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The Pingualuit impact crater lake also known as the New Qubec

The Pingualuit impact crater lake also known as the New Qubec


Pingualuit Crater Lake Project. Lake Pingualuk

Pingualuit crater, Canada

Pingualuit Crater, the Crystal Eye of Nunavik - My Best Place Around the World

The Pingualuit impact crater lake (also known as the New Québec crater lake) is one of the rare terrestrial sites in high latitude regions that has stored ...


Impact Craters to Visit: Featured Image of Pingualuit Crater

Image of Pingualuit Crater from Landsat 7 satellite image

Kerid crater lake in Iceland

The Pingualuit crater is the centrepiece of Quebec's northernmost park. The crater is one of

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10 most impressive impact craters of the world

Patrick Graillon

PINGUALUIT CRATER - CHUBB CRATER - NEW QUEBEC CRATER - METEORITE CRATER - 2018 1 oz Silver Coin - Ultra High Relief with Blue Antique Finish - Chondrite ...

Pingualuit Crater (Nouveau / New Quebec, Chubb). The Pingualuit crater (also known ...

Heavy Hitters: Earth's Most Amazing Meteor Craters

Quilotoa crater lake in Ecuador

Pingualuit-Crater-Quebec The lake's ...

Clearwater Lakes, Quebec, Canada

Okama Lake on Mount Zao Known ...

Lake Manicouagan, Quebec, Canada

Overflight – Pingualuit Impact Crater (AKA: Chubb, New Quebec):

In terms of transparency, it is one of most transparent lakes in the world, with Secchi disk visible more than 35 m deep.

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A satellite image of the Pingualuit asteroid impact crater in Quebec, Canada on July 19

Lonar Meteorite Crater, Deccan Plateau, India



Download high-res image (996KB) ...

File:Ice-Free Crater Lakes on Ungava Peninsula.jpg

Pingualuit crater - Video Learning - WizScience.com

Secrets of Climate Change - Pingualuit Crater


The Lake Couture impact structure is visible as the open water left centre of this image. The Pingualuit Impact Crater (AKA – New Quebec Crater, ...

An impact crater, also known as meteorite crater is a crater created by a collision of a meteorite with the Earth surface. The following is a list of 10 ...

Image credit: Kangiqsujuaq Adventures

Yours truly standing on the rim of the Pingualuit Impact Crater, a lifelong dream fulfilled !!


Crater Lake in Oregon, USA

Clearwater Lakes (Lac à l'Eau Claire), Quebec, Canada

A collage of three different crater lakes

Pingualuit Impact Crater in Canada 5 ...

Spotted Lake, Okanagan Valley, Osoyoos, British Columbia

Topographic map of the Pingualuit Crater Lake basin presenting the potential paleohydrology since the beginning of

In terms of transparency, it is one of most transparent lakes in the world, with Secchi disk visible more than 35 m deep.

Pingualuit Crater, Quebec, Canada. Heavy Hitters: Earth's Most Amazing Meteor Craters

Aerial View of the Colourful Volcanic Kerid Crater, Selfoss, Iceland, Filmed by Drone

Aerial Photograph Impact Database

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A traditional qamutik sled parked outside one of Pingualuit's cabins. Inukshuks mark the 90 kilometre

Pingualuit Crater in Quebec

The Pingualuit Crater is located in Quebec, in Canada. It has a diameter of 3.44 km and was probably formed by an impact roughly 1.4 million years ago.

Crater Lake

Pingualuit Impact Crater

Location and photographs (from Guyard et al. 2011) of the Pingualuit Crater Lake

Heavy Hitters: Earth's Most Amazing Meteor Craters

... Strange Fish | by Fish as art

Heiko Wittenborn

Nick dive into Crater Lake

150 Reasons to visit Canada this year (Part 2)

This outcrop is somewhat near the sites indicated on the impact melt location(s) image below. This sample has no resemblance to any of the any surrounding ...

... Download full-size image. Fig. 1. Location of the Pingualuit Crater Lake ...

Meteorite coins are back with a trip to the striking Canadian Pingualuit crater impact

Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Canada

A group of visitors climb the steep rim of the Pingaluit crater in early May.

Impact Craters

Pingaluit Crater, Nunavik, Pingualuit National Park, a circular depression created by the impact of a huge meteorite, crater lake, canada

10 Most Incredible Impact Craters: Tswaing Crater

Kerið crater lake, Iceland

Crater Lakes in the Albertine Rift, Africa

Crater Explorer

15 Most Beautiful Crater Lake In The World


Lonar Crater Lake - by Aditya Laghate - _thinrhino:Flickr

Lac Couture, Quebec, Canada

STS61A Clearwater Lakes.jpg

... Download full-size image. Fig. 13. Conceptual model for the deglaciation of the Pingualuit Crater Lake.

Niuafo'ou crater lake, Tonga

The cone at Crater Lake NerdNextDoor (Atlas Obscura User)

Lake Lappajärvi, an ancient meteorite impact crater, gives its scenic beauty to the otherwise

Niue 2018 $1 Meteorite Crater Pingualuit Antique Finish Proof

DEM of the Pingualuit Crater using high-resolution topography of the internal slopes and mid-resolution bathymetry. Elevation of the crater rim channels are ...

Barringer Crater

Wolf Creek Crater, Western Australia


Meteor Crater, also known as Barrenger Crater, near Winslow, Arizona - Stock Image