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SooHo Hwarang Hwarang The Beginning t Hwarang

SooHo Hwarang Hwarang The Beginning t Hwarang


Choi Minho in Hwarang

Choi Minho - Soo Ho individual poster "Hwarang: Thae Begining."

Minho 'SooHo' Ep 4 Hwarang

#MINHO - "Hwarang:The Beginning". (29/Noviembre /16

Sooho & Banryu | I'll fall in love with you.♡「Hwarang」

Younger sister of Soho, In Love with Ban-ryu.hmmm luv in air! Find this Pin and more on Hwarang: The Beginning ...

Sooho & Banryu MV | Don't like me from now on, I won't meet you again

... Minho ...

6:38 AM - 21 Feb 2017

Minho 'Hwarang'

We all know Tae Tae really can't do this part even if he was forced to, such flexibility~ kkkk hwarang yeo wool

170113 Flower Knight SooHo | Hwarang: The Beginning | Pinterest | Knight, Hwarang and Shinee

「hwarang」sooho & banryu » they don't know about us


best scene😍😍😍 Their first kiss ( / The beginning / The poet warrior youth / / Ryoo ( Yeon (. Find this Pin and more on Hwarang ...

[Hwarang] Sooho & Banryu // MILLION - YouTube

She whines that she hasn't seen Sun-woo in a while, even after he promised not to leave her alone, and bellows at Joo-ki in frustration.

but he dosnt know she is the biggest bi**h ever.

Minho SooHo Hwarang

Korean Drama: Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

#Hwarang #banryu #dojihan #ParkSeo-Joon #ParkHyung-Sik #JiDwi

BTS Taehyung Drama Hwarang the Beginning

Over the wall, Ah Ro asks her friend Soo-yeon if a man can forget kissing a woman. She remembers that Su-ho forgot what happened between Soo-yeon and ...

hwarang the beginning

BTS' V for “Hwarang: The Beginning” Official Poster [161103]

This scene I was waiting for it from the time I saw it in the special episode before Hwarang aired. SoHo's sister mistakes BanRyu for SoHo and grabs him ...

'Hwarang: The Beginning' shares behind photos of Hyungsik looking fine in uniform | allkpop. '

Seo Ye- ...

Hwarang on Twitter: "Park Ji Hyun's (@.bidanpjh) IG update with the Hwarang Cast: she runs a HanBok shop and is responsible for their clothings #화랑 ...

#Hwarang: The #beginning / Hwarang: #The poet warrior youth (2016

Final Review: “Hwarang”

Meet the beautiful knights of Hwarang: The Beginning

Hwarang Do Ji Han Choi Min Ho Instagram Ban Ryu Soo ho

... Go Ara ...

Heaven gained another angel I swear guys. I don't care if he wasn't real HE'S WITH GOD NOW. Also I really never wanted to see Tae die even if it was acting.

My fav ship and i don't even know their shipname :"DDD is it banho? i need answers! Find this Pin and more on Hwarang: The Beginning ...

Minho SooHo Hwarang

HWARANG 화랑: 더 비기닝 – Trailer #1 | Starring Shinee's Minho & Go Ara!

Ban-ryu and Soo-yeon have a little clandestine meeting in her home, and Ban-ryu stammers that they shouldn't keep sneaking around. Soo-yeon worries because ...

[FMV] Yeo Wool - Hwarang

7 New flower boy historical K-dramas we can't wait to watch in

... Jo Yoon-Woo ...

Hwarang: The Beginning, o novo drama histórico da

An American Review: Hwarang Episodes 5 And 6

parkhyungsikworld: “ Park Hyungsik @ Hwarang Behind Picture Ep 5 ” #hwarang #hyungsik

Taehyung Hwarang

#v#taehyung#hwarang Hwarang :the beginning

9 Things You Didn't Know About The “Hwarang” Cast

Yeo-wool quips that he can't tell if Su-ho and Ban-ryu are friends or enemies, and Han-sung breathes that it's amazing how Su-ho knows so much about Ban-ryu ...

Still annoyed, Ah Ro pretends she doesn't know who he is, but he completely disarms her when he caresses her face and says she's beautiful.

The Hwarang are sent to hunt, and they're told that they can hunt any animal, but the first person to bring in a deer will be the winner.

SHINee's Minho Talks About Preparing For “Hwarang” Action Scenes

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

🌻 IiIiIi 🌹 on Twitter: "Who wants a brother like #SooHo to cry on? # Hwarang #Minho #LeeDaIn #SooYeon #화랑 #민호 #최민호 #이다인 #수연… "

Duşman İkili || Hwarang (Sooho & Banryu) Kötu Çocuk ...

An American Review: Hwarang Episodes 3 And 4

[Drama Review] 'Hwarang' - Episode 20 (Finale)

"Hwarang" Minho and Do Ji-han to Reveal Different Styles @ HanCinema :


... Park Hyung-Sik ...

Hwarang - I'll Be Here - Park Hyung-sik - OST Part 7

... Minho · Do Ji-Han


almightykeybeom on Twitter: "{OFF} 170205 #Minho - 'Hwarang: The Beginning' Naver Update https://t.co/c2PjrGYRfP https://t.co/2lwoEJAOEC ...

[Spoiler] "Hwarang" Park Seo-joon and Go Ara face crisis again

Hwarang: The Beginning | | Eventho they said it's a flop drama but I do love this drama. Love the casts, esp. Park Seo Jun. Love the storyline.

Park Hyungsik: Jwi Di [1991]

Minho 'Soho' Hwarang

Flower boy historical Hwarang: The Beginning reveals new posters and character details

'Hwarang The Beginning' Making Part 2

Yeo-wool comments cheekily that they don't seem much like brother and sister.

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Ban-ryu, Su-ho, Ji-dwi, and Sun-woo are all together in the woods when the princess rides past them on her horse. She stops for a moment to stare at Sun-woo ...

... but the decision isn't up to them. In the end, it's the Hwarang who will decide which man is the right king to lead their country into the future.

Handsome actors of 'Hwarang: The Beginning' shoot poster for drama

Ah ro and ji dwi rang Go Ara park hyung sik Hwarang❤❤

Hwarang Soo Ho added,. MissMyShl @MyShl726

Flower boy historical Hwarang: The Beginning reveals new posters and character details

Hwarang v

Hwarang Soo ho (minho)

"Hwarang Hansung Banryu Yeo Wool Sun Woo Jidwi Sooho ❤❤" by minmi3 ❤

'Hwarang: The Beginning' shares behind photos of Hyungsik looking fine in uniform | allkpop.com. '

-Son of Master Park Young Shil/ Ho Kong-Cold but can be warm

Ah Ro paces her room through all of this, and finally, Pa Oh comes to see her. He reports that everything went well, and gives her a letter from Jinheung.

Oml how is someone so perfectly beautiful when they're dehydrated???

Soo-yeon visits Ah Ro at the wall later, and orders her to tell her if her brother hurts Ban-ryu. She says fiercely that she'll come over the wall and ...

170103 #Minho - 'Hwarang: The Beginning' Facebook Update | Choi Minho ♡ | Pinterest | Hwarang, Shinee and Choi min ho

Hyungsik .. once upon a time in Hwarang.. i hd crush on you...hemmm

Dan-se and Han-sung's grandfather pays a visit to the Hwarang, where he's told that Han-sung has trouble keeping up with the others.

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Hwarang (화랑) Korean - Drama - Episode 6 - Picture