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The SampW 460XVR complete with a 14inch barrel muzzle brake

The SampW 460XVR complete with a 14inch barrel muzzle brake


Product: Model 460XVR Has a MSRP of 1419



The barrel is crowned with a side-venting muzzle brake, which controls barrel rise


460XVR S&W Performace Center Magnum Revolver Smith Wesson .460 Mag XVR Leupold Scope

The S&W 460XVR complete with a 14-inch barrel, muzzle brake, Leupold FX-II Handgun 4x28mm optic and bipod, all built by the Smith & Wesson Performance ...

Smith & Wesson's .460 XVR Magnum Revolver.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center 460XVR

Threaded onto the muzzle of the 14-inch-fluted barrel is a massive and

The rifle runs extremely cleanly, and the receiver contains minimal carbon residue even after rounds. The lightweight barrel and the operating system seems ...

S&W 460XVR Hunter 14 inch barrel.

Refinished CZ - Awesome! #CZUSA

Starting on the business end, you'll notice a radial-style muzzle brake

gunrunnerhell: S&W 460 XVR What looks like some sort of build gone terribly wrong is actually a model available through Smith & Wesson's Performance Center ...

PERFORMANCE CENTER® Model 460XVR™ - 14" Barrel with Bi-Pod

The barrel sports a neatly tapered full under-lug and an attractive polygonal sculptural profile. The teardrop hammer and the trigger are both chromed.

S & W Model XVR 460

S&W .460 Magnum: Will the recoil break your hand? Is a 5 inch barrel enough? - YouTube

S&W .460 Magnum at the range shooting Winchester .460 250 gr - Reduced Recoil Rounds

460 s&w proformance center fps from 3.5 inch barrel compared to 8 3/8 barrel

The first X-frame I ever shot was my buddy's 460 in the picture. We shot the 200 grain Hornady red-tipped loads.

Remington R51 Black 9mm 3.4-inch 7Rd 3-Dot Sights

... the back ground was taken by Lorenzo Menendez of Flux Photography (http://fluxphotography.net). He has been kind enough to let me use this pic.

The Henry repeating rifle holds a longstanding legacy for its accuracy and being a technological marvel in its time.

Model 1860 Savage-North percussion Navy revolver .36 caliber - On display at the

The barrel features an integrated, removable muzzle brake system and comes with two different versions

Nighthawk Custom 9mm Custom Carry Commander

Size Matters - The World Of Miniature Firearms

Compensators are easily interchanged with the allen wrench provided. A locking screw under the muzzle is turned clockwise, then the allen

Smith & Wesson 460XVR Revolver Muzzel Brake The ...

LUIGI-FRANCHI P - / - L - R - Casull cased / cased) - 5 / 1 - 1 / 1 - VR In function this weapon is exactly the same as the it just varies slightly in ...

50 Alaskan

Northwest Action Works has just released their entry-level precision package, the PMR Tactical



Although Schrock used to send his guns out to be honed and gunsmithed, he now

30 Random Yet Awesome Gun Pics

Weapons Jets Tanks added a new photo.

Magnum Research's Big Frame Revolver is all stainless and has a 10 inch cut rifled barrel that delivers unmatched accuracy with lead or jacketed bullets.

a design 104 years in the making. by sigsauerinc

The .460 XVR comes with user-changeable Hi-Viz front sight and S&W's legendary fully-adjustable rear sight.

Sig Sauer Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital models for visualization, films, television, and games.

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The new Kel-tec It folds upward and over making this carbine very packable. - Photo by Oleg Volk

American Shooting Journal - Google+

scale Browning machinegun fed by Lakeside Machine disintegrating links.

French Chauchat CSRG Model 1915 Machine-rifle

SIG-Haemmerli P240 in .32 S&W Long WC

Smith and Wesson 380 bodyguard with laser insight. That's my gun. I'm going to have more fun playing with the laser than actually shooting it.

Great inexpensive home defense DUO! Hi-Point 995TS and C9 review by Frank Jardim

Smith&Wesson 460XVR X-treme Velocity Revolver


The most powerful Handguns in the world with WB

The S&W 500 Magnum Revolver


Click here to view the original image of 894x598px.

Noveske SBR setup by Stickman.


However, if you are confronted at bad breath distances by a dangerous animal, at least you know the power of your holstered 460XVR revolver is only ...

Controls include twin takedown tabs over the trigger window, a protected slide stop, a trigger-mounted safety, and a reversible magazine release.

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 38 Caliber: .38 S&W Special +P Capacity: 5

New Cowboy Guns Of The Old West

Accidental Discharge by Illinois Ju

AK47 Made up in MAKO Gear

... introduced in 1957 with a starting serial number of and the is still going strong. Our nicely blued example has the 7 barrel with muzzle brake ...

Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 460 XVR hunting revolvers

S & W .357

The last thing you want after attaching and zeroing accessories on a handguard is any deflection or movement of the rail system.

Somewhere along the line weapons engineers realized that if a shotgun and a pistol got married, they would produce a baby that looked like it was on ...

Stunning 1956 Hi Standard Sentinel Hand Gun Pistol Revolver Ad 9 Shot Champion | eBay

Custom Ahrends Grips on S&W 686 .357 Magnum

No conventional barrel bushing is present. A paper clip is necessary to start the takedown procedure.

1911 R1 Limited Double Stack .45 ACP 5 Inch Stainless Steel Barrel Ionbond PVD Black Finish Fiber Optic Front Sight Adjustable Rear Sight G10 Grip 16 Round

The arrangement provides better accuracy—if you can stand behind it! A green fiber optic HI VIZ front sight (below) is mated to a square notch full ...

designed to break apart for easy transport and storage, scope is mounted on the barrel so no shift in zero. overall length, 35 inches, 6 lbs.

New Delta 1 Sights

ruger super blackhawk - Google Search

Ruger Redhawk Stainless 44 Remington Magnum 7.5" Barrel Wood Grip 6rd

Smith & Wesson Model 460XVR: The Ultimate Deer Hunting Revolver

Smith & Wesson .460 XVR Magnum Revolver

This is the one...243

sight is dovetailed into the slide and its base nicely sculpted to the slide's contour.

The Scout, built with BRO's precision components, is a racy, stylish rifle. The sculpted, free-float handguard provides a

The takedown latch is located on the frame just under the ejection port (above) Using a coin or similar tool, the slot in the takedown latch is turned ...

This is my favorite home security system.if only it still cost that little

Bluegrass Armory Moonshiner Rifle *NEW FOR one shot'll do the trick; hit or miss.

Smith & Wesson Model compact Magnum with barrel Why the Revolver? Part III: Higher Caliber in a Smaller Frame In this last part, we note that pound for ...