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The 12 Biggest US Airlines Ranked by Percentage of Delayed Flights

The 12 Biggest US Airlines Ranked by Percentage of Delayed Flights


Wikimedia Commons. Total Flights: 260,920. Delayed: 54,816

American Airlines – 20.7%. Wikimedia Commons. Total Flights: 603,701. Delayed: 124,817

Wikimedia Commons. Total Flights: 169,240. Delayed: 23,258

U.S. Airways – 17.6%. Wikimedia Commons. Total Flights: 334,731. Delayed: 59,061

Wikimedia Commons. Total Flights: 76,877. Delayed: 8,956

Wikimedia Commons. Total Flights: 859,208. Delayed: 123,071

Frontier Airlines ranked last for on-time performance in July – The Denver Post

Wikimedia Commons. Total Flights: 1,239,255. Delayed: 256,592

Wikimedia Commons. Total Flights: 59,506. Delayed: 11,754

... worst airlines for flight delays. Hawaiian Airlines aircraft at the terminal

For the fourth year in a row, The Wall Street Journal ranked Alaska Airlines No. 1 among the nine largest U.S. carriers in its 2016 Airline Scorecard.

American Airlines Is Struggling With On-Time Performance

Airline Quality Report: United, Other Airlines Improved Performance Last Year : NPR

Frontier Airlines airplane on the tarmac

American Airlines airplanes at the airport

US Airways airplane landing on the runway

WSJ's Annual Airline Scorecard

Southwest Airlines airplane at the terminal in the airport

10.03.12 4:45 AM ET

Wikimedia Commons. Total Flights: 595,731. Delayed: 116,940

04 Airline Quality Rating 2016

11 Airline Quality Rating 2016 SPIRIT

American Airlines ranked last for the second year in a row. The largest airline ...

Airlines Customer Service: Surprises From Spirit Air

Real Estate Deals. Getty Images. U.S. airlines ...

Virgin America airline flying over a coastline

ExpressJet commercial jet in the air

747 aircraft, operated by Virgin Atlantic, stand on the tarmac

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

But not all U.S. airlines will have you feeling the same pain. Believe it or not, you can still get something akin to the kind of enjoyable experience now ...

Frontier Airlines sharply improves on-time rate; ranks worst on complaints - Denver Business Journal

Delta Air Lines was ranked the number one airline in 2017, according The Wall Street Journal's Middle Seat score card. The airline ranked No.

The overall performances of the largest U.S. airlines on the Middle Seat scorecard, from 2015 to 2017

There's quite a bit to unpack in these results, so let's take a look at each airline's performance one at a time…

Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for United Airlines New Money

Alaska Airlines' four-year-run as the best airline came to an end in 2017, according The Wall Street Journal's Middle Seat score card. The airline ranked ...

Time watch: easyJet Airbus A320 taxiing at the airline's main base, Gatwick

The no-frills airline came in dead last with canceled flights, involuntary bumping and complaints and ranked seventh with on-time arrivals.

Delta airplane at the terminal

Frontier Airlines came in fifth. The airline came in fifth in on-time arrivals, but came in first in canceled flights and mishandled baggage. File.

JetBlue Airlines airplane flying in the air

Southwest Airlines faces $328,550 in fines for two alleged safety violations, including one involving a loss of cabin pressure during a flight from Boston ...

American Eagle airlines in the air

Spirit Airlines Improves On-Time Performance But Can't Shake Complaints

About 70% of JetBlue's flights touch congested East Coast airspace. Storms, air-

1, 2 in New Airline Quality Rating While Overall Airline Industry Posts Best-Ever Results | Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Newsroom

American Airlines came in sixth in the 2017 rankings. The airline came in fourth in on-time arrivals but scored poorly with canceled flights and two-hour ...

Endeavor Airlines airplane landing

American Airlines is latest to ax plastic straws, stir sticks

Spirit Airlines is the most improved U.S. airline in 2016, new study shows - Sun Sentinel

Which is the most complained about airline?

El Al plane

Alaska Airlines airplane taking off

Follow us: Turkish airlines was ranked 5th in the list

Does American Airlines Really Have The Worst On-Time Performance Rate In The U.S.?

A Southwest Airlines plane taxiing on the runway.

On January 15, 2009 US Airways Flight 1549 took off from LaGuardia Airport and struck a flock of geese as the plane gained altitude, causing both engines to ...

The Best and Worst Airlines of 2015

We've kept our weightings consistent from our previous study, as most passengers still book airline flights primarily based on Price — comprised of both ...

SkyWest airplane on the tarmac

05 Airline Quality Rating 2016 EXPRESSJET

Is Emirates Airline Running Out of Sky?

Alaska is less than 1 point ahead of Southwest, while Delta and United are literally within a few tenths of each other, as are JetBlue and Spirit, ...

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has fined JetBlue Airways $90,000 for violating federal rules last March by not informing passengers on an ...

Whether you're traveling with a pet or looking for the lowest price, here's what airline to choose

2014 Airline Scorecard. Rankings ...

The Best and Worst Airlines of 2016

The 10 worst airlines for punctuality

Ryanair has cancelled hundreds of flights over the next six weeks

With the nickel and diming, cramped seating, and often poor customer service, it's no surprise that travelers are dissatisfied in general with the airline ...

Mesa Airlines airplane at the terminal

The 10 Most Weather-Delayed Major Airports in the U.S. | The Weather Channel

It was a nightmare weekend for air travelers, as an air traffic control automation problem in the East shut down flights and had a ripple effect of delaying ...

American Airlines, newly merged with US Airways, is changing its frequent flier program to reward dollars spent instead of miles flown.

An Air Canada plane in flight.

Frontier Airlines plane in flight.

9 unitedxx Sciarrino

JetBlue wound up rounding out the bottom of the list. The airline came in last in on-time arrivals and extreme delays and ranked seventh in canceled flights ...

Like Amtrak and the late Eastern Air Lines, US Airways has been an East Coast tradition as often despised as embraced. Plagued by fickle weather, ...

Spirit Airlines Review Article

Charlotte skyline February 2018. Photo by Jay Selman/jaybirdaviationphotos.comJay Selman. Charlotte's airport, American Airlines' second-largest ...

Scott Olson/Getty Images