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The Basenji sometimes called the quotbarklessquot dog t

The Basenji sometimes called the quotbarklessquot dog t


Dog breeds: The Basenji Dog Characteristics and Personality

Basenji Vital Stats: Dog Breed Group: Hound Dogs Height: 1 foot, 4 inches to 1 foot, 5 inches tall at the shoulder. Weight: 22 to 24 pounds

African Basenji Dog Characteristics And Traits


Basenji. Basenji Dog Breed Info

Basenji dog art portraits, photographs, information and just plain fun. Also see how

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Basenji Brief History of Breed of Dog Lovers Dogs Basenji Facts Basenji Origins Background

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Camp Basenji

Know your breed: Basenji

How to Train a Basenji

My boyfriend told me I could only get a dog that doesn't bark or shed much.. these are perfect! And I love the curly tail.

Basenji dog breed

Basenji puppy. Basenji dog art portraits, photographs, information and just plain fun. Also see how artist Kline draws his dog art from only words at ...

flickr/clockworkdog. flickr/clockworkdog. Basenjis, sometimes called the barkless dog ...

Basenji Dog Breed Info & Pictures

Dog owner Carla Parr at her local park with three of her seven Basenji's, a

basenji breed


Is A Basenji Right For You?


Basenji Yodel - What Sound Does An "African Barkless Dog" Basenji Make?

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Red and White Basenji watching handler.

Description. The Basenji ...

Before my camera starting acting up ( I got this fun shot of Louesse for the Basenji Stud Dog edition.

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While all dogs have a ...

Basenji / Dog Breed

Basenji (5) Pros: very loyal and calm, doesn't shed, very clean (licks itself like a cat and has no odor), active and sturdy, very intelligent. They don't ...

Alert looking basenji dog outside



basenji puppies

Out of Africa, the Basenji dog breed was originally found in the Congo. He uses both scent and sight to hunt and was originally used to flush small game ...


Basenji - Dog Breed Health, History, Appearance, Temperament, and Maintenance

Basenji, a very smart breed, but also very independent-so they are hard

The Basenji Dog Pictures The Funny Basenji Dog Pictures The Basenji Dog face Pictures The Basenji Dog puppies Pictures

A beautiful Basenji. The Basenji, sometimes called the "barkless" dog, originated in Africa and was known in ancient Egypt. Dogs of this breed are gentle ...

The basenji training needs patience with consequential authority, but no drill. Helpfull is the Basenji Language as communication.

and in her excellent book "Basenjis The barkless dogs" chapter 6 she wrote ...

Basenji or Congo Dog. Oldest breed of domestic dog and they can't bark.

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Basenji Gives Out Long Howl

How did they get 11 basenjis to sit together and stay still to snap a photo? I just love the way Basenjis often turn their heads off center, and to see that ...

Dogs That Don't Bark…Much


Of course, they are in no way terriers, but at the time dogs in that size range were often called ...


Basenji This is a unique breed, also known as the "African barkless dog" because instead of barking, it makes yodeling noises.

The Basenji is a great option when you have close neighbors and thin walls. This barkless dog rarely gets taller than 18 inches or over 25 pounds.


Early Dog Breeds: The Basenji and the Saluki


Red and White Basenji portrait

This date is almost a 100 years before Basenji dogs were imported from the Belgian Congo into Europe.

Irrespective of the breed's inability to bark, the Basenji dog breeds are still able to make the different type of noises such as screeches, yodels, crows, ...

The Basenji

Sovereign City Kennel Club 2016, 27 Nov

An active dog, the Basenji likes to have fun.

This looks like my other dog Rango, He's a Basenji cattle dog ...

Black Basenji

Amoré Basenjis

My basenji!

5 Tips on how to Train your Basenji Breed dog:

Two Basenji Dogs Face Off - Am I Really a Blond?


Bellator Basenjis

Sometimes described as a jackal, other times as a small deer, the Basenji is a small dog, weighing, on average, 25 pounds.

Basenji Rescue & Transport, Inc.

Loki - The Yodeling Basenji


In the UK and America there have been some successes with Basenjis as gundogs and bird dogs, ...

33 Awesome Facts About Dogs

Basenjis were bred to be quiet and independent hunters, often roaming free from their owners while on a hunt. The sometimes-aloof breed is less friendly ...


A Basenji owner must have a sense of humor.

Shasta and Skyler in front of the fireplace.

basenji barks

Sometimes described as a jackal, other times as a small deer, the Basenji is a small dog, weighing, on average, 25 pounds.

Afrika Dog Tjesem Congo Terrier Prototype Dog Basenji

The Basenji is one of the most difficult dog breeds to train

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