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Stranded Orca Is Saved By Some Pretty Amazing People 5 Pics

Stranded Orca Is Saved By Some Pretty Amazing People 5 Pics


Stranded Orca Is Saved By Some Pretty Amazing People! – 5 Pics. July 29, 2015 Jon. orca saved

Stranded orca

Stranded Orca Is Saved By Some Pretty Amazing People! – 5 Pics. See more. Former millionaire in China goes into debt rescuing thousands of stray dogs

stranded orca. "

Stranded orca saved by volunteers

Scientists and volunteers for a local environmental group helped save an orca stranded on rocks in

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Rescue Team Working With Mother Dog

A great photo from Wild Whales Vancouver with Resident Killer Whales 103 year old "Granny" on the left.

Army helped dig a 20m-long trench in the sand

Dogs get cold too…

PHOTO: An orca whale was stranded in British Columbia for six hours on rocks before

The happiest baby orca in the whole darn ocean

Tide is going out.

RAW: Stranded orca saved

WHALE RESCUE: Saving a stranded Orca in B.C.

Orca Rescue screenshot Globe & Mail

Bob the orca

A killer whale (Orcinus orca) jumps from the water near Canada's Saturna Island. | Credit: Miles Ritter/Flickr

By Harry J Bartlett - 1st September 2017

Stranded Orca Saved By Group Of Heroes

orcabeautypostsnpics: “Jpod in active pass. This picture screams beauty.

The tragic truth about Tilikum, one of many orcas trapped in captivity

One day, all orcas will be wild and free, one day

One of the most beautiful and serene places I have ever visited. You MUST make it to the San Juan Islands! Spyhopping orca in the San Juan Islands of ...

What Does Our Addiction to Disposable Plastics Have to Do With a Stranded Orca? - One Green Planet

This killer whale was stranded ...

Three men saved this beached whale at Wild Cattle Creek during their annual fishing trip at

Hundreds of people come together to save beached whale in Brazil

Orcas protected humans from sharks and saved drowning people

"Our plan was always to get a response team into the area to work with

Everyone Nearby Watched As The Water Rose, Covering The Whale

Orca – Killer Whale Symbolism

PHOTO: An orca whale was stranded in British Columbia for six hours on rocks before

Hermann then stepped onto the rocks and cautiously moved closer to the orca. He carried a large plastic bin that he hoped to use in order to pour water over ...

stranded orca. "

Attempting to save the orca: A timeline showing the attempts made to refloat the stranded killer whale

Best Wild Orca Compilation | Amazing Reactions To Humans | New Zealand

Whale Stranded for Hours

'Crying' orca gets beached for 8 hours. Luckily these kind people kept her. '

The orca was discovered at Marfells Beach, near Blenheim, about 11.30am on Sunday

Rescue operation of 5 trapped orcas in a bay in Norway!!!

Killer whales beached off Australian coast

An orca stranding rescue.

People Jump Onto Sheets Of Ice To Save Trapped Orcas

The team had just spent the last several hours desperately trying to keep the orca alive, and it was time to see if their efforts proved successful.

A pod of orcas were playing in the shallows when one got too close to shore


Stranded Killer Whale Cries For Help, People Do Something Priceless To It

Right there on the rocky shore was a baby orca—and she was stranded on the rocks. How she'd managed to get stuck was beyond them, but one thing was clear: ...

As more rescue workers surrounded the orca and covered her in wet blankets to keep her from drying out, something amazing happened.

Luna, a six-year-old orca in British Columbia, lives apart from

Odd-Looking Orcas May Be a Distinct Species

Deadly Mystery: Why Did 9 Killer Whales Die in New Zealand?

First, in 1997, he was stranded on Mangawhai Beach. He was rescued, and a year later ...

THE LUNA FILE is a chronological archive of media reports, updates, commentary and journal notes on the sad saga of the wrongway Southern Resident orca L98, ...

Hundreds of whales stranded on New Zealand beach refloat and return to sea | The Independent

Marvin was the first to climb to the top of the rocks; he needed to see how they could access the orca. It was clear the poor animal was struggling for air, ...

Whale12. When a young orca whale stranded ...

At first, the team was puzzled: how did the orca find herself wedged in such a tight position between these rocks? They theorized that her pod must have ...

Video footage of killer whales trapped in sea ice of Hudson Bay

An endangered female orca leaps from the water while breaching in Puget Sound west of Seattle

A boy watches a captive orca in Vancouver

Volunteer Anna McIntosh said she had never seen an orca strand in her eight years living

Five orcas spotted hunting for seals in Vancouver harbour

An orca whale breaches off the coast of Salt Spring Island, B.C. after being rescued from entanglement in a commercial prawn trap line. PNG

Although the release of Keiko, the star of the movie Free Willy was not a

Hundreds Of Whales Die Stranded On A Remote New Zealand Beach : The Two-Way : NPR

Why killer whales should not be kept in captivity

Orca saved after beaching in Papamoa (+pics)

Report Stranded Whales

The water eventually rose to a level where the orca could breathe on her own. She was exhausted from the whole ordeal, but rescuers hoped they had done ...

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In December 2003, the large body of a six-tonne orca was found beached in Taknes Bay in Norway. Strangely, the orca wasn't anonymous to the people who ...

An adult male orca, coming towards the camera, chases a common dolphin. Although

A killer whale and Steller sea lion engage in a life-and-death battle in the waters of Juan De Fuca Strait, just west of Victoria.

stranded manatee in Sarasota Bay

Rescuers save a manatee beached during Hurricane Irma.

... at Cetacea Lab, a local non-profit research station situated along the north coast of British Columbia. The men immediately prepared for their mission.

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Invasion of the Killer Whales

The orca trapped in waters off Tokoroa Rock at Kennedy Bay off the Coromandel Peninsula.

Killer whale "Tilikum" appears during its performance in its show "Believe" at

Stranded whales on the beach at Hamelin Bay

American international orca expert Jeff Foster and Orca Research Trust founder Dr Ingrid Visser in the


Some of the hundreds of people who travelled to Farewell Spit to help Project Jonah and

Using the tubing and pump systems they brought, the crew started to spray the stranded orca with water. It was important that they kept her as wet as ...

SeaWorld Orca Dorsal Fin