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TIL Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison was known to coach job

TIL Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison was known to coach job


Larry Ellison, who just announced his departure as CEO of Oracle. Justin Sullivan

Larry Ellison: What you need to know about rags to riches Oracle founder

Oracle Corp's Larry Ellison introduces the Oracle Database In-Memory during a launch event at

larry ellison

Larry Ellison AP. ORCL Oracle

Larry Ellison Larry Ellison ...

2. Who is Larry Ellison?

Lawrence Joseph "Larry" Ellison (Born 1944) is the co-founder of “ ...

Larry Ellison, Oracle Corp. CEO. Chronicle photos by Paul Chinn

After managing the company for the last 37 years, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison has announced that he is stepping down from his CEO position.

Larry Ellison - Inspirational Quote

Larry Ellison is stepping down as CEO for Oracle.Oracle CEO Larry Ellison delivers a


ellison22015_mk.jpg Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison photographed at the San Francisco Chronicle. 4

Larry Ellison: Apple Is in Trouble Without Steve Jobs

Larry Ellison to Step Aside as Oracle CEO1:15

Don't Chase Money by Larry Ellison & Bill Gates | Best Motivational Video

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison at a Stanford-UCLA basketball game in January 2007.

Candid: Larry Ellison made it plain that Apple would struggle without Steve Jobs and he

larry ellison WikiMedia Commons. ORCL Oracle

larry ellison champagne

12 Important Lessons About Life: A Truly Inspiring Commencement Speech By Self-Made Billionaire Larry Ellison

oracle19_076_pc.jpg Larry Ellison discussed the future of Oracle now that the merger with PeopleSoft

Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison wants to sell his Hawaiian airline

Larry Ellison 3 of 25 on Forbes list worth 50B

Visionary: Larry Ellison said that without Steve Jobs - this generation's 'Edison and Picasso

Oracle carried forward with the idea of Browser based Apps. 11.

Larry Ellison

Backed by billionaire Larry Ellison, CEO of software company Oracle, the team lost in

for: A slug: ELLISON14; Taken at Melanie Craft's 34th birthday party in. "

Larry Ellison Oracle

College degree not required

Amercia's Cup class racing returned to the U.S and the Bay Area as the cup winning

Ellison dropped out of university and moved to Berkeley, California, where he learned about

Larry Ellison, the man behind one of the world's best business software company Oracle

Ellison is known for his all-year round tan and carefully sculpted beard

One of the world's richest men: Computer technology giant Oracle's CEO and founder Larry Ellison

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Americas Cup

Larry Ellison From a college dropout to a $54 billion fortune - The incredible rags- ...

Knowing ...

-Larry Ellison, Oracle Startup Quotes from Pravs World

Steve Jobs Was an Arrogant You-Know-What. Jeff Bezos and Larry Ellison Aren't Teddy ...

Larry Ellison steps down as Oracle's CEO

Zynga Inc. founder and CEO Mark Pincus speaks at the All Things Digital conference in Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles, California in this May 30, ...

On The Record: Larry Ellison

Ed Oates Bruce Scott Bob Miner Larry Ellison

Larry Punchable

Ellison co-founded Software Development Labs (later Oracle) with late friend and business

"There's a TV advertisement for the military that says it's not just a job,

Ellison uses Equifax woes as selling point for Oracle's coming automated database system. Bloomberg News. Larry Ellison ...

Oracle's billionaire founder Larry Ellison has nothing but high and heavy praise for Michael Dell and his pending acquisition of EMC.

TENUOUS ARRANGEMENT: Larry Ellison stepped aside as Oracle CEO on Thursday, to be replaced

larry ellison Oracle ...

Larry Ellison


Larry Ellison hoists the America's Cup trophy after the team he financed won the race.

Google CEO Larry Page and his business practice was attacked by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison in

Visionary: Larry Ellison said that without Steve Jobs - this generation's 'Edison and Picasso

Oracle Team USA skipper Jimmy Spithill, Oracle Co-Founder Larry Ellison and tactician Tom

Megan Ellison Responds To Scott Rudin 'Lunatic' Comment - Business Insider

Larry Ellison co-founder of Oracle & girlfriend Ukrainian actress Nikita Kahn

Struggles Ahead: Larry Ellison said that current CEO Tim Cook is talented but unfortunately for

Larry Ellison, a founder of Oracle, at the 2013 Oracle Open World conference. Credit Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

Necessary: Larry Ellison endorsed the revelations made by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden

Softwar: An Intimate Portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle

"Each of you has a chance to discover who you are and not who you

Business Insider

Best Motivational Speech by Larry Elison | Oracle Founder | Inspirational Videos | Startup Stories

Larry Ellison pointing

The epic 30-year bromance of billionaire CEOs Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff

Lauren Diehl, a volunteer coach from Oracle, with students Katie Brewster, center,

Larry EllisonOracle's genius

Hurd was hired by Oracle a few weeks later. Hurd will run Oracle's service and sales divisions.

Ellison, 70, intends to still play an influential role at Oracle Corp and remains

And Then Along Comes Larry…

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has won the bidding for the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers franchise with a $2 billion offer. (AP)

New Relationship: Laurene Powell is now moving on with her life and is seeing former

Ellison was born in the Bronx to a 19-year old, single mother.

The late Steve Jobs, Apple's founder and former chief executive.

Billionaire Larry Ellison Wants To "Transform Agriculture" With The Lanai Farms Project


Billionaire Larry Ellison Closes 97% Of Hawaiian Island Lanai For Extreme Renovations

Megan Ellison, the 28-year-old daughter of tech billionaire Larry Ellison, has become the first woman producer ever to have two films nominated in the same ...

Everyone Else Must Fail: The Unvarnished Truth About Oracle and Larry Ellison

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison arrives for a court appearance in San Francisco on Tuesday, April

Larry Ellison's wealth has allowed daughter Megan Ellison (right) to become a successful Hollywood

Safra Catz, co-chief executive officer of Oracle, arrives at Trump Tower in

Mark Hurd

"When you innovate, you've got to be prepared for everyone telling you

"Keep searching until you find a job that ignites your passions. Like I did

So much of Larry Ellison's career was marked by his rivalry with Bill Gates.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison speaks to host Kara Swisher at the All Things D conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California in this May 30, 2012 handout photo.

Workday IPO: For CEO Dave Duffield, redemption is sweeter than revenge against Larry Ellison