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Suwa and Kakeru Orange Orange t Anime Manga and

Suwa and Kakeru Orange Orange t Anime Manga and


Suwa and Kakeru Orange. Anime CouplesManga AnimeTakano ...

Orange Episode 7 Review Suwa confronts Kakeru about his feelings.

Did I miss something in the first episode? How would Naho know how Kakeru compares to Suwa in soccer? She's never seen Kakeru play either, right?

ORANGE : Kakeru, Naho, Suwa------------ is it bad that i still want Suwa and Naho to get together?

Orange AMV Suwa X Kakeru-Fools

Suwa x Naho - Orange by ShimizuShigeno

Orange Anime - Naho and Suwa Manga

Suwa hirito and kakeru narusa and hagita saku from orange

Pin by Lissie Valdovinos on Drawing Inspiration/ References | Pinterest | Anime, Anime couples and Manga

"Gracias por todo, Suwa" / Orange. (Review : Capítulo 5)

Kakeru x Naho + Suwa - LACRYMOSA ღ (Tragedy) Orange amv.

... try and assuage the guilt he feels over having betrayed Kakeru. Talk about presumption – that pretty much defines it. orange-11-4

Suwa and Naho episode 11.jpg

Orange - the way Kakeru looks at Naho is too cute <- but i kind of liked Suwa more SAME. suwa loved Naho and she was better off with him anyway.

Orange the Ultimate Ending...Hagita the savior and Suwa the ultimate bro. Manga AnimeOtaku ...

Orange -- edit by @suwa-hiroto on Tumblr "We didn't cry because the sunset was beautiful... We cried because Kakeru wasn't there to see it.

Suwa x Naho [photograph]

Even if I'm a Suwa x Naho shipper, I would like to see Kakeru happy. And not just in the little moments. When you think about it, ...

It was really cool to see the story from Suwa's perspective and how he felt throughout the story. Naho in this was really adorable and I love the moments ...

Suwa x Kakeru is still best

Kakeru & Suwa -- Orange.

black and white, manga, and orange image

Orange - 04 -3

futurefam_orange. Orange ...

Kakeru really does care for Naho!! - Orange (I'm rooting for Suwa tho) ☺️

He's sacrificed so much of his potential future to aid in the saving of Kakeru, even if it means not confessing to Naho when he originally did before.

orange, takano ichigo, naho, suwa. Anime Couples MangaRomantic ...


Naho & Suwa | INSTEAD | Orange AMV

If anything, I wish that Naho finds out whether before or after Kakeru and confront Suwa. I can see Naho yelling at him for not telling her.

"So that we can see Naho and Kakeru smiling together ten years into the future... I'll leave them to you." -Suwa Hiroto

anime.sekki on Twitter: "Finally started this anime. Wish I started it earlier. Anime | Orange #Anime #Kakeru #Kawaii #Suwa #Manga #Naho… "


Does this mean a sign of "just drop the Anime, it's already settled" flag or so?

Hiroto Suwa

Naho and Suwa - Orange

Will Suwa move on or will Suwa and Naho get married AND have Kakeru by their side? Comment below!

... Orange - 07 [720p (.

The thing about Orange, though, is that it's really a series with a tripod structure – Naho, Kakeru and Suwa are equally critical in supporting the story.

They have a beautiful baby together. If Kakeru were somehow to be saved, wouldn't that future be put at risk? Orange ...

Suwa Appreciation Topic [May contain spoilers]

Orange Manga Gets 2-Part Spinoff Featuring Future Suwa; [WARNING] Spoilers Ahead!

he has always loved naho and he puts his feeling aside so he can save kakeru. He supports kakeru even though he loves her too. I find this tragic because ...

... Orange - 07 [720p (.

In a world where Naho is with Kakeru, Suwa will always regret having stepped aside (even if he did so prompted by his future self), and both ...

