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The TAN RABBIT breed comes in four colors This one is called

The TAN RABBIT breed comes in four colors This one is called



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Tan rabbit

Coelho Tan

Black Tan

Chocolate Tan rabbit

Breed Profile: Tan Rabbits · OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cinnamon Rabbit Recognized colors: one standard color Size: 9-11 pounds The Cinnamon breed faces the challenge of retaining its place in the ARBA Standard, ...

"Likitysplit", Black Tan junior buck Tans are easily one of the most inquisitive breeds.

silver marten rabbit, silver marten rabbits, about silver marten rabbit, silver marten rabbit

The Belgian Hare is a fancy breed of domestic rabbit, that was developed through selective breeding to closely resemble the wild hare in physical appearance ...

Rabbit Pattern Tan You know what the Tan breed ...

American Blue Rabbit. A rare breed that is currently in the threatened category. Beautiful

Two pet rabbits on a white background. Getty Images/Dave King

"Zippitydodah", Black Tan senior doe

Tan Rabbit with tan pattern 'at' genes at the A-locus. How to understand code genes in rabbits.

American Fuzzy Lop my favorite breed

Choosing a rabbit depends largely on the answers to a few questions that vary with each owner. How much room do you have? What do you want the rabbit for?

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Lionhead rabbit , I think they are weird, ugly, but some they think are cute. Anyway they just passed in ARBA as a recognized breed.

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Rabbits ...


The American Rabbit Breeders Association currently recognizes 47 unique rabbit breeds and 13 different breeds of

Florida White Rabbit, albino in coloration

The “a” gene comes in three forms: “A,” which is responsible for agouti rabbits; “at,” which is responsible for otters, tans (rare in Holland lops) and ...

Siamese Sable Mini Rex carries the Cch2 gene

Red Netherland dwarf

You can understand bunny colour genetics better if you remember that each gene expression on the bunny DNA has both dominant and recessive traits.

Standard Chinchilla rabbit

Varieties : This breed comes in two colours: solid blue and solid white. The blue variety has the deepest, darkest colour of all the blue rabbits.

The Best Opposite Sex Variety lilac Mini Rex at the 2017 ARBA national convention in Indianapolis. Taken by Christa Deines


Understanding Angora rabbit genetics so you can breed for the colours you want,.

Pique your interest with a bit of info about the 49 rabbit breeds currently recognized in the United States by the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Spotted pet rabbit ...

A Himi Netherland Dwarf named Sykes. Photo by KaleyCedeno

Looking for a French Lop ?

A fawn colored Miniature Lop

The "Belgian Hare" breed of domestic rabbit (Pictured in 2012)

Dutch rabbit grey white.jpg

Czech red rabbit breed

Breeding ...

This is a tan pattern. The body exhibits one of the self colors, yet has what are considered agouti markings...meaning white eye circles, ...

The Rex rabbit is sometimes called the King of Rabbits. This is a beautiful breed developed for fur but also for meat, and with those traits in mind today ...

... crossing domestic and wild rabbits in hopes of making a good meat rabbit. The breed is quite rare today, partially due to its difficulty in breeding.


Different kinds of rabbits - mini satin - satin fur

Lilac Mini-Rex Rabbit carries "dd" at the D Locus

Holland Lop rabbits are one of only a few breeds that have lop ears. Via piyaphat50/iStock/Thinkstock

Big Silver Marten, Marten Rabbit.jpg

A frequently asked question when breeding rabbits is... if I have rabbit colour this and breed it to rabbit colour that... what colours will I get?

... then it is important that you acquire both male and female rabbits with a self (aa) gene. The self color is sometimes called 'solid' by some breeders.


Why Rabbit Coat Colors?

Mini Rex Bunnies

What Colors Do Pet Rabbits Come In?

A Netherland Dwarf rabbit (Note the short ears, brachycephalic head, and cobby body) Ruby-eyed white color variety

Charlie Orange

Black Magpie Harlequin Rabbit

Chocolate & Lilac

Polish Rabbit

A Ruby Eyed White or REW

silver fox rabbit, silver fox rabbits, about silver fox rabbit, silver fox rabbit

The second is the color of the actual wool. Shown are two very different examples of the ring pattern of a chocolate agouti.


Dutch rabbit

Black Tort

10 popular and cute rabbit breeds that are raised as pets

Castor Rex Rabbit is an agouti – “A”

Blue Eyed White (BEW)

Angora rabbits have two functions on a small homestead. First, they produce luxurious wool

The Havana rabbit comes in 4 colors: chocolate, blue, black, and broken

Harli also comes in Magpie which is black and white. Harliequin colored rabbits may have any one of the four self colors ...

Colors. A Dutch rabbit's flyback fur is short, glossy and easy to maintain.

Looking for a New Zealand ?

Brown and lilac, however, are not recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). The eye colour should be blue-grey in ...

Havana rabbits are great show and pet bunnies who enjoy being free to roam indoors.

Broken Opal

1½ year old red-eyed-white (REW) Netherland Dwarf. The Netherland Dwarf has been bred ...

Blue Otter

Surface color is blue with blue tipped guard hairs. Rings should be those of tan and shades of blue with a light blue undercolor.

Broken Seal