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Sun and Moon conjoined Yantra t Moon

Sun and Moon conjoined Yantra t Moon


b a l a n c e Ying and Yang, Sun and Moon.

Karmic Planet Saturn placed in Aries & Scorpio, aspected by Sun, Moon, Mars

Moon Phases Print showing Transit of Venus by CapricornPress

Kali, Mother, Loves All of Her Children – (Sun conjoined Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio)

I don't believe in the magic or spell part but I would love to have a monthly full moon party with loved ones.

Intense Full Moon in Scorpio on Saturday

You may not fully identify with your Sun Sign description, and that is because of how it relates to the rest of your full natal chart.

Full Moon in Libra Lunar Eclipse

Combust Moon Part 1

Rahu (Northern Lunar Node): Rahu is the point in the zodiac where the paths of the Sun and the Moon cross.

The November 29 New Moon will have the Sun-Moon conjoined at ~14 degrees Scorpio close to the fixed star Antares in the heart of the Scorpion and near the ...

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FULL MOON – Tonight June 27, 2018 (9:53 pm PT) Grounding

The description of this “Yantra” is given in sloka 11 of “Sundaryalahri”, reproduced just below the Yantra itself.

Sun moon & stars tattoo

Don't pollute the mind stream with your own challenges. Grow up… best advice for Capricorn, and find dignity to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Today is an important day in the Buddhist calendar: not only it is DAKINI day, with Sun and Moon in the last 'harmonious' aspect of a waning lunation, ...

Taurus Full Moon November 14/15 + Venus in Capricorn

I.Prasna Marga

Now as the Sun comes into the eclipse axis, we can start to notice what is blocking us emotionally or otherwise in our lives. The Full Moon on August 18 ...

Ketu Jyotish ...

In the most ancient scriptures on vedic astrology we do not find the names of Rahu and its counterpart, Ketu. Instead, only seven planets are mentioned.




I'm in love with the Moon ❤


New Moon mansions Talismans


agyptischer_maler_um_1360_v-_chr-_001. The New Moon ...

I love yin-yang and sun-moon combo tattoos

Astral Harmony Blog | 3/15 | Insights and ReflectionsAstral Harmony Blog | Insights and Reflections | Page 3

The native is emotionally so much impulsive that he concentrates all his forces on one area of expression. The native tends to be erratic because there is ...

150350453 Astrological Combinations for Late Marriage Autosaved | Planets In Astrology | Astrological Sign

Durga Yantra by Meredith Hart

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Arcanum 18 ...

A Neptunian Gemini Full Moon

Intense Full Moon in Scorpio on Saturday | Karmic Patterns Vedic Astrology Blog

The full moon of March 31 (5:37 am PT) shines a guiding light through the shadows of inner doubt and confusion.

Get ready for a significant day, this Friday, March 20, 2015, when we will have a New Moon at 29 degrees Pisces that is also a total Solar Eclipse, ...


Rahu Jyotish, the Moon's ...


In Esoteric astrology, Aquarius is the hierarchical ruler of the Moon; this means at our 'highest' emotional vibration we are world servers, ...

The eclipses do have to happen exactly on the new and full Moon, but because of the Moon's tilt to the ecliptic and the Earth, an eclipse cannot happen ...

The cardinal (chara) modality is the strongest based on the Ascendant, Sun, Moon, and Midheaven occupying cardinal signs. Having the cardinal signs in the ...

Diagram of the ancient Chinese divisions of the celestial sphere and their relations with the horizon

... Beltane Blessings to all! (art works)

The new moon of March 17, 2018 (6:12 am PT) teeters on the threshold of endings and new beginnings. This is a time to turn within, center, and step beyond ...

Scientists at NASA have discovered that the Moon enters the Earth's magnetotail three days before it is full and takes about six days to cross and exit on ...

Precession of the equinoxes (from David Ulansey, The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries )


The native had Atmakaraka Mercury with Amatyakaraka Venus, lagna lord Sun, 5 th lord Jupiter & Moon. He also had conjunction of Moon & Venus in Lagna.

New Eleventh Moon Mansion - Azbora and related Jewelry

A total eclipse of the Sun with a magnitude of 1.080 will be visible across Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific regions on 22nd July, 2009.

March 2012 New Moon * A New Dawn

Tarot Keys Tower, Star and Moon, representing the paths on the Tree which converge


Lunar Phase New Edition

In March, we have two eclipses. Be sure to look for personal planets around 18 degrees Pisces (and Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius) and 3 degrees Libra (and ...

Ketu northnode 2

The chart is for the Hour of Mars and the Day of Jupiter. The Sun is in his Joy in the 9th House. The charts Almuten is the Moon in Cancer.

The most important midpoint in our charts is unarguably the midpoint between the Sun and Moon for it represents the marriage between our masculine and ...

New edition of the Spring Equinox talisman. The design is based on an ancient Assyrian relief of the Winged Sun with the crescent of the Moon in the middle.

solar eclipse photo credit: Nasa

Solar eclipse is caused when Moon passes between Sun and Earth, blocking the light and spreading darkness for a while. While this temporary event will last ...

The key to analyzing this chart lies in the king of the chart, Atmakaraka (AK). The AK here is the Moon, which is involved in a matri shapa, as the Moon is ...

When the moon is full it is in the opposite sign from the Sun because, by definition, they are the farthest from each other, with the earth between them.

Setting the motivation with SiX planets in deeply sensitive water sign of MAGICAL fish - including Sun & Moon at 13Pisces: TO DEVELOP THE COMPASSIONATE MIND ...

Durga Mahisasuramardini.JPG

The Moon is finishing out its stay in Scorpio and prepares to move into Sagittarius, and its opposition to the Sun late this afternoon (pdt)!

Assembled on the 25th of May 2017 under a unique timing when the Moon was exactly conjunct Mercury. A Powerful Talisman invoking strong mental powers, ...

Buddha Purnima – Wesak - Vesak is the Full Moon (exact tonight/tomorrow morning 4:42BST @14 Scorpio) when much of southern Asia celebrates the birth, ...

The dark moon, a sliver of outline visible, holding space for growth

would like without the decoration around the moon/sun: 50 Examples of Moon Tattoos

In an appulse/penumbral lunar eclipse, the Moon moves through only the Earth's penumbra and is only slightly dimmed. Please refer to Timeanddate.com for ...

Sacred Ink: Thailand's Magic Tattoos

118466924 Reference Manual of Vedic Astrology | Planets In Astrology | Esoteric Cosmology

New Sun Talisman Edition - April 2016


Y ū pa, or sacrificial post ( V ā stus ū tra Upani ş ad


Do Spiritual Masters Transcend Their Birth Charts | Byron Bay Astrologer Varij


Two Borneo tribesmen in recent times measuring the sun's shadow length at summer solstice with a

Jupiter Yantra - Meditate on the center point of the image to magnify Jupiter's blessings.

FULL MOON, 27 PISCES-VIRGO March 16, 1:09pm EDT, 11:09am PDT, 5:09pm GMT

Jupiter conjunct Venus 29 June 2015 – Mani Navasothy waxing moon 28june2015 (c) Mani Navasothy

Kali Yantra, Rajasthan, 18 th century.

Sensitive inner-self and waxing Moon is now moving in a harmonious trine (both

NEW MOON June 13, 2018 - MRIGASHIRA: The deer's head (Mriga=deer

Determining the cardinal points with a gnomon and using circles to define the original square.