It is shown in the beginning of the manga that in the future where they don' t save Kakeru, Suwa marries Naho and they have a child together.

Shared Moments

You probably heard that Suwa Hiroto, one of the main characters in Orange, is getting A MOVIE! AND A SPIN-OFF! I haven't found the spin-off (yet), ...

Kakeru and naho.jpg

So I've told Suwa x Naho shippers to stay away from the movie. However, I think that not even Kakeru x Naho shippers should watch it. Why?

Orange Episode 7 Review Kakeru, Suwa, and Naho talk together inside a classroom while

Suwa is a character from the manga Orange by Takano Ichigo. He is part of a group of friends along with 5 others, Naho Takamiya, Azusa Murasaka, ...

This scene is suggesting that Suwa either described this photo of Kakeru with his mother in his letter or sent the photo itself back with the letters.

personally I ship Naho and Suwa, they are so cute together and I think they are meant to be. I mean Naho and Kakeru is ok but I like Naho and Suwa way ...

Since orange( the color) is associated with joy and happiness that what the characters all do, they give joy and happiness to kakeru the best they can, ...

Orange - Saku , Kakeru , Suwa by Kagamine-sama02 ...

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which you should know from the trailer. They don't say shit, Suwa just saw them together. That's it!

takako-chino-orange-dvd Top 10 Most Pitiable Orange Characters

One day, Naho Takamiya receives a letter written to herself from ten years in the future. As Naho reads on, the letter recites the exact events of the day, ...

... Orange - 07 [720p (.

Orange Episode 9 Review (Letter 09)

... still basically those same kids themselves – all of us are to an extent still basically kids at 26, but the tragedy of Kakeru's life and death seems to ...

Orange (Takano Ichigo) download Orange (Takano Ichigo) image

The day if the fusible they here at some kind of please they here cleaning and kakeru and naho,if you can choose the 3 of us who would you confess to?

Gotta love how Naho helps out Kakeru in the aftermath of the competition as well. Oh Suwa, what are you looking at

orange, anime, and ichigo takano image

Who you calling "nasty bitch"?! You nasty bitch!

Hello~Naruse Kakeru x Suwa Hiroto (Orange, amv)

... if he did so prompted by his future self), and both of them will know it. In a world where Kakeru dies (the “real” world as far as we know) both Suwa ...

So my real question is why is this called #Orange instead of Onions?? #suwa #naho #kakeru #anime #manga #rip #crypic.twitter.com/rUaWEDgz7x

Orange || KAKERU & SUWA [Mini-AMV]

I've mentioned it before in my 2016 Anime Awards, but Suwa Hiroto from Orange is “da real MVP”. Don't get me wrong, Orange was a great anime, ...

Things take a turn for the worse between Naho and Kakeru when the former dresses Suwa's wound with the same care she bandaged Kakeru a ways back.

Saku Hagita; Naho (in the botton); Takako; Kakeru; Suwa and Azusa

Suwa after Naho ran away saying she liked Kakeru.

In it, Suwa tells Kakeru no to hang out with his Tokyo friends, but with them, and goes further, saying he doesn't want to just laugh with him.

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Orange Episode 7 Review Adult Suwa's letter to High School Suwa.

Orange Anime Movie

So my real question is why is this called #Orange instead of Onions?? #suwa #naho #kakeru #anime #manga #rip #crypic.twitter.com/rUaWEDgz7x

And while I knew full well Kakeru wasn't in future Naho's life, just as Menma was a ghost in Jinta's, when Past Maho reads that part and we see the letters ...

Kakeru Naruse: Seiichirou Yamashita (Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu)

Rio anime

Every decision has cost and benefits Orange touches on this too. Kakeru's suicide ends with Naho and her friend Suwa marrying and having a family.

The letter instructs her, during her birthday, to make sure everyone refuses to let Kakeru borrow their umbrella, so that he and Naho can share one and walk ...

Manga ~ Orange