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THE ROOTS music mems t Romance Killjoys and Evan

THE ROOTS music mems t Romance Killjoys and Evan


ahhh he's perf

Revenge Gerard is hot!

Gerard Way... I just want to talk about leather and darkness and share eyeliner... maybe lick ...


Gerard way. MCR. | Gerard Way | Pinterest | Romance, Killjoys and Evan peters

Gerard Way - My Chemical Romance

Teal roots Gerard way revenge era

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Teal roots Gerard is amazing


But the teal roots looked so rad.

#frank even sweaty and mussed hair, he's still just so

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My Chemical Romance, music, frank iero, three cheers for sweet revenge era

< < aww Frankie finally fucked up huh?

desolation row my chemical romance - Google Search | MCR | Pinterest | Romance, Killjoys and Evan peters

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Gee's eyes are so pretty in this picture

BuT wHy DoN't WeTaLk AbOuT GeRaRd WiTh TeEl RoOtS < < tHiS · Band PicturesGerard WayMy Chemical RomanceRomancesEvan PetersKilljoysAhsHero Romance

Gerard Way Killjoy My Chemical Romance Danger Days: True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys Better Living Industries

#Gerard Way #Red Hair #Danger Days

hey all... ive been down and out of it recently.


Dude... this is from April 19th 2018 (today) and he's 41

tumblr_nzn810Zz7L1v1vaf9o1_1280.jpg (1278×1920) · My Chemical RomanceEmoBlack ParadeFrank IeroEvan PetersConcertKilljoysMusic ...

Gerard Way

I like the silvery hair. It was cool and looked kinda wizardry to me.

Gerard way revenge era


Gerard Way - My Chemical Romance

Gerard Way - Helena | My CHEMICAL ROMANCE | Pinterest | Romance, Killjoys and Evan peters

Gerard Way Witnessed Nine Eleven (9/11) Terrorist attacks - My Chemical Romance

Gerard Way || Revenge Era

I'm in love with Lemon Gerard

☾☿pinterest: iamgold☿☽

Gerard way, my chemical romance

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Gerard Way - My Chemical Romance // I wouldn't mind my prom date

Frank Iero. So gorgeous it hurts.

I Am The Patron Saint Of Coffee < < Oh My Chemical Romance He's Absolutely Freaking Adorable

Gerard Way Wallpapers High Definition

Johnny Depp

Hobbit < < < cutie · Gerard WayMy Chemical RomanceKilljoysHobbitEmoWeird MusiciansOutlanderThe Hobbit

Frank Iero | My Chemical Romance

i love this hair DAYUM son it's gorgeous

Gerard Way

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i don't think i'll ever love anyone more than i love frank

Am i the only one who appreciates Gerards messy black hair? < < < I ALSO APPRECIATE IT < < 2007 Gerard and teal roots are some of my favs tbh

my chemical romance frases - Buscar con Google

Image result for red eye makeup gerard way

Frank Iero · Frank IeroKilljoysMy Chemical RomanceBaeBand ...

Which punk band member are u? I got Gerard

my chemical romance sassy diva gif

Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance


Gerard Way | My Chemical Romance

Frank Iero & The Patience

That's not just any puppy that's fucking Sweet Pea and he's not holding her he's making her dance. < <

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Gerard Way - MCR

4 - Things You Don't Know About Gerard Way Listicle - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Era

Gerard, Danger Days era (aka one of my favorite eras)

Read Frank Iero from the story Sinful Band Pictures by iwrtbksnttrgds (星夜) with 501 reads.

Frank Iero aka Super Mario lk for Moustache November ( Movember)⭐ < <

Holy crabs! Best smut ever. You must read this!

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Gerard Way.

-->Gerard Way // nah the question is why IS he so hot, and why must I be so damn jealous?

Gerard Way

My Chemical Romance smut book - Frank Iero

I feel bad for the people that don't

Page 3 Read Chapter 2 from the story My Only {A Gerard Way FanFic} by ALiteralPieceOfTrash (Ryan James) with reads.On my way to Gloria's right now, about.

gerard way revenge era - Google Search


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That time when Gee dyed brown over belch and it didn't really work.


Gerard Way

Deadmau5 and Gerard Way - "Professional Griefers"

Danger Days

a mcr and bach collab would have been pretty rad < <

2007 was a good year lemme tell you

gerard way

is that a hickey on his neck I see?

desolation row my chemical romance - Google Search

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Gee Loves coffee, " gotta have coffee, coffee, coffee! Well Me love coffee too

My chemical romance

i'm ready to leave ✧ frank iero of frnkiero andthe cellabration and of my chemical romance

My Chemical Romance ~ Frank Iero

Gerard way for welcome to the black parade album:)

gerard way ✧

grard being pretty again

Yes Gee yessss.

The hair xxxxxxxxxx.Gerard Way the sass queen everybody