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The Battle of Savo Island also known as the First Battle of Savo

The Battle of Savo Island also known as the First Battle of Savo


Sinking of HMAS Canberra in Battle of Savo Island

Battle of Savo Island

The south passage was defended by HMAS Australia (flagship of RAdm Crutchley, RN), HMAS Canberra, Chicago (CA-29), Bagley (DD-386) and

Battle Cruiser Fleet

USS Astoria was a United States Navy New Orleans class heavy cruiser that participated in both the Battle of the Coral Sea and the Battle of Midway, ...


Some six hundred miles northwest, at the major Japanese base of Rabaul, Vice Admiral Gunichi Mikawa, the newly installed commander of the Eighth Fleet, ...

USS Quincy: Ghost of Savo Island

The American vessels begin in a single column, with four destroyers in the van and three at the rear. Rear Admiral Scott, second-in-command, is following ...

This series of views is from the deck of the cruiser Aoba during the Battle of Savo Island. The Japanese ship has illuminated the American cruiser Quincy.

USS Vincennes (CA-44) - USS Vincennes en route to Guadalcanal.

USS Quincy (CA-39) under fire during the Battle of Savo Island on

The Battle of Savo Island was a naval battle of the Pacific Campaign of World War II between the Imperial Japanese Navy and Allied naval forces.

lex-for-lexington: “Heavy cruiser USS Vincennes during battle exercises in Hawaiian waters, 8 July (US Navy) ”

Homebrewed Scenario - Battle of Savo Island - Take 1 | Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures: War at Sea | BoardGameGeek

Diamond Anniversary – The First Battle of Savo Island (Part 2 Attack on The Southern Group )

Our northern cruiser group was patrolling its square at a speed of 10 knots. The Helm was 1,500 yards on the port bow and the Wilson 2,000 yards on the ...

Bombs hit the waters off the island of Guadalcanal, in the wake of a cruiser during the Battle of Savo Island. (AWM P05292/030)

The First Battle of Savo Island: August 8-9, 1942 by [Hammel

Surprised by a strong Japanese naval force less than a week after American Marines had landed


W-Astoria-LEAD 4C Sep09

Japanese artwork from during the war depicts the destruction of three U.S. cruisers by Japanese warships at Savo Island

... surface forces operating in the Solomons area suffered a sudden and overwhelming defeat. The events leading up to the disastrous Battle of Savo Island ...

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Battle of Savo Island, 9 August 1942. (RAN)

View from the Japanese cruiser Chokai during the battle as aerial flares illuminate the Allied southern force.

Battle of Savo Island 1942: America's Worst Naval Defeat

Concept Art for The Pacific by Annette Mackie.

Figure 4 -- The Battle of Savo Island

75 years ago, the heavy cruiser HMAS Canberra lead the Southern Group of Allied heavy cruisers on guard off the invasion harbour at Guadalcanal after ...

... Kavieng (upper left), pausing off the east coast of Bougainville (center) and then traveling down The Slot to attack Allied naval forces off Guadalcanal ...

Forward turrets of 8 in County class cruiser HMAS Canberra, sunk at the Battle of Savo Island in a confused night action by Japanese cruisers on 9 August ...

Defeat in the Battle of Savo Island was a stunning blow to Allied naval forces off

Disaster in the Pacific: New Light on the Battle of Savo Island: Denis Ashton Warner, Peggy Warner, Sadao Senoo: 9780870212567: Amazon.com: Books

“Battle of Savo Island in Guadalcanal” painting by…

The Battle of Savo Island, also known as the First Battle of Savo Island and, in Japanese sources, as the First Battle of the Solomon Sea (第一次ソロモン海…

Map of the action northeast of Savo.

PACIFIC OCEAN: The Battle of Savo Island 9th August 1942, 1956 vintage map

Night disposition of the Allied screening force on 8-9 August 1942

Chart of the Battle of Savo Island

The Battle of Savo Island 9 August 1942 - AKA "The Battle of the Five Sitting Ducks" | Wargamer

The Battle of Savo Island

A painting by the artist Wayne Scarpaci entitled "Night Action". The drawing depicts

The next offensive battle in the Pacific was for control of the sea around the island of Guadalcanal which was the first U.S. invasion of a Japanese held ...

We had a major battle in getting onto Guadalcanal....but we did eventually manage.....but involved in this whole mess was a night battle referred to as "The ...

Battle of Savo Island Allied and Japanese Orders of Battle. Photo #: 80-G-K-563 USS Quincy (CA-39)

USS Quincy (CA-39) is illuminated by Japanese searchlights during the Battle of Savo Island, 1942. She was sunk quickly after this photo was taken.

Picture, caption follows. Aug 8-9 1942 - Battle of Savo Island: ...

The Battle of Cape Esperance, also known as the Second Battle of Savo Island and, in Japanese sources, as the Sea Battle of Savo Island (サボ島沖海戦?), ...

Disaster at Savo Island, ...

Naval ...

American ships on fire later sank in the Battle of Guadalcanal, 8 August great victory for de japanese imperial army

... the battle started. Figure 3 -- Admiral Mikawa's Path Towards Savo Island

As the battle unfolded, further problems reduced Mikawa's line, now merely a loosely connected and very broad bar instead of a neat line, but it was not ...

The Battle of Tassafaronga, sometimes referred to as the Fourth Battle of Savo Island or

ASB001_Michigan_1916 (2)

The Battle of Savo Island occurred early in the morning on 9 August 1942 when the the Jpn 8th Fleet surprised the Allied Task Force shortly after t…

The Battle of Savo Island

CVE-78 Savo Island

USS Astoria sunk by gunfire of Japanese warships off Savo, Solomon Islands, 9 August 1942. Find this Pin and more on The Battle ...

Naval ...

The Republicans' Savo Island-“Five ...

The Battle of Savo Island

Silent Hunter 4 Naval Battle of Savo Island. Guadalcanal. Batalla de la Isla de Savo.

Forces Engaged: United States - Task Force 64, Pacific Fleet

USS Blue on HMAS Canberra's port bow and USS

Once completely isolated from the United States and American help, Australia could then be absorbed into Japan's planned Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity ...

He sent the "Sweeping Force" - Sendai and two of her destroyers down the east side of Savo Island, and the third destroyer from that group (Ayanami) ...

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The Battle of Savo Island

In the dark: The Australian cruiser Canberra conducting a night-firing drill. Canberra

USS Chicago damaged at Savo, but performed poorly in this battle

Diamond Anniversary – The First Battle of Savo Island (Part 7 – The Marines on Shore and the Consequences)

Cover image - The Battle of Savo Island August 9, 1942 Strategical and Tactical Analysis

The Fifth Battle of Savo Island

PDF Action report of the Battleship Night Action between the U.S. and Japanese forces off Savo

Heavy Cruiser Aoba, flagship of Admiral Goto, and one of the IJN's oldest heavy

HMAS Canberra underway off Tulagi, during the landings there, 7-8 August 1942, the day before the battle. Three transports are among the ships visible in ...

On the fateful day of the Battle of Savo Island, the cruiser USS Chicago is

The western approaches to Savo Sound were guarded by a screening force of six heavy cruisers and six destroyer (the battle fleet had been destroyed at Pearl ...

Battle of Savo Island

Despite catching the Japanese largely by surprise, defects in US Navy communications have not improved. Each ship must therefore succeed on a roll before ...

The Japanese surprised the Americans at the Battle of Savo Island. This gave the first naval battle of the fight to the Japanese.

USS Quincy was the second ship of the Northern Group of Allied cruisers guarding access to the Guadalcanal invasion area on the fateful night of August ...