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So many people hate Raoul why I get it that you want Christine

So many people hate Raoul why I get it that you want Christine


Raoul and Christine -All i ask of you

Christine and Raoul from Phantom of the Opera - Love Raoul's voice. Hate his hair. Like, a lot.

Also the phantom gave her a bunch of mental manipulation and abuse and literally controlled her

I just finished For Love of the Phantom and I sit here in absolute awe and reverence. This book touched me so profoundly, I can hardly express with words.

Raoul and Christine.

What if Phantom and Les Mis characters Chatted on the Internet.


Raoul was Christine's childhood sweetheart. He provides her with emotional support and comfort. He thinks she's amazingly talented.

pretty sure I'm the only person ever who wanted her to end up with Raoul, not the phantom... #teamraoul

17 Insane Facts About "Phantom Of The Opera" You'll Only Know If You're A Die-Hard Fan

Phantom of the Opera humor

The Phantom of the Opera celebrates its 25th anniversity

Raoul(s) and Christine(s) | I don't know all

Brave Christine by bananaboo2 ...

Raoul, would you like some ice for that burn? < < < < OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Celebrate Musicals Week: Raoul vs. the Phantom

Phantom of the Opera -[Raoul] Let me be your shelter. Let me be your light. You're safe, no one will find you. Your fears are far behind you. [Christine] ...

Christine Daaé & Raoul (Viscount de Chagny)

Close enough

... really do, but he just looked super annoyed after she pretty much told him that she hated him. He was like, “Alright, then. Time to end Raoul. Let's get ...

I absolutely HATE when people say these things. I am like first thing it's a musical second thing it's ERIK,CHRISTINE DAAE and RAOUL sooooo get it right ...

Christine and Raoul images C/R HD wallpaper and background photos

"I really hate how Raoul is always getting the bad rap (and how he's treated in Love Never Dies!). He's the true hero of the story - he was willing to ...

xD Christine, that's what you get for telling people about an

Oh my word, I laughed...way too hard at this. And

Christine is clearly excited about her relationship with Raoul and becoming his “future bride,” but begs that their engagement remain ...

phantom of the opera frozen - Google Search

Tsk tsk tsk, Christine. You had your chance. And you blew it. All of us Phans can have him.

I love Raoul, but serious, this is me

Ultimately, Christine is helpless to change her situation—as such, if the Phantom decides to put a stop to her relationship with Raoul, he can, and he will.

Raoul de Chagny: Steve Barton Christine Daae: Sarah Brightman 1986

When she begs him not to make her sing, Raoul reminds her that she herself said he was nothing but a man (and therefore, not supernatural)—yet that he was ...

Hadley Fraser and Sierra Boggess as Raoul and Christine in The Phantom of the Opera Anniversary

The 7 most heart-wrenching notes in any musical. I pretty much had the

Sierra Boggess, Ramin Karimloo, and Hadley Fraser~ All such beautiful people. My favorite Christine, Phantom, AND Raoul. All in one production.

The tears I might have shed for your dark fate grow cold and turn to tears of hate!

In the case of Marius, he isn't a jerk. Eponine fell in love with him because of the kindness he shows her. Just because he is oblivious to Eponine's love ...



This is the most obvious one; sure, he loves Christine, but murdering innocent people (Buquet and Piangi) and nearly killing the person you supposedly love ...

You probably know by now that I judge a POTO performance based majorly on how well they do "Final Lair." And this one is the worst ever. From Raoul's ...

Ramin Karimloo as Raoul with Katie Knight-Adams as Christine

Find this Pin and more on Phantom Of The Opera by abigail ahlstrom.

All I Ask of You

All I ask of you Raoul and Christine Phantom of the Opera

Six Moments That Prove Raoul From Phantom of the Opera Is..

While the Phantom is still loose, Raoul needs to keep a watch on Christine, which is probably why he shows up at the cemetery in “Wandering Child.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Up until this point, Raoul had been Christine's only ally. Now she is understandably upset with his plan, yet she never accuses him of cruelty or harshness ...

