in terms of forging her personality. After learning the truth about them, she knew it made ...

She is captured and used to try to power up Apocalypse. Lorna gets her first direct connection with the Earth's electromagnetic spectrum as she finds out ...

Wanda & Lorna

Lorna Dane

Polaris-JV. Real Name, Lorna Dane

Meet THE GIFTED's Latest X-MEN Export, Polaris

Havok noted a resemblance between Zaladane and Polaris in Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #250.

X-MEN Universe Pilot Adds Amy Acker, Casts Its Polaris, and More

Lorna dane polaris marvel aesthetic x men

Ironically I could make a good argument that he was one of the very few writers that actually pushed the application of her powers into areas beyond the ...

Anyway I saw today a just out Starjammer summary from their over a half decade in space together out.

The Mistress of Magnetism: LORNA DANE POLARIS Appreciation [Archive] - Page 10 - CBR Community

Marvel Earth-20113 - Polaris Redesign Profile by Femmes-Fatales ...

Polaris. Polaris WXM. Real Name, Lorna Dane

Polaris suggests that Havok tells people his sisters are converts to Zoroastrianism

Having needed to be saved already for the second time, Lorna realized that she couldn't stand ...

Polaris as Malice

Lorna Dane - X-Factor 70. Polaris - as she appeared in X-Factor #70 following the return of her magnetic powers

Its a good time for a memory of one of Lorna's best moments.

With convention season starting back up, figured it might be time to start writing this column on a more regular basis again.

... had her magnetic powers back. Enter X-Factor. Valerie Cooper assembled a government sponsored team of mutants. Polaris as well as Havok, Quicksilver, ...

Emma Dumont ...

Played by: No bah dy. Name: Lorna Dane. Codename: Polaris

We've covered Blink and we're moving on to Polaris the mistress of magnetism – a member of the mutant underground captured ...