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Terence stamp General zod and Superman on t

Terence stamp General zod and Superman on t


“Superman II” 1980 Terence Stamp as General Zod

Terence Stamp Zod. General Information


Terence Stamp, Superman, General Zod

General Zod (Terence Stamp)

Forget Superman! 'Krypton' Feels Like a General Zod Origin Story

terence stamp

General Zod

Man, TERENCE STAMP is the fucking MAN!! And in my book, he is the one & only GENERAL ZOD!! He has one of the coolest voices EVER, is a great actor and ...

General Zod's Terence Stamp talks 'Man of Steel' and 'Superman II'

In Terence Stamp was one of the first actors to portray the classic Superman mega-villain, General Zod in a film. In his quest for world domination, ...

Superman II General Zod, Ursa & Non

Photo showing Terence Stamp (General Zod) from "Superman ...

Terence Stamp in Superman II

Superman General Zod Marvelous Superman Ii General Zod S Terence Stamp Boots

General Zod: "Superman 2". Actor: Terence Stamp

Superman II - General Zod Theme

DC Comics in film - 1978 - Superman - Terence Stamp as General Zod

Repost – Forgotten Villains – General Zod – Superman II


Terence Stamp.


DC Comics in film - 1980 - Superman II - Terence Stamp as General Zod & Christopher Reeves (Superman)

General Zod fares a little better in the looks department. He's got a better likeness. The hair has good detail. Even the beard was sculpted.

Another cycle that's happening right now is the “Superman” reboot "Man of Steel." Are you curious as to how someone else will interpret General Zod?

Terence Stamp — Original General Zod — Refuses to See 'Man of Steel' Superman Remake

DC Multiverse Superman (Christopher Reeve) & General Zod (Terence Stamp)

Superman II and the DC Multiverse General Zod action figure review

General Zod / Terence Stamp by TheFrisbeeman ...

general_zod_terrance_stamp. Superman ...

Terence Stamp Mug


As much as I love Terence Stamp's performance in Superman II, Man of Steel's Zod is just better.

Terrence Stamp as the iconic Zod

Stamp in 1973, photographed by Allan Warren


... Unfinished Song, veteran thespian Terence Stamp, best known to Superman fans as both the original General Zod and, later, the voice of Jor-El in TV's ...

Terence Stamp as General Zod and Jor-El

Well, you don't have to speak about things with Vanessa. And most of the time, between action and cut, after the first few days, ...

On the surface, it seems a bit odd that this perfect utopian society would allow a complete sociopath to attain (and keep) the rank of General… until you ...


Kneel before Zod


Rise Before Zod, Kneel Before Zod

Terence Stamp

RICHARD DONNER Jack O'Halloran Non Terence Stamp General Zod. Superman ...


General Zod


zod vs zod

Kneel before Zod – Terence Stamp Superman II Autograph

... news is that it has also been announced that Superman's foe in the film will be none other than General Zod himself, formerly played Terence Stamp.

General Zod (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho ...

Terence Stamp - General Zod - Superman - Signed Autograph REPRINT

Terence Stamp as General Zod

General Zod trading card Superman II 1980 Topps #5 Terence Stamp

Christopher Reeve is still the the best live action Superman for me. I have always wanted a figure of him. The Hot Toys version would be the best one to get ...

General Zod (Terence Stamp, center), Non (Jack O'Halloran,


8 Reasons Why 1978's General Zod Sucks Compared to MAN OF STEEL's Zod - The Geek Twins

Image is loading SUPERMAN-2-personally-signed-12x8-TERENCE-STAMP-as-

Gallery Of Superman General Zod Marvelous Superman Ii General Zod S Terence Stamp Boots

Q: Terence, all of us fan boys are really happy to hear our Zod reference today. How big of a deal is that for you still?

'Man Of Steel': Is Zod Superman's Khan?

With General Zod currently battling it out against Superman on the big screen in Zack Snyder's massively successful “Man of Steel,” the first actor to play ...

Christopher Reeve is still the the best live action Superman for me. I have always wanted a figure of him. The Hot Toys version would be the best one to get ...

Terence Stamp was perfect in the role

Image is loading Terence-Stamp-General-Zod-Superman-1978-Autograph-UACC-

Michael Shannon Won't Say 'Kneel Before Zod' in Man of Steel; Claims to Have a Bigger Cod Piece Than Superman!

Terence Stamp. “

New 'Superman' Movie Already Has Its Villain

NOTE: This was also the film in which Lois Lane uses her fucking eyeballs for once and realizes that not only does she want to see Superman's penis, ...

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Terence Stamp Talks Sex and Superman

Terence Stamp played villain General Zod in the original Superman movie

General Zod from 'Superman 2', actor Terence Stamp

Interview: Terence Stamp Talks Unfinished Song, General Zod, and More

Terence Stamp with Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger (1999)

Terence Stamp talks Valkyrie and Superman 2

“Kneel before Zod!”

Terence Stamp hangs out at the underground station

In this 1980 sequel, Kryptonian kriminal General Zod (Terence Stamp) takes over the Earth, and the US President quickly relinquishes control of the whole ...


Terence Stamp Terence Stamp, who played General Zod in Superman: ...

Kneel Before Zod

General Zod (Terence Stamp: "Smallville" fans will recognize him-or rather


... Jackie Cooper Perry White); Margot Kidder Lois Lane); Jack O'Halloran (Non); Valerie Perrine (Eve Teschmacher); Terence Stamp (General Zod); Susannah ...

ot Toys Man Of Steel General Zod Sixth Scale Figure

Zod - Michael Shannon

A new viral video-type transmission has popped up on the official website for "Man of Steel," the very expensive new Superman movie from "300" director Zach ...

Superman II