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The Ravi breed from Pakistan are known as the quotBlack Gold of Asia

The Ravi breed from Pakistan are known as the quotBlack Gold of Asia


Morphological characteristics

The Ravi breed, from Pakistan are known as the "Black Gold of Asia," due to their high quality milk. Bred for bison meat and milk.

Water buffalo in Rio Grande do Sul.

Murrah breed Buffalo bull at Dairy Farm GADVASU LUDHIANA PUNJAB INDIA

Asia · Cow herder - khanqa Dogran, Punjab - Pakistan

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Water buffalo Nili-Ravi.

The wild Asian buffalo weighs 800 - 1200 kilograms (1800 - 2600 pounds). It is a massive, powerful animal, with the widest horn span of any bovid - more ...

Cow breeds of India

Dairy, Beef, Cows, Cattle, Meat, Ox, Cow, Steak

Water buffalo are used for plowing and other forms of labor and as a source of meat, leather and milk. They are found throughout Asia and in places like ...

A feral water buffalo in Australia

Murrah buffalo at the Philippine Carabao Center

Asia's water buffaloes

Water buffalo, deer, cattle, sheep, goats, yaks, antelopes, giraffes, and their relatives are ruminants—cud-chewing mammals that have a distinctive ...

Water buffalo are believed to have been domesticated from wild water buffalo from Southern Asia about 6,000 years ago. The wild Asian buffalo is the ...

Buffalo race at Vandar village, Udupi district, India.


Bullock cart

2: Recognized buffalo breeds of the world

A water buffalo calf in India

A water buffalo in Thailand



Figure 1: Percentages of total respondents.

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The Pupose of LifeAvadhesh Varshneya • Please reada book called ...

Pakistan's press is among the most outspoken in South Asia, although its influence is limited by a literacy level of only 56%.

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Two versions of the Long Term Plan are with the government. The full version is

Are India and Pakistan Failed States?

Both fatwas have been taken from the official Jamia Binoria website in 2010 and 2014 respectively

On sanitation, a UNICEF report said Indians make up 58% of the world population which still practices open defection. India (638m) is followed by Indonesia ...

Water Buffalo and Humans


Murrah buffalo in a Brazilian Farm

Surviving Pakistan's slums: The extraordinary story of Mohammad Sabir - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

Change in the proportion index of non-cattle milk produced in


Source: Credit Suisse Report on Pakistan Cement Sector

Estimates of various epidemiological parameters for PPR from outbreaks in Pakistan (2005-2007)

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Water Buffalo (Suigyū) by Katsushika Hokusai, circa 1875

The husbandry system of water buffaloes depends on the purpose for which they are bred and maintained. Most of them are kept by people who work on small ...

Haq's Musings

Economically, India is stronger than Pakistan by a large margin. India's market is much more stable than Pakistan's. Investors prefer India to Pakistan, ...

*The conversation cited in the “Before” is from the official transcript of a Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) meeting in 2003-2004 downloadable here.

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Haq's Musings

Haq's Musings

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India test-fires BrahMos missile JAISALMER—The Indian Army conducted test firing of BrahMos land-attack cruise missile against a designated target at ...

According to the Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes: “Paleolithic man started gathering food by hunting wild animals, mostly herbivorous, ...

So you see, Kashmir is an Integral part of India. Can India let Kashmir go ? To answer that let me ask you another question. Can USA let Los Angeles go ?

Pakistan Coke Studio is absolutely amazing! It has a 9.6 rating on IMDb. It's produces the most hit songs in Pakistan.

Fighting festivals[edit]


Water buffalo females generally produce a single offspring after a gestation of 10 to 11 months. Female water buffalo produce one water buffalo calf every ...

Crazy dog!


The Albinos have finally admitted where they come from!

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Initially a Livestock Experiment Station was established in 1972-73 for the breeding of Dajal Cattle and Awassi Sheep, but soon after the Dajal breed of ...

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I said, let [General Aslam] Baig and [General Asad] Durrani come to the rostrum and deny it. Durrani rose and said I was not a part of it.”

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Utility of these draught breeds has declined over the years due to increased mechanization in agriculture. The production recording and progeny testing ...

Table 2 Mean concentrations (µg/g dry weight) of metal bioaccumulation in liver

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Carabao cart in the Philippines in 1899

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g.k. for April 19 to Aug 20, 2012 (5months g.k) | Reserve Bank Of India | Open Market Operation

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The phylogenetic tree of 4 complete genome sequences with 7 reference sequences


20. Popular breeds  The ...

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Water buffalo wallowing in mud

Water buffalo

Before Purchasing Goats for Business


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There's been much discussion and debate about the original article, Top 10 Armies in the World, written in 2010. In an effort to better quantify the ...

3 in Roger Matthew: Zebu figurines from selected Bronze Age sites of western Asia. 1. Tepe Gawra, Iraq, after Speiser (1935: plate 77.5). 2. Tell Brak.

An Academic Database of Doctoral & Other Postgraduate Research Done at UK Universities on India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Other Asian Countries ...

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