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The New Caledonian crow is one of the most intelligent birds known

The New Caledonian crow is one of the most intelligent birds known


A New Caledonian crow. Photograph by Vincent J. Musi, National Geographic Creative

Crows are among the most intelligent animals on earth.

Stride on: this brainiac bird has a right to strut

The New Caledonian Crow. Crows are some of the most intelligent birds ...

Image: Frank Vassen/Wikimedia

A Playful, Curious Spirit Drives Avian Exploration

Enlarge / New Caledonian crow uses a tool to grab insects deep inside a piece of wood.

Portrait of a Crow, one of the most intelligent creacure on the plane, Close

Raven are one of the top 3 most intelligent animals. Humans, monkeys, ravens

crow. Birds are one of the most ...

Portrait of a Crow, one of the most intelligent creacure on the plane, Close up

New Caledonian crow. Are crows smarter ...

The jackdaw is one of our most intelligent birds, and always appears

Crows are really good at making tools, scientists have discovered | WIRED UK


The Most Intelligent Bird On The Planet : Crow Talks Full Documentary - YouTube

Betty, a New Caledonian crow

A captive Hawaiian crow using a stick tool to extract food from a wooden log is

Steve Irwin may be more famous, but corvids are among our most successful expats. Chris73/Wikimedia

A New Caledonian crow ...

Crows are as intelligent as CHILDREN: Study reveals birds have same intelligence as a seven-year-old | Daily Mail Online

Corvus moneduloides, New Caledonian Crow. Credit: public domain

The act of holding up or pointing to an object, in order to draw another's attention, has been observed only among ourselves and Great Apes. Known as ...

The common raven.

A New Caledonian crow using a one tool to retrieve another, a brilliant example of

Image referenced from Wikipedia and ...

The New Caledonian Crow is known for its ability to make and use complex tools. View Slideshow 1 of 4

New Caledonian crows ...

Figure 1.

Ravens and crows - the most intelligent birds in the world (animal documentary in HD) - YouTube

A crow stands on a branch holding a twig in its beak

Torresian crows (Corvus orru) are the only one of five Australian crow species to have begun nesting on urban structures in populated areas.

Joel Sartore on Twitter: "Crows are considered one of the most intelligent bird species, thriving not only in forests & fields, but also in suburbs & inner ...

A New Caledonian crow using a Pandanus tool to dig for treats.

Shaping of Hooks in New Caledonian Crows

The toolmaking New Caledonian crow is smart, but scientists haven't reached a consensus on how they handle abstract thinking. (Gavin Hunt)

I love my crows. Always make eye contact when feeding them, they will bring you little treasures.

Crow Intelligence Study Suggests The Birds Have 'Theory Of Mind'

As researchers explore the nature of the intelligence of animals, the corvid family presents some arresting examples of brainy birds. The most common ...

5 Most Intelligent Animals In The World

A raven. Credit: Helena Osvath / Lund University. "

Raven, Australian raven

Remarkably Curious and Intelligent, Crows and Ravens Deserve a Closer Look

A New Caledonian crow (Corvus moneduloides). Image credit: Jolyon Troscianko.

Crow in Field. “

A raven. Credit: Helena Osvath / Lund University

Canuck, the possibly Northwestern Crow.

Ravens are playful birds.

Hawaiian Crow

Rare crow shows a talent for tool use

Unique Beak Evolved with Tool Use in New Caledonian Crow | All About Birds

Photo: Don Johnston

Download Portrait Of A Crow, Close Up Stock Photo - Image of looking, raven

... The Smartest Bird You Know. American crow. Photo by Kathy C. Malone

A Crow named 007 - Intelligence of animals - BBC Episode 2

Birds are more like 'feathered apes' than 'bird brains' | Environment | The Guardian

It's only natural

When it comes to intelligence, these birds rate up there with chimpanzees and dolphins. In one logic test, the raven had to get a hanging piece of food by ...



Nikon D7000 ...

Crows need only one experience to form a long-lasting memory of who can be trusted and who can't—essential knowledge when you're dealing with humans who ...

Crows reason about hidden causal agents A New Caledonian ...

American crows

Common Ravens, like Juno and Lillen pictured here, are able to plan for the future, according to a new study. Photo: Mathias Osvath

A Common Raven.jpg

Are crows the ultimate problem solvers? - Inside the Animal Mind: Episode 2 - BBC Two - YouTube

A crow caching its food.

On Crovidae cognition: An analysis of intelligence behavior in the family Corvidae

New Caledonian Crows Demonstrate an Evolution in Technology

Corvid Behaviors - One Smart Crow

Abel with stick tool. The New Caledonian Crows ...

Crows Hanging Out


I've got a lot of peeves. One of my peeves is the phrase, "bird brain", which presumably means "stupid." However, having spent most of my waking life in the ...

A carrion crow. Research shows crows may be as smart as apes.

But they are just out of this world smart. They can do things a four year old can't do. They can recognize faces that have done them ...

Ravens are crazy smart, and here's scientific proof | MNN - Mother Nature Network

A raven named "Bud" jumps onto his perch for some playtime at the New

Kea are known for their intelligence and curiosity, both vital traits for survival in the harsh mountain environment that is their home.

A New Caledonian crow.— Photo: AP/Journal Science

Long recognized as one of the most intelligent birds, they are found everywhere in Alaska. Ravens are known ...

New Caledonian crows were tested with tasks based on Aesop's Fables

Interesting Facts about Members of the Crow Family (Magpies, Crows and Ravens): Intelligence and Adaptations