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The Australian Milking Zebu AMZ cattle have the color t

The Australian Milking Zebu AMZ cattle have the color t


The development of the Australian Milking Zebu

Australian Milking Zebu. In an effort to overcome the problems of traditional dairy breeds performing at reduced levels under hot, humid and tick-infested ...

Australian Friesian Sahiwal

Mom & calf

Meet the Brown Swiss cow! Many dairy historians consider the breed to be the oldest

Linear Population Model: The Spread of Domestic Cattle in Africa

Jersey cows are docile while the bulls have the reputation of being aggressive

Zebu Cow feeding calf

Australian Milking Zebu - Wikipedia | Australian Cattle Breeds #1 | Pinterest | Cattle


cows breeds - Поиск в Google

Australian Milking Zebu - Wikipedia | Australian Cattle Breeds #1 | Pinterest | Cattle

... and Bos taurus crosses have shown high milk producing capability and beef production but adaptability to local hot climate has been a big constraint.

Florida Cracker cattle - Close-up of Florida Cracker cow in the 1980s

F3 crossbred dairy cattle | The most profitable Dairy Cow

Australian Brangus - cattle, bred with the Brahman, this cattle is found in the tropical areas of Queensland, Australia. Bred for meat.

pictures of ankole-watusi and zebu cattle | Watusi Cattle

montbeliarde cattle - Google Search | Farmyard; Livestock Families | Pinterest | Cattle and Livestock

pictures of ankole-watusi and zebu cattle | watusi cattle | MY PICTURES | Pinterest | Zebu cattle, Cattle and Longhorn cattle

Miniature Jersey Cow. A "backyard" size milking cow

"The Guernsey breed is a dairy breed originating on the Isle of Guernsey in the

montbeliarde cattle - Google Search

Breeds of Cows Directory: "A": Africander - Ayshire

The Ayrshire cow is universally recognized as one of the most beautiful of the dairy cattle

Charolais cow, Mom, giving her Senelais calf advice!

Promising young bulls from Badgery's Creek were progeny tested in these herds, belonging to cooperating dairy farmers in the area.

This Limousin cow has been one of the best investments I made.

Southern Yellow cattle

Dairy Shorthorn

Dorper sheep, a fixed crossbred on open range in the Kalahari desert in Botswana

Are Miniature Zebu Right For You? Would love one for dairy.

Source: Amble and Jain, 1967.

In 1949, Mongolian cattle began to be improved with crossbreeding to European breeds. Mongolian cattle have been herded for ...

Colour-sided - A cow of the Norwegian breed Sidet trønder- og nordlandsfe

Cow in Sindh

Charolais cow and Senelais calf

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Dance of the cows: Cows going outside for the first time after the long winter

Adaptation in Beef Cattle T. G. Jenkins Meat Animal Research Center ...

Senepol bull at the annual sale of pedigree stock in Zimbabwe, July 2000

mini jersey bull semen

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Arouquesa is a cattle breed from Portugal. The Arouquesa breed has the protected geographical status

Poppy come for a cuddle.....our token Dairy cow

Ayrshire - Cow breeds | Britannic Rare BreedsAyrshires are red and white, and purebred Ayrshires only produce red and white offspring. Actually, the red ...

At this stage, progeny testing of prospective sires was out of the question: young bulls were required for mating with heifers of their own age and ...

This is a very ambitious programme. It might be quicker and easier to think in terms of two new breeds — one based on the Jersey for early maturity and ...

Milk yield of Jersey x Red Sindhi crosses in the United States (figure from Branton et al., 1966).

Gangatiri - Gangatiri Cow

Galloway is one of the world's longest established breeds of beef cattle, named after the

{turning the "is it safe" game onto pasteurized milk}

If these are confirmed by later results they would appear to indicate the advisability of concentrating on Jersey and Friesian rather than Brown Swiss.

Purebred Jersey cows under intensive management in Zimbabwe, 2000

Red Holstein

A Jersey Dream.......Miniature Jersey Herd at our Mini

159 best Cattle Breeds images on Pinterest | Cow, Farm animals and Highland cattle


Miniature Jersey Cows -- yes one of those too please!

Bonsmara is a cross breed of cattle known for its high quality beef. Originating in


Kuri is a breed of the humpless longhorn group of cattle. The humpless longhorn grouping relates them to the N'dama cattle. They are used for meat, milk and ...

A Dairy Cow


American Milking Devon - American Milking Devons at Mount Vernon

Nelore or Nellore beef cattle originated from Ongole Cattle (Bos indicus) cattle originally brought to Brazil from India. They are named after the district ...

Channel Island cattle - Jersey cattle in Jersey

Adult male Gaur or Indian Bison (Bos gaurus). Satpura National Park, India. | India , Indien , Indie | Pinterest | India, Park and Wildlife

Sahiwala 02.JPG


Lovely Senelais calf

Black Hereford

16 common cattle breeds | Black Angus

Breeds - Dairy Shorthorn - The Cattle Site

Selembu cattle are a hybridisation of Zebu and Guar (Saladang) cattle. They originated

Simmental / Fleckvieh

The Ankole cattle are distributed from Lake Mobutu to Lake Tanganyika in eastern Africa. The original animals were thought to have been brought to northern ...

Aubrac cattle - The bull is darker in colour than the cows

Sahiwal cow – (image courtesy www.icar.org.in)


Belgian Blue

Texas Longhorn

PINZGAUER CATTLE The ancestors of the Pinzgauers first came to the alpine, central European area around 400 to 600 BC with Celtic immigrants.

Taking time to smell the roses so to speak.

Hungarian Grey Cattle - Hungarian Grey cattle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Animal Photography Twin Calves White Cow Portrait French Country Decor Fine Art Photography via Etsy

Angora Goat


Gyr cattle

The goat of many colors that his mama made for meeee!

Another Young Cow by audreyjm529, via Flickr

Lovely young purebred wagyu cow enjoying some time in the creek.