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The Great Viking Army or Great Danish Army known by the Anglo

The Great Viking Army or Great Danish Army known by the Anglo


The Great Heathen Army

The Great Viking Army or Great Danish Army, known by the Anglo-Saxons as the Great Heathen Army, was a coalition of Norse warriors, originating from Denmark ...

Thousands of Viking warriors invaded England in the 9th century. A famous grave has now been dated to this period. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Alfred the Great's Viking Wars: Inside the Anglo-Saxon Fight to Save England

In 880 the Viking leader Guthrum signed a treaty with King Alfred of the Anglo-Saxons

Alfred the great led the army of his brother (Ethelred of Wessex) against the invading Danish Vikings in the Battle of Ashdown. Alfred and the Anglo-Saxons ...


Saxons led by Alfred the Great clash with the Vikings

Michael Wood on Athelstan's 'Great War' to Unite Anglo-Saxon England

865 - The great Danish army

Furthermore, archaeology has helped to shed some light on this Viking coalition. Nevertheless, there are many more questions about the Great Heathen Army ...

How did Alfred the Great confront the Danish invasions of 865-878? Read inside for more.

Viking raiders in battle

History of the Great Heathen Army

871 Harsh battle between Danes and Wessex



The size of the army[edit]

Ivar And The Great Heathen Army

Viking Army - Re-enactors from the Festival of History 2006

At the Battle of Edington an army of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex under Alfred the Great defeated the Great Heathen Army led by Guthrum on a date ...

Anglo Saxon England

King Burgred fled

Famous Danish Vikings | THE ANGLO-SAXON HUSCARLS | The Deadliest Blogger: Military History

Repton Great Viking Army human skull

Thousands of them arrived in East Anglia in 865 AD and quickly overran Northumbrian forces.

Viking warriors at the Siege of Paris- by Chris Collingwood

Battered and broken bodies of Viking warriors unearthed in Derbyshire, England, now identified as

The Winter Camp of the Great Viking Army at Torksey

Alfred the Great

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Author: Hel. A map illustrating how the Viking army ...

Vikings from Shetland's Up Helly Aa Festival take part in a torchlight procession

English mass grave contains remains of Danish Viking army

Ragnar's army charges into battle

How did Alfred the Great confront the Danish invasions of 865-878? Read inside

The coming of the Vikings began centuries of strife for the Anglo-Saxons

Wessex men capturing a Danish raven standard

Vikings storm Winchester Game 1 : Alfred the Great the Great Heathen Army 871AD www.

The Viking Great Army, also known as the Great Heathen army, was a coalition

Now king of East Engle, with a growling and resentful band of Danish nobles in his court, Guthrum's troubles are far from over…

... however, the Mercians decided to make peace with the Vikings. In the following year, the Great Heathen Army is recorded to have returned to Jórvík and ...

The Great Army[edit]

Derby Museum Viking Sword found in Repton.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

10 things you (probably) didn't know about the Anglo-Saxons - History Extra

The Great Heathen Army - History Visualised

... Great of Wessex resisting their full invasion of EnglandEngland (i.imgur.com)

Bones, Burials, and the Viking Great Army in Repton

This picture shows a king with his council or witan. It also shows a man

A Viking army vehicle in action. B4BEGW (RM). St Wystan's Church, Repton, Derbyshire, looking ESE at old course & S bank

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The Great Heathen Army (Part 1): Fall of Northumbria. Ragnar Lodbrok Thrown in the Snake Pit

t00muchcaffeine: “#Repost @viking_workshop (@get_repost) ・・・ The Great

Under siege: Vikings attack a village in the 2007 film Pathfinder

Nothing is known of how his rule came to an end, but by 883 AD, Æthelred was ruling Mercia in his place under the lordship of Alfred the Great, whose eldest ...

Great Heathen Army - Let's Play Expeditions: Viking #32 - Expeditions: Viking Gameplay - Insane

Ivar the Boneless as portrayed in the History Channel Series 'Vikings.'

In 865 AD, Ragnar's sons led the Great Viking Army and made landfall in East Anglia. Over the next 15 years the Vikings ranged high and low, from Wessex to ...

Mass Grave of the Viking 'Great Heathen Army' Uncovered in Britain

Book Suggestions

The find has shed some light on the period of Anglo Saxon history when King Alfred the Great of Wessex defeated the Viking Danes and then went on to banish ...

Reenactors depicting King Alfred with the West Saxon (Wessox) forces battling the Danish Norsemen of the Great Summer Army.

Scientists then were not aware that diets could affect the results. (Photo: Martin Biddle). The burial site was built by the Viking Great Army—also ...

The mass grave (pictured, one part) was uncovered in Repton in the 1980s

A Viking Raid

Repton (pictured) was a significant royal and ecclesiastical centre in the Anglo-Saxon

Cnut the Great. Knut der Große cropped.jpg

An artist's impression of the Battle of Tettenhall

Get a copy of The Vikings by Njord Kane

Great Viking faction: East Engle

Englishmen and Vikings battle at Stamford Bridge, 1066. Courtesy of O.Vaering.

874 The great danish army split up

Hearthguard with standard bearer


By now however Alfred the Great's reforms had reorganised the Fyrd and the Viking force was caught on the way home at Tettenhall and destroyed.

anglo-danish army for saga command section

... be the greatest leader and soon they turned on each other. Will the brothers tear each other apart? Or can Anaraut live up to his father's legacy and ...

Penny of Alfred the Great's first coinage, c. 871-875 (PUBLIC-

anglo-danish army for saga warriors with spears

The grave was probably fallen warriors from The Great Viking Army

By 896, King Alfred the Great (r. 871-899) was considered the leader of all Anglo-Saxons in England that had survived the persistent Scandinavian invasions ...

Festival of History Re-enactors simulate a Saxon Battle

During the excavations in the 1980s extensive evidence of a large defensive ditch was also found

He was defeated by the Vikings at the Battle of the Pilgrim in 887, but lived on to see many more military successes.

The last 'great Viking' invasion of England (1066 AD) –. Facts_Harald_Hardrada_Last_Great_Viking_6


A battle between 'Anglo-Saxons' and 'Vikings' staged ...

anglo-danish army for saga warlord

894 Viking defeat at The Battle of Benfleet

anglo-danish army for saga bard

Ivar The Boneless – The Disabled Viking