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That time will come when they need us Otaku Corner t

That time will come when they need us Otaku Corner t


(Zach Fails: The Return) - Otaku Corner (podcast)

Last week, the Anime! Anime! website published one half of the responses to its survey asking otaku whether they found romance difficult.

I also figured out the prosopagnosia from the notes and the séance confirmed it, but unless you played 999 or studied psychology (I minored in it), ...

"It's funny ...

Artist rendering of the potential absolute hell we could be seeing by 2019.

Karen is A Classic Otaku

Picture of Anime Vs Cartoon

When asked how she knows Rugal, the sponsor just says it's not important. It's never important when the writers can't think of a reason.

He talks about how the carvings on the wall suggest that there's another portal of time somewhere in the world he can use to go back to the past and bring ...

... I think this to be the case, based on attending a panel on the subject by local autism expert James Williams and my own research and my experiences as ...

Idk for sure, but if it does happens, I won't be surprised

I would like to thank my sister for giving this to me on Christmas

Otaku Corner

YESZONE Enterprise

Keep calm -and- Link Start

ReLIFE 105: report105. Awkward Mood at MangaFox.me. Anime CouplesAwkward OtakuCorner

Just like the first chapter, chapter 3 opens with a poetic scroll reading, except this time it's not about the shinobi, but rather some sort of powerful ...

libro de Imágenes Karma x Okuda Pd: Lo Que Hace El Aburrimiento(?) #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

To be fair, the Hanzo girls are trying to think of other ways they might be able to reason with Kagura and Naraku, but as Naraku said in chapter 3, ...

First off I'm not a big Pokemon fan Second, no manga says "ANIME" on it Third, you can't be Levi no matter how hard you try ,so pls.

I've been into Noragami for nearly two years and this is the first time i've drawn them. I can't stop drawing noragami fan art it's bad Bishamon and Kazuma

Otaku A&Cos Corner

Are Weeaboos Misunderstood?

The Naked Gun Facepalm

There's still one person standing there, who says he has been waiting for you. I think it's safe to assume that he's the one responsible for all this.

10 Best Spots to Buy Toys in Japan

Judging by the bubbles, blue color, and aquatic sounds, I'd say this takes place underwater.

Nendoroid In This Corner of the World Suzu

This is hot off the heels of the previous game, Mario Party: Star Rush. I have Mario Party: Star Rush and I really enjoy it. It has some fun side activities ...

Picture of How to Be an Otaku

The Shonen Otaku Corner. When it comes to ...

Are you ready for the Otaku experience of a lifetime?


... to provide a depressing life of a weeaboo.

Thats so cutee

kae-serinuma-watashi-ga-motete-dousunda-Wallpaper-500x500 Top

ANSATSU KYOUSHITSU/ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM, Relationship in Class 3-E http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/archive/index.php/t-3029.html

I think the time hv already came lol

Otaku Attacks as SoulWorker Lands on Western Shores

Traits - really shy, loves to cook and have everything tidy, she's a bit clumsy but has a great heart. What she hates - embarassing situations!

destined to love otome game | Oohhh snap! Squad goals!! Jk. But

A lot, but there is a lot of things about the man that are not exactly public knowledge. I have in this post a few factoids on this western Hercules that ...


Otaku Ohana

Often, the same entities own both what we watch and read as well as the places that tell us about ...

Well, seeing as how my lil' corner of Florida is about to be wiped off the map by Hurricane Irma, it seemed like a good time to finish up some outstanding ...

Go forth Otakus 😎😊😺

Autism in the Anime Fan Community. You might think all of us anime fans are ...

10 Beautiful Spots in Tokyo They Don't Tell You About [Ikemen ...

Picture of Read Manga. It's optional to ...

3 Summer Events That Otakus Don't Want to Miss!

Blog Tokyo Voyage Japon Akihabara Otaku Electric Town

STUNNING Movie Stills from “In This Corner Of The World”

Cardcaptor Sakura Sequel to Launch in Nakayoshi’s July issue

SAN FRANCISCO, CA– A large sweaty crowd of men have camped outside Crunchyroll headquarters with a simple demand: pull the critically acclaimed RWBY from ...

The History of Otaku. height chart comparing three japanese anime robots

Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni


Picture of Being Proud About Your Anime Love

Picture of Find Your Favorite Anime. Your favorite anime will never be ...

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Lebanese Anime Corner

HAVANA TIMES — It has ...

This the kind of person for whom anime exists only as another form of entertainment, and is low-key into it.

... that they are being disbanded amid a declaration Death Note Vol. 9 cover


Fukuoka Otaku Map Animate Tenjin


This manga provides examples of:

The sixth anniversary of Medieval Otaku! Most blogs only seem to last for two or three years, and so I'm happy to have dragged myself this far. It's really ...

Does watching too much Japanese anime make you a weird otaku and destroy your social life?

Otaku Corner · Gorgeous Paradise Brunei

We start off with 4 out of 10, which is just a little less than half of 10. Mathematically, you might assume this means you didn't like the show, ...

stereotypical otaku

As we are on the brink of a new season, I just want to briefly list all of the new shows which have caught my eye. Then, I'll give a brief program ...

I don't have an easy solution. I just know that we deserve a seat at the table. They know we're here; there are too many of us and we're far too visible.

Now, now, I know everyone's excited but before we dive into the holy land of otaku culture, let's get some basic but essential info out of the way: how to ...

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We also stopped by Dotombori, the area famous for the running Glico Man and the giant crab.

Photo of Otaku Hobbies - Schererville, IN, United States

Reg desk is in the front of the SU

We also stopped by Dotombori, the area famous for the running Glico Man and the giant crab.

#181 : Amagi Brilliant Park

From Electronics To Otaku: 7 Picks For Akihabara Souvenirs

Studio Pierrot, the production studio behind popular anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, turned a few heads this week with the announcement that ...

T… there's a huge crowd of people waiting here!! To get to the next corner, we'll just have to line up and wait our turn…

Canada-based online dating service Ashley Madison, a site marketed towards individuals in committed relationships who are interested in cheating, ...


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Game On Business Management & Services

two children playing with pokemon cards. It's ...

All About Manga & Anime

The special chopsticks created by Cozy Corner for their campaign are made of natural wood and decorated with Wakasa-nuri Japanese lacquer painting, ...

All About Manga & Anime. Otaku corner…

A Geek in Japan & Tokyo Geek's Guide Review: Dive Deep in Japan's 'Otaku