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The Lotus in the Hidden Village blooms twice Rock Lee Naruto

The Lotus in the Hidden Village blooms twice Rock Lee Naruto


The Lotus in the Hidden Village blooms twice! ~Rock Lee (Naruto)

Rock Lee and the squirrel he saves.

1, x, Hidden Lotus

1, x, Rock Lee

The only thing more important than wearing the right underwear to the doctor, is wearing the right underwear into battle! ~Sarutobi Konohamaru (Rock Lee no ...

Naruto Battle OST - Gaara of the Sand vs Rock Lee

Rock Lee || And it's November 27th so Happy Birthday My favorite Naruto Character -

2, x, The 9th Match

1, x, Primary Lotus

2, x, Hot Blooded Tuition

Rock Lee. Rock LeeNarutoTeam 7LotusAnime ArtLotus FlowerLotus Flowers

1, x, Might Guy

Rock Lee as a child.

The lotus blooms twice

"The lotus of the Leaf Village blooms twice." 3, x, Rock Lee (Childhood)

The lotus of the leaf village blooms twice

Here is the coloring! I really hope you guys enjoy this one. Tell me what else you want me to color be it one of your drawings or anything else!

Emotion training. Haha.

1, x, Naruto Uzumaki & Rock Lee

The Splendid Rock Lee || Oh dear. Loved it so much I pinned it


2, x, Hidden Lotus

wallpaper: Rock Lee Wallpaper

2, x, Leaf Rising Wind

Rock Lee By Ultimatesaiyaneddy-da5ncfa by YellowFlash1234

“The lotus in The Hidden Leaf Village blooms twice.” • • • 📸

14- Rock Lee (Naruto) [Growing Challenge] by PhiphiAuThon ...

12 Naruto Puns That Are Absolutely Awesome on OtakuKart – 12 Naruto Puns That Are Absolutely Awesome Shino's favorite band? The beetles!


Rock Lee

“The lotus of the Hidden Leaf Village blooms twice!” 💚✨🍃 Lee

#inktober day 24 #rocklee is my favorite character from #Naruto "the lotus

Starting Over

This increases physical stats and turns the users skin red due to the faster and increased blood flow. It allows the user to use the Reverse Lotus .

With the Lotus technique, Lee can kick straight through a massive tree log.

Gaara can't move or do anything. Lee is literally speed blitzing him.

Crossover Cove: Theme of Rock Lee

Even after opening the 5th Gate, having his muscles torn, and having his arm and leg crushed, Lee is able to stand with pure will power.

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One of the coolest reveals in the first series. Hidden lotus. #naruto #

2, x, Rock Lee

Rock lee is the most underrated ninja in naruto. He deserves more screen time than

Lee is a natural user of the Drunken Fist.

This is the beginning of his Front Lotus technique.

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#nyc #manhattan The Lotus in the Hidden Leaf Village Blooms Twice!~ Rock

2, x, Eight Inner Gates

💕🍃My #mcm Is The Handsome Devil of the Hidden Leaf Village!🍃

Scanning soon.. idk if you know but he's like top5 #RockLee #hiddenLotus

2, x, Naruto Uzumaki

1, x, Hayate Gekko

Another instance of Gaara not being able to see Lee.

Kyuubi enhanced Lee completely bisects Madara.

"The lotus of the Leaf Village blooms twice." 1, x, Rock Lee


I dont think i really need to describe why I drew @chancetherapper as Rock Lee

Rock Lee Stats - Rock Lee Wallpaper (18592351) - Fanpop

#nyc #manhattan “There are always flowers for those who want to see them

Kakashi is surprised Lee can open them.

2, x, Rock Lee


According to Guy he is a genius of hard work.

2, x, Rock Lee

"I am the Handsome Devil of the Hidden Leaf Village! My name is Rock. "

Naruto The Last OC Challenge : Aliia vs Haruko by alliaxandromeda ...

tannertrue: “Konoha's Beautiful Green Wild Beast, Rock Lee! #RockLee #Naruto

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 Primary Lotus

GAARA VS ROCK LEE (speed drawing)

Wassup #ninja #konoha #naruto #brucelee #rocklee #dragon #realninja #

Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro

Rock Lee!!😂❤ ◼ ▫ Youth!

First attempt at a Naruto edit, had to start off with my personal favorite,

The Gate of Harm, the 4th Gate.

"The lotus of the Leaf Village blooms twice." 1, x, Rock Lee

The sand broke through the solid rock wall, and Lee was able to deflect it. Lee only looks hurt because of the strain the Front Lotus caused.

Rock Lee, Puertas Internas VS Shira, Método de Respiración de los Siete Cielos Sub

1, x, Youth at Full Power

Entrance: Minato teleports onscreen in a flash of yellow before drawing a kunai. Exit: Minato tosses a kunai into the air and catches it before teleporting ...

Rock lee vs gaara

Naruto is a manga by Masashi Kishimoto with an anime TV series adaptation. Its main character, Naruto Uzumaki, is a loud, hyperactive, adolescent ninja who ...

1st Gate Lee kicks strong enough to bend/break some of Kimimaro's bones which are harder than steel.

Then this guy steps into the ring and manages to blow off half of Madara's body with a kick. Guy literally sacrificed himself until Naruto activated his ...

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Gupta Padmasana/ Hidden Lotus Benefits: This

#naruto #narutoshippuden #boruto #shikadai #mitsuki #

2, x, Konohamaru

4th Gate Lee turns the ground to rubble by just running.

“Hidden Lotus” @bubbleoctopusgallery (8 1/2”l x 7”w x; “

76 – Kimimaro vs Rock Lee

2, x, Mad Dance of Infinity

He sure did let it out😂😂 #narutospinoffrockandhisninjapals #rocklee #kakashi #guysensei

Entrance: A shadow rushes to the ground and a puff of smoke blocks the screen. Kakashi then dissipates the smoke with some lightning from his palm and ...

Let me prove it to you. This particular move of mine exceeds your genius... completely! ~Rock Lee (Naruto)

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Rare footage of rock lee doing yoga 🧘 ♀ 💚I love this caracter

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2, x, Might Guy

En ce mardi pluvieux je vous offre mon genderbend de rock lee 💚 there's my rock