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The Eye of Leonardo by Leonardo Da Vinci first known t

The Eye of Leonardo by Leonardo Da Vinci first known t


Piccole Note - Leonardo da Vinci, L'occhio

You know at first ...

You probably knew that Albrecht Dürer was a great artist—but did you know he was a designer and inventor of the poster too?

Leonardo da Vinci was the ultimate 'autodictat' (someone who taught himself everything). He had no formal schooling, yet he didn't let that get in his way.

... Leonardo da Vinci. Walter Isaacson's biography portrays a man obsessed with knowledge and almost impossible to know.

Drawing head of the virgin Head: Leonardo da Vinci

Voracious: a 19th-century engraving of Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci & Andrea del Verrocchio -The Baptism of Christ (Uffizi)

General structure and position of horse eyes Above: Leonardo da Vinci's “Studies of horses' heads” metalpoint Introduction This post is the first of a short ...

This is the chalk sketch believed to have been drawn by Leonardo da Vinci at around

An eye in profile Leonardo da Vinci (Vinci 1452-Amboise 1519) #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola

DA VINCI Leonardo - - Study of hands 1474 Genre: sketch Technique: metalpoint, ink Material: paper Dimensions: x 15 cm Gallery: The Royal Collection, ...

Da Vinci's Demons "The Devil" Review: Leonardo Da Vinci, Vampire Hunter - TV.com

Leonardo da Vinci on portrait drawing

Today, the term “genius” is bandied about to describe pop stars, stand-up comedians, and even footballers. But Leonardo da Vinci earned the description, ...

This deceptively simple drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci consists of number of directional devises and considerations. The first is the eyes turning to our ...

Leonardo da Vinci: anatomical studies of men and a horse.

Leonardo da Vinci. “

A portrait of the world's most recognizable person, Jesus Christ, painted by an icon whose renown doesn't trail too far behind, Leonardo da Vinci, ...

One theory holds that Leonardo da Vinci secretly embedded his initials in the eyes of his

Mona Lisa has long been thought to be based on the wife of a Florentine silk

When I first looked at this drawing I was immediately drawn to the angel's eye on our left, which appears to pop forward. In the close up above, ...


Artist, Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci, c.1500, Salvator Mundi (framed)

Leonardo Painting - Mona Lisa Detail by Leonardo Da Vinci

How Leonardo da Vinci engineered the world's most famous painting. Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo

Artist, Leonardo da Vinci

Art historians are probing a real life Da Vinci Code style mystery after discovering tiny numbers and letters painted into the eyes of the artist's ...

Latest news on Leonardo Da Vinci: a new Da Vinci painting has been discovered. Here are ten Reasons to give Flora back to Da Vinci and call her Colombina ...

How to decode a Leonardo da Vinci painting

The Angel in "Virgin of the Rocks" by Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was the first creative thinker who showed the importance of introducing random and chance events to produce variation in our thinking ...

Leonardo da Vinci Virgin of the Rocks (National Gallery London).jpg


The Mona Lisa

Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci Vitruve Luc Viatour.jpg · The Vitruvian Man

The study reveals how La Bella Principessa (right), painted by da Vinci before

Was Leonardo Da Vinci the greatest artist of the Renaissance? If not who was? Explain your opinion.

A study for the head of St Anne (circa 1510-15)f rom

a monster by Michelangelo

Some believe Mona Lisa to be the feminine self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. Though it has not been figured out why Vinci might have produced a feminine ...

Walter Isaacson's Leonardo Da Vinci book to be adapted by John Logan for Leonardo DiCaprio

salvator mundi by leonardo da vinci_veronica winters blog, fake orb

Boltranffio was a student of Da Vinci's. What is interesting about this metal point sketch is the study of proportions (space between the eyes, the position ...

Leonardo da Vinci.

The Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci, in the Louvre museum in Paris

Rembrandt's sketch of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper is one of the many copies of this

These are but a few of the countless lessons we can learn from Leonardo da Vinci drawings. We haven't even begun to talk about his compositions.

Artist, Leonardo da Vinci

The technology looks 'inside' layers of paint, Mr Cotte old MailOnline, so

Leonardo da Vinci's observational skills were exemplary. For instance his diagrams of the developing human

A tiny notebook from this Renaissance man reveals a page where da Vinci first recorded the

Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

Good culture is born of a good disposition; and since the cause is more to be praised than the effect, I will rather praise a good disposition without ...

Quote Tears come from the heart and not from the brain. - Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci - Vergine delle Rocce (Louvre).jpg

Through the Eyes of Leonardo da Vinci: Selected Drawings

Leonardo's Eye -Illusion

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

Famous Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings | Leonardo da Vinci Secrets - Painting, Drawing & Invention

Innovation by Leonardo da Vinci

A Miracle of Saint Donatus of Arezzo, circa 1475–85, now attributed to

"Da Vinci" drawing by Rubén Belloso,incredible Spanish artist. Just the intensity of the eyes.

leonardo da vinci sketching techniques of cats

The eye which is said to be the window of the soul, is the primary means by which the sensus communis [the coordinating centre for sensory impressions] of ...

Leonardo Da Vinci: Renaissance Humanist, Naturalist, Artist, Scientist. '

Leonardo da Vinci

I want this framed and in the bathroom! Page: Anatomy of the Neck Artist: Leonardo da Vinci Completion Date: 1515 Place of Creation: Rome, Italy Style: High ...

Leonardo da Vinci inventions

A nude drawing that bears a striking resemblance to the Mona Lisa may have been done by Leonardo da Vinci, experts told AFP Thursday.

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return."

Ginevra de' Benci (detail) by Leonardo da Vinci, Oil on panel. This portrait was among da Vinci's earliest encounters with the medium of oil paint; ...

La Bella Principessa – the work of Leonardo da Vinci or a forgery?

Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci on portrait drawing

With Leonardo, improbable speculations are never-ending, The Da Vinci Code enthusiasts see

Above the left eye (right as we look at it), are still visible

Leonardo da Vinci, an exceptional creative genius

Leonardo da Vinci /Salai: “Il Volto della Vergine” (Head of the

The Head of the Virgin in Three-Quarter View Facing Right

Salvator Mundi, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci

Salai (3rd face) compared with other St. Anne faces by Leonardo (first two are mirrored).

A Skull Sectioned by Leonardo da Vinci (detail) (Credit: Copyright: Corbis

What Makes a Genius? The World's Greatest Minds Have One Thing in Common

Leonardo da Vinci, drawings of churches. Manuscript B, Institut de France, Paris

The lost Leonardo Da Vinci painting was auctioned on Wednesday (Image: Getty)