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Studios Audio and Showroom on t

Studios Audio and Showroom on t


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Phoenix TV in Tai Po, Hong Kong by Liquid Interiors - digital audio broadcasting department broadcasting studio

Nice little setup for audio/video production

Customer Studio: Capital University

The Palms #Studio #recording

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Acoustic Treatment Buying Guide

Gaira Musica Local Studios

Photo Caption 1: Vintage King Nashville, featuring the Carl Tatz Design MixRoom™ concept.

El Lugar de Su Presenci

TransAudio Studio Story

So much of what is done in recording studios all over the world is a balancing act of technical skill and creative instinct.

... don't over-compress your tracks. But you absolutely need to maintain control over the dynamic range of your recordings if you want a professional sound.

You now spend your time working out of your own space, VSOP Studios. What kind of place did you want to create for yourself?

Equipment List

Duality at Germano Studios, New York

Pro Audio LA Transforms Studios into Showrooms with Help from Torus Power

Any tips for improving cable management in the studio? Oh, absolutely! Call us! Seriously though, keeping everything as clean as possible and keep the power ...

Production Studio

Mastering studio control room. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Reclaimed Composer / Studio Desk for Audio / Video / by Monkwood

Wachka|Online Dj Store |Controllers|Edm Production Gear| Dj Equipement|Controllers

JMF Audio, Hong Kong, permanent showroom opening 2017. >

Kravitz Design – The Interior of Lenny Kravitz

Blackbird Studios

... Outboard audio gear in racks

When Vintage King began plotting our Nashville brick and mortar location, we knew we wanted an expertly wired studio-like facility for customers to check ...

The new Adam Audio T-Series range studio monitors

It doesn't quite rank up there with the discovery of King Tut's tomb, but the recent evolution of Lindbergh Palace Studios from a strictly private facility ...

Control room at Melophonie Studios with ADAM A77X studio monitors

Feel For Music

Continual predictive analysis and on site measurement are done over the course of many studio designs and builds to find the acoustic sweet spot.

Our Pro Audio, DJ/Studio Monitor and PA department has all of the best sounding speakers and live sound gear on display and ready for you to check out.

Throughout our two-week Monitor Mission, we've been offering ways to upgrade the monitoring situation in your recording studio. In an effort to help music ...

When you're in the studio, your monitors are your main portal into your music, so having good ones is essential. After all, superior recording, mixing, ...

ESPI 10.29

Maximizing Your Studio Monitors

Antelope Audio Orion Studio HD

The most popular audio interface format is 2 in, 2 out, partly because it's the most economical option. But also, someone working solo in the studio might ...

One of NYC's most scintilating SSL's — a meticulously maintained 72-channel 9000 J, elevates Fenix Studios.

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Pioneer Native Instruments Numark and All Leading DJ Equipment Brands

Adam family; ADAM AUDIO T SERIES ...

Antelope Audio Zen Studio image 1

What's the most important piece of gear in your studio? The case could be made for monitors, microphones, DAW software, or even the room itself.

Home & Car Audio Video Retail, Custome installation - Advance Audio - Wichita, Ks

Main Monitors

Recording Booth

It's a fact — musicians and engineers need superior sound quality. After all, if you can't hear the music, you can't perform, track, or mix.


Gramophone's Gaithersburg Grand Opening with Artnovion Acoustic Panels - Rutherford Audio

Adam Audio "F5 5"" Powered Studio Monitor"

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iZ RADAR Studio Frame w/o Touch or Transport

If you haven't heard of Heba Kadry, then you clearly have been sleeping on some of the hottest independent records to come out in the past few years.

ADAM Audio A8X active studio monitor. A8X. ADAM Audio A77X active studio monitor

Many of us who record or mix these days don't have the luxury of working in purpose-built control rooms that sound great. We make do with the rooms we have, ...

The Audio World Pvt Ltd

ADAM Audio S Series Studio Reference Monitors

Desert Retreat—WSJ Mansion

Antelope Audio Orion Studio HD


Tony had six separate sets of speakers set up in his control room — but they


Surface Studio front facing with keyboard and mouse ...

... J.C. Sutherland, Platform is uniquely tailored for music production and other creative endeavours. Key features include a bridge for studio ...

In our 200m2 showroom you can test Pro Tools HDX, MTRX, 32-fader S6, S3, etc. And obviously zillions of plug-ins. We also have multiple monitoring solutions ...

Studio Monitors

Live room at Lefebvre of Melophonie Studios

With modular designs, passive monitors offer studio owners the ability to easily upgrade their system, which allows for you to add new pieces as you save up ...

Mushroom Studios

For more from this video series, head over to our Make Your Mark page to watch mini-docs on some of the world's greatest audio creators.

Graham Audio LS35 Review - Tone Audio - Synthax Audio UK ...

Kiwi Audio - Vintage DDA AMR24 recording console.

1176 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90012, phone: 213.984.4000


Aaudio imports Company Tour

Gear For Your Starter Studio

Factory Post audio suite

ADAM Audio A5X active studio monitor. A5X. ADAM Audio A7X active studio monitor

Mix Smart: Pro Audio Tips For Your Multitrack Mix (Mastering Music)

Instagram - @monitoraudio

Munich 2017 - Hifideluxe

ADAM Audio S2V Nearfield Monitor

Full Size ...

Come experience ...

Soundimension Studio

Yellow Dog Studios | Wimberley, Texas

Mackie Onyx Artist Audio Interface + Yamaha HS5, Pads & Leads Bundle

Our Buddy John Wolf with Classic Audio and His Grandaughter

ADAM Audio A77X active studio monitor. A77X