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That39s kinda bittersweet when you think about it I mean her ghost

That39s kinda bittersweet when you think about it I mean her ghost


The two biggest regrets that haunt me to this day are.

(also works) Your face when you are trying to be nice and explain type 1 diabetes to a non diabetic. Your feelings. (I dont give a shit, you have not clue ...

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Type 1 Diabetes Memes

Coming from Harper Collins October 1. ...more

Type 1 Diabetes Memes: Photo

thornton burgess quotes | that 39 s all tied up with the question of consciousness Roger

Type 1 Diabetes Meme - We're hoping for a pump!

Warhammer 40k Memes, News

All the Truth That's in Me

Diabetes Memes, Type 1

For her courage and her passion, she later burned to death, called a witch and heretic. Do I love you less than she loved soil? I have no words to save you.

hulk don't make me laugh

GORGEOUS GAUDI BUILDINGS OF BARCELONA (from Episode 19, 2010) This next entry involved a journey to Spain where I reunited with a few goods friends, Rishi, ...

This parody was kinda waiting to happen.


Why There Won't Be Any More Star Wars Spin-Offs (& Why That's A Good Thing) – Page 2

... Judith never complains, she is the most selfless and caring person I have ever read. Her unconditional love for her mother and brother is amazing!

But she never sees herself as worthy, rightly so, because no one ever gives her reason to. She is no longer a person, because of her inability to speak.

STONEHENGE (from Episode 13, 2010) This entry is one of many destinations on the list that I'd always imagined visiting ever since I can remember.

"Don't let us waste

MY WOMAN'S WORK (from Episode 15, 2010) The better half of the Traveling Twosome, otherwise known as Sarah, has been called everything from Girl from the ...

"Don't let us waste

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Kids

16. ART NOUVEAU ARCHITECTURE IN RIGA (from Episode 38, 2012) Located on Albert Street, Riga's historic art nouveau section is consummately characterized and ...

Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran [Official Audio]

12. PHIL LYNOTT AND IRELAND (from Unpublished Pilot #3, 2008) Country and music go hand and hand. So, before exploring the former, I always research the ...

31. HIKING THE SEVEN LAKES (from Episode 17, 2010) One of several hidden gems of Bulgaria that made the list, the Seven Rila Lakes — and all of its ...


01. COMING TO BULGARIA (from Episode 1, 2009) Sometimes the best moments can come in simple packages. You see, the number one question asked by Bulgarian ...

07. INGMAR BERGMAN AND FARO ISLAND (from Episode 28, 2011) After taking a train, two ferries, and several buses to Faro, a remote island in Sweden populated ...

... when Sarah and I were gaily greeted by countless numbers of waffle wagons and chocolate chains, including Godiva, the lord of all chocolates, ...