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Silver coin of King Tigran BC 1st century Armenia known and

Silver coin of King Tigran BC 1st century Armenia known and


Silver coin of King Tigran BC 1st century.

King of Kings Tigranes II, more commonly known as Tigranes the Great (140 –

Antoninus Pius crowning Armenian king Artavazd II ,Brass Sestertius.

Silver coin of Augustus circa BC, in celebration of the victory over Armenia. On the right “Armenia Capta”, with symbols of Armenia; Armenian Tiara and bow ...

Tigran Mets.jpg

Silver tetradrachm of Tigranes II "the Great". Kingdom of Armenia, BC.

Silver Coin of Tigranes the Great, king of Armenia (Reign : BC).

Tigran the Great, Tetradrachma, Obverse, 95-55 B.C. Photo: Ara Güler

Silver coin of the Armenian king Tigranes (II) the Great (c. 140-55 BC)

A Tetradrachm of king Tigran II. His crown bears the star motif.

Satrap of Cilicia, BC. Source for famous Alexander` type of eagle-holder on his siver coinage.

TIGRANES II the GREAT King of Armenia 70BC Ancient Armenian Greek Coin i37714

The coins were minted in Artashat and Tigranakert, as well as in Syrian cities of Antioch and Damascus.

Mark Antony Denarius Silver, 37 BC. In memory of the victory over Armenia. Head of Antony on the left. Armenian tiara symbol of Armenia on the right.

The Armenian tiara was renowned in the Roman world, it was a way for identifying

Conquest of Armenia. MARK ANTONY, AR Denarius, 36 BC., Armenian Tiara.Very Rare... US $9,500.00

11 May 2018, 1,600 CHF

11 May 2018, 360 CHF

ARMENIA. Tigranes II. 95-56 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Antioch mint replica

Coin with Tigranes the Great portrait (Armenian king, ruled 95 BCE).

Kings Gosdantin II-IV (Constantine II-IV), 1342 - 1373 AD

11 May 2018, 4,800 CHF

KINGS of ARMENIA. Tigranes II 'the Great'. 95-56 BC.

11 May 2018, 750 CHF

METALWORK & ENGRAVINGS - King Levon I, Silver, Reverse, Erevan, Erevan,

Coins of Armenia

Coins of Armenia

King Levon II, Silver, Obverse, Erevan, State Historical Museum, 1270-

Coins of Armenia

The Armenian "Noah's Ark" Silver Bullion Coin... A recent arrival on

Earliest Armenian Kings, 189 - 12 BC

Tigran II the Great (95-55 BC), silver tetradrachms

Armenia is a unitary, multi-party, democratic nation-state with an ancient

Thus I have used these images (and more) to comprise the shape. For example I have traced the shapes from coins as seen above and combined them with the ...

Coins of Armenia

ARMENIA. Tigranes II. 95-56 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Antioch mint Replica

From the history of Armenian coins. Ancient Armenian coins 'knew no bounds'

Tigranes II The Great.70 BC. King of Armenia. Rare

Roman coin with the inscription on the reverse : Armenia Capta, Augustus, Struck 19

Persian Empire, Fat'h Ali Shah, (1797-1834) silver Abbasid minted in 1797 in Panahabad (Shushi). Weight 4.36g, diameter 22.36mm.

... and ...

The coins normally depicted the portrait of the monarch on the obverse and mythological symbols as well as the king's name and title on the reverse, ...

... Armenian catholicos Armeno-Albanian catholicos; 85.

Tigranes the Great, King of Armenia

Tigran the Great, Tetradrachma, Obverse, New York, American Numismatic Society, 95

Map of Great Haik. Tigran the Great In the 1st century BC, Armenia and ...

King Of Armenian Kingdom Of Sophene. Arsames II. Circa 230 BC

The history of Armenian money dates back to the 3rd century B.C.

11 May 2018, 8,000 CHF

9 May 2018, 1,500 EUR

The Kingdom of Armenia at its greatest extent under Tigranes the Great.

The history of Armenian money dates back to the 3rd century B.C.


Authentic Ancient Armenian Coins and Artifacts for Sale. Los Angeles, California, USA


Armenian Kingdom of Sophene Arsames II ca. 230BC

Cilician Armenia. Hetoum II, reigned 1289-1293, 1295-1296, and 1301-1305 AD. Billon Denier. Crowned facing bust, inscription "Hetoum King" / Byzantine cross ...

Old Capitals of Armenia

Pagan goddess Anahit-dedicated gold coin

10 May 2018, 1,800 CHF

Armenian King of the Kings Tigran II - golden coin

Photo: Tigranes II “the Great” (95-56 B.C.), Kingdom

Artavasdes II of Armenia

Armenians in Israel

Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world with a recorded history of about 3500 years. The first significant state of the Armenian Highland was ...

Cilicia - The Persian Pharnabazus, pictured, as Satrap of Cilicia (379-374

If we're to believe the incorrect wikipedia map he couldn't have had a title superseding the Parthians or be eligible to be called the King of Kings.

*Mount ararat; 20.

King of Armenia

10 dram

Coin of Tigranes the Great, 95-55 B.C.

ARMENIA 1000 DRAM SILVER COIN PROOF 1994 75th Years To First Armenian Banknote

Kingdom of Armenia (antiquity) - Historical provinces of Greater Armenia

Bank note of first Republic of Armenia

Ancient Armenian bow and quiver, 14th-12th century BC. Both items have been the symbols of Armenia from times immemorial. Armenian as well as some foreign ...

Tigranes ruled about 10 years longer over Armenia, as a Roman client-king, though he lost all his conquests except Sophene and Gordyene.

Isabella, Queen of Armenia

This was followed by the Arab invasion in the 7th century and two centuries of stagnation in the economic and cultural life of the country.

Crowned Bearded leonine head of king Levon facing slightly right, Armenian inscription: "+ Levon King of the Armenians." / Jeweled Patriarchal cross with NO ...

#coin of #Tigranes the Great, King of kings, (ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΝ ΤΙΓΡΑΝΟΥ

Ancêtres (et descendants) de Vologaeses V Vologases Of Parthia And Arshakuni, King Of Parthia & Armenia


... as the finest and most beautiful design "in the entire Bar Kokhba coinage." Estimated Value $30,000 - 40,000. Illustrated in Money of the World, ...

better known under its Assyrian name Urartu. In 782 BC the Urartian king Argishti I founded the fortified city of Erebuni, which is today's Yerevan, ...

Armenia Capta by Tiberius for Augustus in 20 BC

The Armenian Genocide (1915); 10.

ARMENIA 100 DRAM SILVER COIN PROOF 2015 RARE Centenary Of The Armenian Genocide

Tigranes The Great Silver Cufflinks, an art piece by Harutyun Karagyan

Stone head with Armenian tiara, ca. first century A.D., from Dvin, Sardarapat Museum. Photo: Dickran Kouymjian


Bronze statuette of a boy in Armenian dress, 1st century B.C.

Cilicia, particularly Kozan sanjak of Adana Vilayet, retained a substantial Armenian population until the Armenian genocide.

Maps of Armenia

Armenian Noah's Ark 2016 .999 Pure Silver Coin 5 Coins/5oz