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The Final Boarding Call Save the Yankee Candle Jars Art DIY

The Final Boarding Call Save the Yankee Candle Jars Art DIY


The Final Boarding Call: Save the (Yankee Candle) Jars!

The Final Boarding Call: Save the (Yankee Candle) Jars!

The Final Boarding Call: Save the (Yankee Candle) Jars!

Two It Yourself: Faux Terrarium in a Yankee Candle Jar

Repurposed Yankee candle jars!

Re-using Yankee Candle jars - doandredo

Reuse Glass Candle Jars

Old Yankee Candle jars turned into custom photo candle holders

Have you been burning through Yankee candle jars over the holidays? Here's how to remove

Upcycled yankee candle jar, to store teabags :D

I recycled a Yankee candle jar !! I think it came out great !

So happy to have found the original Mason Jar at Woyton Coffee in Dusseldorf where they. Yankee CandlesThe ...

Used Yankee candle jars and chalkboard vinyl labels

Old yankee candle jar reused for a q-tip container. Melted out the last

Ideas for re-using Yankee Candle jars.

Snowman Candle Jar & Candle Hugger · Jar CandlesDiy Yankee ...

I started using the Large Yankee Candle jars for canisters. They have a fantastic tight

Fabric-lined candle jar. Yankee Candle Jars

Empty Yankee Candle jars repurposed.

Recycle candle jars

Reused Yankee Candle Jars Decorated with Red Crystals

Ta Da: Upcycled Yankee Candle Jar❤❤❤

{More} Tips to Empty a Yankee Candle Jar (Pt 2)

Don't throw out Yankee candle jars -- melt the left over wax with

An empty Yankee candle jar is filled with matches and adorned with a sandpaper leaf for

Recycled Yankee candle jars.

Two It Yourself: Re-use Yankee Candle Jars: How to Remove Wax from the Glass Holder--BBB

Yankee Candle jars become glass storage containers. Waste not, want not.

Sand in a jar to hold your make up brushes! Yankee Candle jars used for cotton buds

Vinyl Jar Labels - 5 Colors to Choose From!

Use a small Yankee candle jar as a Bobby pin holder!

Our classic and beloved large jar candles come in over 100 fragrances.

How to clean and use empty Yankee Candle Jars

Yankee candle jar.

Upcycled Yankee candle jar wrapped in twine with a twine heart

How to Empty the Wax and Re-Use Yankee Candle Jars :: Hometalk

DIY Candle Jars with lace ribbon

Roses in a recycled Yankee candle jar. Perfect way to save a special arrangement

Repurpose your large Yankee Candle Company jars! Once the candle is done, boil water

think i've decided to do this with our candle jars.only spray paint the outside with chalk paint and label .or hot glue a chalk board paint wood chip.

17 Ways to Reuse old candle jars & how to remove the wax! Create cool (and easy) vases, centerpieces, storage for beauty tools & more (Cool Diy Candles )

Light your space without the hazard of a hot flame with a Holiday LED Candle Jar.

Yankee Candle jar to Candy Jar ~ CandidSavvyShopper-DIY

Winnie the Pooh character Word art made for nursery

Reuse, Repurpose ~ Yankee Candle Jars on Earth Day... and everyday!

Lots of ideas how to Recycle Candle Jar Tops: Both the glass tops and the

Don't throw away your leftover pickle jars - look at this gorgeous vase idea you can do instead!

Take Yankee Candle jars that get low on wax and carefully pour the hot wax into

Refuse candle jars to make a DIY candy jar for Vlentine's Day! Like the idea

Yankee Candle Jar to Candy Jar or Apothecary Jar! {just glue onto a Candle

Keep Yankee candle jars and clean them out after they are gone and use them for

Repurposed Candle Jar

Yankee Candle Jar Re-used

Reused old candle jars to make these.

My Mother's Day x yankee candle

Home made mini Yankee candles.just buy new wicks, and melt old candles in boiling water. Once wax is melted pour into the lids from the large jar candles

Yankee Candles, Jars, Glass, Vases, Bottle, Glass Jars, Mason Jars, Vase

Before/After Re-use old yankee candle jar fill with candy corns or any

Easy candle holder with wine corks, a glass Yankee candle and a glass vase from

use for old candle jars

Icy Epsom Salt Luminaries

Holiday Decor from an old Yankee candle jar

Re-use a Yankee Clean Cotton Candle Jar for Cotton Balls!

cleaned candle jar to hold cupcake liners!

Pumpkin Jar Tutorial using an empty American Home™ by Yankee Candle® jar. Find

Save your Yankee candle jars for this wonderful idea.

Yankee Candle Coupon: Small Tumbler Candles 2 for $20.00

DIY Snowman Luminary - Reusing a Yankee Candle Jar #fingerprints

How to Upcycle Candle Jars

Use empty yankee candle jars for your bathroom or for candy!

pretty glass jar tealight candle holder with heart window to see the flame. looks just as pretty without a burning candle.

Fabric-lined candle jar | Yankee Candle Jars | Pinterest | Candle jars and Jar

Fabric-lined candle jar | Yankee Candle Jars | Pinterest | Candle jars and Jar

was man alles machen kann mit den leeren Yanke Candle Gläser.

What To Do With It- Candle Jar Recycling

Repurposed Yankee Candle jars...shoot, I've thrown so many of

old yankee candle glass container turned sugar jar

Small Yankee Candle jar, made the remaining wax hot

What a Great use for old candle jars w/air tight lids (Yankee Candles, etc.) Super organized kitchen cupboards with lots of jars by Monique Robinson

YANKEE CANDLE - Large Jars 22oz - You Choose scent

Cute idea to repurpose Yankee Candle jars

DIY Project--save your pretty candle jars (I used my Yankee Candle jars

Recycling old Yankee candles - melt them down layer by layer and make a new jar candle, saving the spare jars for future use - and use an ice-cube tray to ...

Recycling Candle Jar Tops - these are for the glass tops (from Yankee Candles or

My daughter, Amanda recycled these Yankee Candle Jars: Use spray adhesive and put in glitter, and then shake it up. She added a white tissue paper liner to ...

#yankee #candle #jar #upcycled Upcycled - repurposed Yankee candle jar. New

Empty Candle Jars For Frugal Decor how to get out the wax and clean them up

Finally a way to reuse those Yankee Candle lids! Love Yankee Candle Jars, but once you start burning them, the glass lid is no longer needed.

Recycling Candle Jar Tops

Empty Yankee candle jar as vase

Two It Yourself: {More} Tips to Empty a Yankee Candle Jar (Pt

Scented Glass Jar Candles will bring your home to life with a wide range of delightful scents and fragrances that will liven every corner of your home.

Home made hot chocolate-- perfect use for an old Yankee Candle jar.

This is beautiful. Ready for summer

Yankee Candle Jelly Bean & Bunny Cake 2 x Large Jars

Good use for old Yankee Candle jars

Yankee candle jar reused for storage

Lace, Raffia, and Burlap Mason Jars (2) on Etsy, $14.00

Where it all started

My favorite Yankee Candle ever. Cranberry Chutney smells of fresh cranberries, orange zest, rosemary, raisins, and a touch of golden honey.