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Stop deforestation of the rainforests Unjustly Persecuted by those

Stop deforestation of the rainforests Unjustly Persecuted by those


#ClippedOnIssuu from Revista Luhho Octava Edición

Note the strips of wood to the right of Rambo, These were scattered around the forest edge floor for the loggers to return and collect.

Stunning images from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards

It was so hard to believe that this was once a rainforest and is now just long over grown grass. This area of grass was too tough for the cows to graze ...

Once rainforests covered of the earth's land surface, now they cover only Find out more about this issue here.

Changing to hemp based paper could reduce deforestation in half. And let us not forget that we used to use hemp paper before it was made illegal.

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Rambo chewing on coco leaves in one of the loggers cabins.

Land Grabs and the International Criminal Court: Will Cambodia's Kleptocrats Finally Face Justice?

Jordan (left) and field assistant set camera trap. Photo by: Christopher Jordan

The progress of humanity in terms of the Amazon Rainforest have lead to more disadvantages in a wide array of aspects than positive growth towards the ...

According to the World Wildlife Fund, an area the size of 300 football fields of rainforest is cleared each hour in Indonesia, Malaysia and other equatorial ...

What is even more alarming is when a long-term study of tree mortality suggests a similar tipping point may exist for tropical forests. Trees, those ...

SONY DSC. Rainforests ...

Field assistant setting camera trap. Photo by: Christopher Jordan.

September 06th, 2017

Batak upland field under sustainable fallow period. See new fields cleared in the background (Photo: ALDAW)

Look Instead to Boom Crops, Oil Palm Plantations and Mining

Jordan (middle) with eco-battalion member (left). Photo courtesy of

We had told you we wanted to find a way to support you so that you in turn could support the resistance and rebellion of those who are persecuted and ...

We had told you we wanted to find a way to support you so that you in turn could support the resistance and rebellion of those who are persecuted and ...

On the ship along the way of rain forest

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of

Unjustly Persecuted by those in Power · The US government corruption desires to destroy Snowden.

McDONALD'S are Responsible for Deforestation

Image result for deforestation animals. Rainforest ...

In pictures: Daniel Beltra's photographs of deforestation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Unjustly Persecuted by those in Power · Character destruction is the technique used today when someone

Securing Forests Securing Rights

Model of deforestation.

Rainforest destruction on the Caribbean Coast. Photo by: Christopher Jordan.

tropicalrainforest! tropicalrainforest2

The Yanomami manage and care for one of the largest areas of protected rainforest in the


The Granite Rocks

5 The Amazon Rainforest Deforestation Impact

Local control of forestry could significantly slow man-made forest loss

Degreening Panamá

An aerial shot shows the contrast between forest and agricultural landscapes near Rio Branco, Acre

The trail disappeared somewhere here. Or what we thought of as a trail.

Tobagonian rainforest is beautiful, although not quite what it was after Hurricane flora.

Near the Upper Falls:

Peter with my son at the entrance to a forest trail when we were all a


A portion of the Amazon rainforest is illegally burned in the Brazilian state of Para.


This is especially true for those who were not adversely affected by the egregious or even murderous policies, ...

News From Bachajón

Above: visiting an active nest is your only realistic chance of spotting harpy eagles, which despite their size can melt into the forest with ease.

... .

In Photos: Amazon Women on the Frontlines of Climate Change Impacts and Solutions

Less than a month from the end of the pond dig one side of the pond

Yellow cedar trees are shown in abundance in Glacier Bay National Park, left. The image on the right, south of the park in the Tongass National Forest, ...

Michalski and Geraldo Correa (field assistant) walking in a riparian corridor. Picture by Adriano Gambarini

You have heard of 'parallel evolution'. Nature sometime emulates art. These could be 'Cyclopean Walls such as those at Mycenae or Tenochtitlan .

'If we stopped poaching tomorrow, elephants would still be in big trouble' | Environment | The Guardian

4 The Amazon Rainforest Deforestation Impact

We were virtually hanging on to trees in order to avoid rolling downwards -- the ground up here is almost vertical!

Norway pays Brazil $1B to fulfill pledge for curbing deforestation ("getting paid for keeping still")

From this vantage point, I was so sure that we're no longer in Mount Manabú!

Used vines to get down.

Used vines to get down.

Photo @ SIPAZ

They work off Bluetooth and are connected via an App to your phone, so that you can make them sound a beep when you are looking for them &/or your phone can ...

... oblivion where enormous towers of glass and steel conquer nature. It isn't even “responsible growth” or “sustainability.” Those terms only reinforce a ...

The Deutsche Bank is looking for investors for further deforestation. Instead of species-rich rainforest more palm oil monocultures are planned in Indonesia ...


Michalski and Geraldo Correa (field assistant) walking in the middle of Brazil nuts in a pasture. Picture by Adriano Gambarini

Terralingua's magazine Langscape is a unique voice for biocultural diversity—the interlinked diversity of life in nature and culture.

tropicalrainforest! tropicalrainforest2

IMG_1405 IMG_1607 IMG_1586 IMG_1609 IMG_1691 IMG_1621 IMG_1718 ...

About a dozen years ago after returning from a couple of months of tropical field work I though wouldn't it be a really great idea to get some of our ...

Dwellings of an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon rain forest - the place is their home. Tropical forests are home to about a million indigenous people, ...

Those beloved oilwells of Brunei

A group of indigenous Pala'wan planting upland rice in the Municipality of Brooke's Point. The richness and complexity of indigenous upland farming systems ...

The Collapse of Global Civilization Has Begun

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The Kawahiva's land is being targeted by illegal loggers and cattle ranchers

These are the same techniques used today when someone speaks against authority or works in social

A water taxi navigates a canal formerly used by logging companies to transport logs, Nanang Indra Kurniawan. Deforestation ...

06-woman with smoke


Ecuador Rainforest

FAO's Bioenergy Themed International Day Of Forests Is A Threat To Mother Earth

A fully grown youngster, by now sporting the species' famous crest. It will be four years before it acquires its first adult plumage.

Jose Paronella's dream castle and exotic gardens at Mena Creek Falls appeared on Brisbane ABC's weather report a few weeks ago and more recently on the ' ...

First Resources the latest palm oil giant to announce zero-deforestation commitment

Those US and UK citizens who paid their taxes last year gave approximately $600 million and £200 million to the Ethiopian government respectively.

Status change to come for Indonesia's partial logging moratorium?

O ...

Yaayyuu forest