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The Warriors Movie Site Lizzies Gang The Warriors t

The Warriors Movie Site Lizzies Gang The Warriors t


The Warriors Movie Site - The Warriors Gang

The Warriors Movie Site - Lizzies Gang

from the movie The Warriors, this is The Lizzies gang

the lizzies in the warriors

The Warriors Movie Site - Filming Location

the chicks are packed!” Believing the Warriors were the ones that blew away Cyrus and there's a bounty on their heads, the Lizzies attempt to make a bigger ...

The Warriors Movie Site - Production Photo

The Lizzies in Union Square Station. Girl Gang from the Warriors.

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The Warriors Movie Site - Screen Capture

The Warriors Movie Site - Jones Street Boys Gang

The Warriors

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The Punks

The Lizzies gang. They are all so pretty · The Warriors

The Warriors doggin the Orphans!

The Warriors Movie Site - Barry de Vorzon

The Warriors Movie Site - Lizzie - Lisa Maurer

The Warriors

The Lizzies. Lizzie's Leader – Kate Klugman. The Warriors Movie Site ...

The Warriors Gang. Warrior ...

The Warriors Movie Site - Electric Eliminators Gang

The Warriors Movie Site - Lizzie - Dee Dee Benrey

The Warriors Movie Site - Hurricanes Gang

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The Gangs of the Movie The Warriors

The "rumbles" between gangs, although they sometimes descend into light fisticuffs, are extended sequences of boys in flamboyant outfits displaying to one ...

The Warriors Wiki

The Harlem-based Boppers look more like a boy band than a street gang to be reckoned with, but they are very much the latter.

“Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals…” The Warriors ...

The Warriors 2 – Switchblade Sisters

The Baseball Furies. The Orphans. The Punks. The Boppers. The Lizzies. The Electric Eliminators. The Hi-Hats. The Hurricanes. The Jones Street Boys.

The Warriors Movie Site - Production Photo

When Walter Hill's film The Warriors was released in 1979, there were fears that it would lead to an explosion of gang related violence.

The film is based on a novel and in adapting it, the filmmakers added a bunch of white characters (there are no white characters in the ...

"I don't even know you're there, but if I did. “

The Warriors Movie Site - Turnbull AC's Gang

The Warriors - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack Review

The Warriors


The Warriors Meet The Orphans

The Gramercy Riffs

The Warriors (Film)

The Warriors


The Flawless Four in Jawbreaker

Film / The Warriors

Director Walter Hill 1979 gang action thriller The Warriors

The Lizzies

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Back at their hangout, two members of the Lizzies (the blonde played by Heidi Lynch) make a good case for changing one of the vowels in the gang's name.

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The Warriors. (Photo via warriors.co.uk)


The Destroyers

The Warriors T-Shirt - Cult Gang Film Movie Baseball Furies (Small)

the warriors gangs lizzies

The Warriors. TheWarriors 1979 Movie Poster.jpg

The Warriors (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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The Baseball Furies

One of the most influential films of the 70s, The Warriors may have been Walter Hill's finest hour. Craig looks back at an action classic.

The Lizzies | T-Shirt | Front

Don't even get us started on Brooklyn. New York City was cold, and it was dangerous. It was a time of colorful gangs, ...

The Warriors (1979) Reunion

I don't want to make it sound as though The Warriors is a serious movie all about political systems and cycles.

We're not sure what's so “punk” about pairing denim overalls with a rugby shirt. Or a pair of roller skates. But The Punks do reside in the Bowery, ...

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FARK.com: (8868470) Come out and play-i-ay...this video of the cast of "The Warriors" reenacting their subway ride to Coney Island

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Victoria Vanderkloot (left) is the Lizzie who takes a pretty hard chair shot as the Warriors are trying to make their way out the door after the ladies ...

The Warriors · Walter Hill

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The Electric Eliminators the warriors the movie trivia and facts

The Savage Huns of Chinatown are seen twice in the movie: once as they wait for the train uptown, and again as part of the crowd at the summit.

... “The Warriors” Hit Close to Home Growing Up in the Bronx

The Warriors

The Warriors pictured in the 1979 film.

When it comes to Queens-based street gangs, The Boyle Avenue Runners are it as far as The Warriors goes.

GANGS OF NEW YORK: The NYC crews that ran the streets in 'The Warriors

The Warriors (1979)

I'm sure avid Warriors fans will find errors... Can't please everyone though. Luckily Ryan was pleased, and that's what matters. Here's the final:

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AND BEWARE THESE BAD MOTHERFUCKERS GANG MEMBERS WHO RULE UNION SQUARE in the movie! OshKosh B'gosh! Those denim overalls are particularly menacing!


Cropseys electriceliminators gang5 e9c5e8a74e8ba7aec962205029e49f7d boyleavenuerunners-980x551 hurricanes-980x551 NYC-film-the-warriors ...

As he reaches the high point of his pitch, a shot rings out and Cyrus is killed. He is shot by a gangbanger named Luther (David Patrick Kelly).

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