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The Fairfield Swamp Fight also known as the Great Swamp Fight

The Fairfield Swamp Fight also known as the Great Swamp Fight


FHS – John H. Perry, Great Swamp Fight in Fairfield, 1905 – Rear Image

Swamp Fight Monument, Fairfield Two monuments in Fairfield commemorate the Great ...

Result English victory and the disbanding of the Pequot tribe. Location Fairfield, Connecticut, United States Similar Pequot War, Great Swamp Fight, ...

Great Swamp Fight. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Swamp Fight Monument, Fairfield The ...

Great Swamp Fight The Great Swamp Fight Colonial Militia Assault Indian Stronghold

The aftermath[edit]. Fairfield Swamp Fight Monument

Great Swamp Fight Rebel PuritAn The Great Swamp Fight of 1675

"Sheila Sabo's The Great Swamp Fight, Southport, Connecticut Archaeology, Part l

Colonials, Indians, and the Great Swamp Fight of 1637: Sheila M Sabo: 9781479161300: Amazon.com: Books

... The Great Swamp Fight, detail | by CT State Library

The Great Swamp Fight Monument located in the Great Swamp State Management Area, West Kingston, Rhode Island

Uncas - This 1905 postcard is an image of the Uncas monument placed upon the foundation

Fairfield Swamp Fight

Swamp Fight fountain, Southport

Depiction of Fairfield, CT and the fires that Lord William Tryon set during the American

We find the “ ...

Swamp Fight fountain, Southport The Swamp Fight is also ...

Reinhart - 1890 - Gardiner 2

Fairfield-pequotwar. 'The Swamp Fight' ...

The Great Swamp Fight roadside marker formerly located on Rhode Island Route 2 in West Kingston, Rhode Island

Swamp Fight fountain, Southport. Sources: Conquering the ...

Colonials, Indians, and the Great Swamp Fight of 1637: Sheila M Sabo: 9781479161300: Amazon.com: Books

Benjamin Church, the first American ranger.

30dda0cbc57bedf6cdb4_5ACFA8C7-FF4F-4063-BF84-80AEAB5A6C01.jpeg. 'Saving the Great Swamp – Battle ...

Great Swamp Fight Great Swamp Fight Miner Descent

Underhill's boys

Pequot Memorial Stone_Jessica Hunter The ...

Powder House, Fairfield

e38d5fb6f163f0706c5c_DSCN4838.JPG. The documentary produced by former Chatham resident ...

... FHS-John-H.-Perry-Great-Swamp-Fight-in-Fairfield-1905-Rear-Image-150x150.jpg ...

Creepy Places of New England: Great Swamp Monument

Ariel view of Fairfield, Connecticut, ...

Mystery Artifacts

106-35 Unidentifed HW Items.jpg

Great swamp fight

The Great Swamp Fight 19th Of December 1675 (1906)

The Great Swamp Fight Marker Inscription: Attacked within their fort upon this island the Narragansett

Warrior - Geronimo, perhaps the most famous Apache warrior.

The Great Swamp Fight - July 13, 1637. Mr. Stoughton, with about eighty of the English, whereof Mr. Ludlow, Capt. Mason, of Connecticut, were part, ...

The Great Swamp Fight Massacre: A Haunted Monument in Rural Rhode Island

Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations - The statue of Roger Williams at Roger Williams

Rethinking Connecticut's First War | THE CONNECTICUT STORY | connecticutmag.com

The Southport Globe


Google Image Result for http://pequotwar.org/wp-content/

'Saving The Great Swamp'

c78ba0a84cd0d4b61be7_DSCN4831.JPG. The documentary "Saving the Great Swamp: Battle ...

... describes as "arrogant" - first noted the desirability of this land two years earlier, when he managed to take a moment during the Great Swamp Fight to ...

Captain John Mason led the attack in 1637 against the Pequots at Mystic Fort, burning

Roger Ludlowe, an adventurous soul first saw the land we called Fairfield in 1637 when he and a band of men had been ordered in to chase the Pequot Indians ...

Paddling up the east branch of the Croton River in the Great Swamp, a nature refuge east of the Hudson. Credit Norman Y. Lono for The New York Times

... Fort-Saybrook-Sketch-NYPL-cropped-1024x615.jpg ...

Archaeologist Sheila Sabo, left, assistant Paul Sabo, center, and Calvin Munson,

Connecticut Colonial Archives

Great Swamp Fight Memorial South Kingston, Rhode Island, was the site of the last

Landing on Block Island - Popular Hist of US 1876-1881 - cropped low res

Fighting during the Pequot War. Library of Congress

Underhill Engraving - cropped. Following the destruction of ...

Map of King Philip's War, 1675.

Mount Hope (Rhode Island) - The site of King Philip's death in Misery Swamp

f8f864cbd3d9760e4e04_DSCN4839.JPG. 57617a4313c9203f0b84_7587792425852f57d955_DSCN4838.

State archaeologist Nick Bellantoni ( left and far right) and Sheila Sabo (center), Fairfield archaeologist for Munson Builders.

Samp Mortar Rock, a seven-acre parcel, is marked by giant boulders,

Connecticut at War300px-BattleOfGrotonHeightsSketch-thumb-320x470-538.jpg

... 3.

U.S. Timeline

A Story of Pequot Swamp


Mystery Artifacts

The Great Swamp Fight. A nineteenth-century illustration.


New England colonists crossing a log bridge to attack a Narragansett Indian village during King Philips



Honor Roll, Fairfield

He didn't know that almost 200 years ago, Isaiah Hart, founder of Jacksonville, also called this place Cracker Swamp, though he called the Hart plantation ...


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Historic Southport Heritage Walk Set for July 22. From the Town of Fairfield ...

The Rape of Pocahontas: Did We Eviscerate the Native Americans?

Great Swamp Fight 2

A Portrait of King Philip, by Paul Revere, illustration from the 1772 edition of Benjamin Church's "The Entertaining History of King Philip's War."


Honor Roll, Fairfield

Mystery Artifacts

... battle during this phase of the war. Epply Saybrook Fort Painting - Old Saybrook Town Hall - Fort I

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0U1A2847 Great Swamp Fight Monument

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Octonauts and the great swamp search

Attack on Sudbury - Marker commemorating the attack

Fairfieldmonument2017. Fairfield Swamp Fight ...