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The Descent from the Cross 14th c Agia Marina church t

The Descent from the Cross 14th c Agia Marina church t


The Descent from the Cross. 14th c. Agia Marina church, Kalopanagiotis, Cyprus.

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Pentecost Icon as an Icon of the Church

An icon of the Lamentation

Descent from the Cross - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

Orthodox icon of Lamentation (5) – orthodoxmonasteryicons.com

LATER ORTHODOX ICON: Annunciation, reverse of two-sided icon from the church of Saint Clement, Ohrid, Macedonia, early fourteenth century.

From the Church of the Mother of God Peribleptos (St. Clement's), Ohrid, Doubting Thomas, Michael and Eutychios icon-painters, 1295 - 1317 Laat Byzantijns


The Descent from the Cross, Pietà with the Virgin, Mary Magdalene and Saint John

A BAROQUE IVORY RELIEF German, 18th century The Descent from the Cross, fine

Descent from the Cross, poss. by Johann Apakass (Macedonia, 18 c.

Cyril & Methodius-Mural-Troyan Monas

Descent from the Cross (mosaic in Nea Moni) . 11th century. anonimus .


Christ s Descent into Limbo from 14th century alterpiece 28465x64029 - Stock Image

The Anastasis, 14th century, Church of Our Lady of the Pastures, Asinou,

Apart from the historic elements of the monument, the frescoes which cover practically every wall of the church ...

Folio 49 recto from a Book of Hours, the Descent from the Cross .


Category: Fr. Ron Shibley

Joseph of Arimethea-Tissot.jpg

Descent from the Cross, Novgorod school (late 15th c., Tretyakov gallery)

Marina the Monk

Lamentation over the dead Christ-Perugino-1495

English: Descent from the Cross. Polski: Zdjęcie z Krzyża. . circa .

Descent from the cross, after Holbein

Anastasis, the Resurrection. Christ, who had just broken down the gates of hell

St. Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria, fresco (1191), church of St

Armenian Descent Cross - Stock Image

A Stabat Mater depiction, 1868


[According to this church tradition], this is the only location in Europe that God has walked making it the most sacred destination in Europe, ...

CHRIST PANTOCRATOR Wall-painting on the dome of the Church of Agios Efimianos, occupied Lysi village. (Archive of the Kykkos Monastery Museum)

The exterior of the small, stone Byzantine-era church of St Marina. Courtesy of Mr Simon Jennings, Treasurer of the Friends of Mount Athos.

Tomb of Jesus in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Saints2 – John Climacus

The 7 km descent starts from the village via a path and takes 3 to 4 hours. It used to be considered a difficult walk due to a passage that had to be ...

Basil of Caesarea-Ohrid Cathedral

Ayia Thekla Chapel

Descent of the Holy Spirit Ukrainian Catholic Church in Sanok, 1930s - Stock Image

It was finished about 1400, contains the longest vaulted ceiling in the country, and features an astronomical clock. (Markus Koljonen)Holy Cross Monastery, ...


Saints2-Cornelius the Centurion

Metropolises & Hierarchs

Life of Jesus

The Feast of the Holy Protection ("Agia Skepi") of the Theotokos - Commemorated on October 1st (Icon courtesy of www.eikonografos.com used with permission)

Poznań Cathedral - Image: Katedra od południa Poznań RB1

She became a force for ecumenical relations between the two Churches. (Granger)This Sunday, post something #episcopal from your church.

... which invites the viewer to imagine figures or events as they were, icons seek to provide immediate access to the spiritual truths they represent.

Virgin Mary Chrysopantanassa, Palaichori · PalaichoriChurch.jpg

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - The cathedral in the early 20th century

ACE CULTURAL TOURS Tim Knox, Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, with Dr Paul Brooke Barnes on the signing of the new partnership between ACE Cultural Tours ...

Crucifixion of Jesus - The Crucifixion. Christ on the Cross between two thieves. Illumination

Inside the Cathedral

Poznań Cathedral - The Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul

Ayia Napa Culture

But in his work of translating the Bible and liturgy, he developed an alphabet still used in Russian and Serbian churches, known as Old Church Slavonic.

Battle of Manzikert-1071-15th C

St Mary's Greek Orthodox Church, Wood Green - Image: St Mary's Greek Orthodox Church

A couple of close-up shots below to tease you with. In fact, I didn't take pictures in any of the other rooms. So I shall have to go back.

Koutsovendis, Cyprus, detail of the doors of the main church, circa twelfth century, as documented in 1973.


The warm and intimately quaint, ancient village church of St Marina (Αγία Μαρίνα). Courtesy of Mr Simon Jennings, Treasurer of the Friends of Mount Athos.

Evening Prayer 11.9.17, Harry T. Burleigh, Composer Who Treated Spirituals as Art, 1949 | Daily Office Asia-Pacific

St Mary's Greek Orthodox Church, Wood Green - St Mary's Greek Orthodox Church

... Nicosia 01-2017 img09 StJohn the Apostle Church.jpg ...

Church of St. Phanourios (Ekklisia Agios Fanourios)

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - The new Cathedral of Christ the Savior as viewed from

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - The building under construction in 1852 (as seen from

Appropriate shoes, plenty of water and some hiking experience is required to master the descent.

Saints 2 – St. Anthony of Egypt

History of Armenians in Cyprus


The church was full of people. St. Andrew the Fool-for-Christ was standing in the rear of the church with his disciple Epiphanius.


Our Lady of Perpetual Help, probably an early Cretan work of 13th or 14th century.

Today is Peace Sunday in the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia;


Saint Menas - Jesus and Minas in a sixth-century icon from Bawit in Middle

Greek Orthodox saint

Church of St. Paraskevi, Novgorod

(Courtesy of Jacksonsauction.com)

St Mary's Greek Orthodox Church, Wood Green - Image: St Mary's Greek Orthodox Church

Danilov Monastery - The katholikon

The title just above the image reads Η ΑΓΙΑ ΜΑΡΙΝΑ I AGIA MARINA (HE HAGIA MARINA in old form), “[the] HOLY MARINA.” As you can see, Marina is busily ...

Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas, Toxteth - Image: Nave of the Greek Orthodox

Joab Kills Abner, French, illumination c. 1250, J.P. Morgan Bible. (Morgan Library, New York City). THE LESSONS

Glorious Jerusalem Glorious Jerusalem

Cathedral of the Isles in Millport, Cumbrae, Scotland. (George Mahoney/geograph

Paraskevi of Iconium

Church of Saint Paraskevi, Nesebar