Phantom of the Opera | Raoul and Christine | All I Ask of You

Torn between choices, hesitant to betray the Phantom, and afraid she'll lose Raoul forever, Christine turns to her memories of her father.

Raoul death liar- Phantom of the Opera

... back his mask and returns Christine to the theater.... like he switches from Evil!Phantom to Calm!Phantom, like some sort of undrugged Jekyll and Hyde.

Hadley Fraser. He's too cute - even made Raoul a bit likable! < < < < He made Raoul LOVEABLE, he's so adorable, I always want to have him get Christine in the ...

Phantom of the Opera valentines

When looking at some of our favorite shows through the eyes of different characters, perspectives can change, plots can shift and what might be comedy could ...

To be honest, the only pairing I'm really found of is Percabeth. Okay, Jasper n' Frazel is okay, it's just especially with Jasper in the book, gets too .

1960s Phantom of the Opera Fan Cast

Here, Christine snaps. None of his other actions had brought out her hatred; but now she tells him, “The tears I might have shed for your dark fate grow ...

I ship Rierra so hard.

I honestly believe that the Phantom is in love with Christine's voice and beauty more than her as a person, whereas Raoul and Christine have ...

-Jeremy Hays and Sierra Boggess- •Raoul and Christine• I'm so

Raoul: Free her! Do what you like, only free her! Have you no pity?

Okay so then after she faints, she wakes up, still in his lair, and she's confused and hazy on the details of how she got down there, because whenever she ...

el fantasma de la opera raoul y christine - guerreravioleta

These 6 months must have been uneasy for Christine. The mentor who threatened her with “now you cannot ever be free!” has been oddly silent, but is no doubt ...


That's me at the moment…glaring at my speaker…because Christine and Raoul are being all lovey dovey…and now I'm going to sob because the reprise of All I ...

Christine" : A Different Perspective on 'Phantom of the Opera' — OnStage Blog

christine and raoul

And now she has to chose between living the rest of her life with the Phantom, who's frikken weird, or let Raoul die. Guys. Come on. This is not healthy.

... Raoul vs Phantom (Erik) by bruederlein

I guess that my point is that Raoul shouldn't get all this hate. After all, he's a good guy and he's been through so much tragedy.

It's weird that Raoul has the exact same outfit in both, but then, he stole that one from Enjolras. That wasn't nice of him.

vlcsnap-6888994. Christine and Raoul

So, this is basically a defending post like the one of Cosette and Eponine, but this time it's about if you ship Christine and Erik, or Raoul and Christine.

President of the “I Don't Like Raoul Fanclub”

[Raoul & Christine] AVM Blog Party -- Day Six

Raoul finds them both before the crowd does. The Phantom captures him and gives Christine a choice: choose Raoul and have The Phantom kill him, ...

Thank you. Raoul does not get enough credit. And Andrew Lloyd Webber shouldnt have

I dont find Christine quite right since she gets kinda

“It's over now, the music of the night” (with Sierra Boggess as Christine and Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom, from the 25th Anniversary production).

Meanwhile, Christine, the little actress starts playing Erik to the areas he has been insecure. She tells him that he is genius, his music causes her to ...

And, for this piece of evidence, we'll turn to the Sydmonton version of “Music of the Night”:

Raoul flew into the graveyard dressed like ...

Christine and I at The Phantom of the Opera

Raoul de Chagny

To this pin I found, that last comment. I think that is the irony


There are a few characters from the novel who are cut (Daroga, Cmte. Philip de Chagny, etc.) and others who get entirely different roles and ...

Ah yes, Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny. Personally, I dislike Raoul purely because he got in the way of my OTP and dislikes my favorite character, the Phantom.

Alamo Quotes15

I promised a lot of people a review of Ben, and others a review of Harriet once I saw her, so…. Killing two birds with one stone here!

Christine's Big Heart by ensignbeedrill ...

I want you to give up your friends, your career, and everything you knew. So, yes, Raoul may have ...

As much as I love Sydney, Charles and Lucie are an absolutely precious couple, and they also need some love!

celine-kim: “ PHANTOM OF THE OPERA MAIN TRIO Raoul(his dog Dusty), Christine and Phantom Since PotO project I was working on was going to be very set ...