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The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations widely known

The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations widely known


The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, widely known as Mossad, is Israel's official intelligence agency.

Une des forces spéciales israéliennes

Emblem of Israel alternative blue-gold

Emblème de Jerusalem.1950 - le Mur des Lamentations, le lion de Juda et le rameau d'olivier. -


Hat Cap Israel Army Military Green idf Field Hunting Fishing Boonie Cotton Sun


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Malian special forces listen to instructions from a US Special Forces soldier on counter-ambush tactics in Kita, Mali, during a joint training exercise, ...

Saudi army Special forces

MOSSAD is one of the Israel national intelligence agency and most active organization in the country. The agency started its operations in 1949.

Mossad - Israel Special Operations Shirt

This sub-section provides a brief history of Chinese SOF which can trace their lineage back to the 1920s, two decades earlier than their Western ...

Mossad's Kidon - the world's most efficient killing machine

A US special forces soldier demonstrates how to detain a suspect during Flintlock, a US special forces training for African militaries, in Diffa, March 4, ...

"Special Operations" Israel Mossad Shirt

A US Army serviceman trains Ukrainian soldiers during a joint military exercise in Ukraine. (Reuters / Oleksandr)


Delta Force bodyguards in civilian clothing providing close protection to General Norman Schwarzkopf during the Persian Gulf War, 1991.

ANASOC National Mission Brigade inauguration at 31 July 2017. Photo: Franz J. Marty

The covert operation named 'Wrath of God' also known as also known as ' Operation Bayonet' targeted members of the Palestinian armed militant group Black ...

Hamid Karzai with Special Forces and CIA Paramilitary in late 2001.

US special forces, like the Navy Seals, are now more actively engaged in more overseas operations[GALLO/GETTY]

Was India's special-forces raid into Myanmar a signal to China and Pakistan? | The Interpreter



Special forces

3.5 Special Operations Basic Qualification Course

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Special Forces soldiers participate in the graduation ceremony in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 2014, wearing their green berets


A U.S. Army infantry officer trained in Arabic negotiates with Iraqi tribal leaders. Iraq's political


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Georgian SOF teaching their entry methods to Ukrainian Marines during multinational maneuver, 2017. As of 2012 the special operations ...

Defense Intelligence Agency Special Agent Badge

Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations is an External Intelligence agency of Israel,MOSSAD is responsible for external Intelligence and Covert ...

It is responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, and counter-terrorism. It directly reports to the ...

Hezbollah members on a march.

GRU Official emblem (until 2009) with motto engraved: "Greatness of the Motherland in your glorious deeds"

That's even before we start on the fact that the US agencies cooperate incredibly closely with their British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand allies in ...


According to McCauley (2017) there is only one special operations brigade within the Western TC, located at Sichuan and part of 13th Group Army (Blasko, ...

Analysts say the "Red Unit" differs from most Taliban fighters (such as these

New book from Robert Macklin: Warrior Elite

According to McCauley (2017) there is only one special operations brigade within the Western TC, located at Sichuan and part of 13th Group Army (McCauley, ...

Operators from 17 countries participate in an International Special Operations Exercise at SOFIC, the Special

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A US Special Forces trainer supervises a military assault drill in Sudan, November 2013. (Reuters / Andreea Campeanu)

Biological Espionage: Special Operations of the Soviet and Russian Foreign Intelligence Services in the West (Greenhill Military Paperbacks): Amazon.com: ...

A Special Forces Task Group prepare to storm a building during an exercise involving South Korea

Mossad Israel Secret Intelligence Cap

United States Marine Corps senior drill instructor Parris Island

US Air Force Combat Controllers (CCT) Selection & Training – Boot Camp & Military Fitness Institute

As the U.S. President prepares to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore, sources tell The Cipher Brief that U.S. Special Operations Forces have ...

Photo by VIKTOR DRACHEV/AFP/Getty Images

Kidon - Israel Mossad's most secret unit

Thanks to Hollywood, a term used to denote the US-based film industry, most people can probably name the US military's Special Operations Forces (SOF) units ...

TTOS Tactical Tracking Operations School

GRU, Alpha and Vympel: Russia's most famous covert operators


India, where traitors are there from very top to bottom and we have a very porous system. How could we build and run a strong intelligence agency.

Canadian Special Operations Regiment

Despite the best equipment, Saudi Arabia's military struggles - Business Insider


Badge of Frogmen, Special Forces Command of the Navy

This man is the reason why R&AW is not the best (while it makes in the top 5 in the world[1] ) with Pakistan's ISI leading the list — India's first ...



The United States and Turkey Are on a Collision Course in Syria – Foreign Policy

What no one wants to admit about fighting ISIS: the US has only bad choices - Vox

After the Mumbai terror attacks, the Maharashtra government brought together the best commandos and assembled the youngest Indian special force called Force ...

IDF Special Operations Shirt

Our ability to issue Army certificates of completion for our courses is a testament to those facts. We are the ONLY ones.”

Biological Espionage: Special Operations of the Soviet and Russian Foreign Intelligence Services in the West (Greenhill Military Paperbacks): Amazon.com: ...


Detachment A: Clandestine Special Forces Missions from Berlin to Iran | Detachment "A"

TTOS teaches mounted tracking as well.

Funding, material support are almost guaranteed to be in the scope of cooperation also to be noted that Seymour Hersh (pulitzer prize recipient (and) a ...

The best commander 410th SFD (aka PSSE-B) ever had… 1986-1988

Asked about the importance of the SAS's role in the fighting that followed the Iraq war, US General Stanley McChrystal responded: 'Essential.

Secret defence force documents obtained by the ABC give an unprecedented insight into the clandestine operations of Australia's elite special forces in ...

TTOS Tactical Tracking Operations School

The Western counterterrorism effort in Yemen began in 2001. UK and US intelligence agencies identified al-Qaeda training camps in Osama bin Laden's ...

The SAS is to have a far greater role in combating any terrorist attacks in Britain

Inter-Service Intelligence, (ISI) Pakistan

Capstone Essay Contest Winner—Information Warfare

Created on 14th November 1962, the SFF is a paramilitary special force which specializes in special reconnaissance, direct action, hostage rescue, ...

Russias Alpha group best special forces units

According to me this was the best rescue operation by Indian Special Forces thanks to synergisation of all Available Assets , good intelligence and ...