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The Windeby Girl Trees Wood Grain and Bog People t

The Windeby Girl Trees Wood Grain and Bog People t


Bodies of the Bogs

Bog Head: Mummified head of a Windeby Girl

"Windeby I" bog body - originally thought to be a girl, but recent

Windeby I sprang band, zoomable picture

He's a bog body from Bourtanger Moor in Germany, named for the color of his hair, beard, and eyebrows. His hair wasn't red in real life; likely, ...

Windeby I - Bog Mummy found in a peat bog near Windeby, Northern Germany in 1952 by peat cutters. Recent DNA testing showed the body was not a 14-year old ...

Windeby Boy discovered in 1952 in Windeby, Northern Germany. More than likely sacrificed or punished. The boy was 14 years old and showed signs of leg ...

Yde Girl - a bog mummy found in 1897 in the Stijfveen Peat Bog near Yde in The Netherlands was uncannily well-preserved when discovered but when turned over ...

Bones of the bog body en:Windeby I temporarily on display at Archäologisches Landesmuseum Gottorf Castle, Schleswig Germany in November Found in 1952 in the ...

Bog Body, Archaeological Finds

THE BOG PEOPLE by P. V. Glob: Part detective story, part horror movie, and

Tollund Man of the Bog | BookWeb | Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | Pinterest | Tollund man

shinohara. Wood Grain

Bog People: Looks as if this person is just sleeping.

Windeby "girl" (I-II AD)

The feets of bog bodies or probably of apothecary mummies? Found on a Dublin attic.

Human Bog Body Head

In 1950, Tollund Man's discoverers “found a face so fresh they could only suppose they had stumbled on a recent murder.” (Christian Als)

The bog body in the Bord Na Mona Cashel Bog, in Co. Laois found

Lovers-of-Valdaro. A unique Neolithic double burial, a young man and woman who had died 6000 years ago and been locked in an eternal embrace ever since.

While in Arhus, Denmark, this is a photo I took of a Tollund Man

The feets of bog bodies or probably of apothecary mummies? Found on a Dublin attic

Tales of the Living Dead - Bog Body - Woman found dead unknown cause of .

Windeby I is the name given to the bog body found preserved in a peat bog

Germany. Schleswig. Landesmuseum. Bog Bodies (Moorleichen) Exhibit. Windeby II…

Close up of " Old Croghan Man"s hand. 2000 year old bog body

This unbelievably well-preserved bog mummy, known as the Grauballe Man, had his throat slashed in a ritualistic fashion, suggesting that his death was part ...

Cthulhu: Bog Body. A body mumified by bog water. Google Tollund man,

Find this Pin and more on Moereiken/bogwood by Crea Natura.

08sshj kopf moorleiche

Recent analysis of the remains of Windeby “girl,” along with preliminary DNA tests, showed that she was probably a boy. The body's hair, once thought to ...

The Ballachulish figure – a bog or crossing guardian, dug from a peat grave in

The Bog People: Iron Age Man Preserved

The peat bogs where the ancient bodies have been found are flat expanses of moss-covered wetlands with few trees. (Christian Als)

Body of an adolescent, sex uncertain, lying in a flexed position. Skull -

10 Ancient Bodies Preserved in the Bogs of Europe. Low temperatures, lack of oxygen, and very high acidity of the sphagnum bogs in Europe preserved the skin ...

Plate MDF 50x50cm ...

Bog Bodies of Europe Were Preserved in Peat for Thousands of Years

Bog Body: Clonycavan Man. A 2,300-year-old- Murder Mystery. The unifying factor of the bog bodies is that they have been found in peat and are primarily ...

The Tollund Man - Elling Woman

Yde Girl This is one of Europes bog bodies, found in 1897 by peat cutters by the village of Yde in the Netherlands. Carbon dating on the body dated her to ...

The Bog People: Iron Age Man Preserved (New York Review Books Classics)

What Scientists Have Learned about the Grauballe Man Bog Body

Borremose Man and Woman: Bog Bodies @ Mummy Tombs

N. European Bog Body. Some 1600 years after his death, "Red Franz" still has much of his hair and beard, though the bog waters have dyed it red. photo ...

Grauballe Man Still Partially Interred in Peat - bog bodies

Yde Girl This is one of Europes bog bodies, found in 1897 by peat cutters by the village of Yde in the Netherlands. Carbon dating on the body dated her to ...

World's oldest mummified bog body found in Europe

Found in Denmark, the Tollund Man is a perfect example of a bog body. Examining the boday shows that he was a man in his 30's or 40's.

A costume dating back to the Pre-Roman Iron Age. (from a bog)

Bog Bodies: The Ancient Dead

Danish Bog Man - I've seen him and other "bog people" excavated from the peat bogs. Amazing that they were so well preserved... look at all that hair!

The man from Borremose

List of bog bodies

Female mummy with child, South America

close up of Tollund Man's head

Damendorf, Dätgen, Osterby, and Rendswühren Men: Bog Bodies @ Mummy Tombs

Grassy tufts dot the terrain where bog bodies have been found. Poet Seamus Heaney described Jutland's ghostly marshes as “man-killing parishes.

save peat bogs

The Bocksten Bog Man himself

The partial remains of a bog body has been uncovered in Rossan bog near Kinnegad in Co.

Another female Bronze Age icon is now known to have travelled across Europe. Egtved Girl is not alone: Skrydstrup Woman also travelled far and wide, ...

Remains: The pit in Peru, where archaeologists discovered the remains of more than 80 men, women, children and infants


Windeby I: Bog Bodies @ Mummy Tombs

Hologram of the mummified body of Lindow Man


Bog People: Bog Head

Tollund Man lived in the 4th century BCE, and is one of the best studied examples of a bog body.

Bog Body

The Tollund ManWikimedia

Lindow man after conservation

Woman's Bog Body

Bog Hand: Amazingly preserved!

National+Geographic+Bog+Bodies | Bog Body

Lindow Man

Mummified head of Stidsholt Woman, a bog body

The Tollund Mans alimentary canal

The carvers of the Ballachulish bog guardian provided her with a pair of quartz eyes.

Human Bog Body: Head discovered in 1912.

Elling Woman was found in 1938 in the Bjeldskovdal bog, west of Silkeborg, Denmark

Clonycavan man, a sacrificial bog body found in County Meath, Ireland. Analysis on his hair has found traces of a kind of pre-historic hair gel made from ...

Clonycavan Man - Ireland's Most Famous Bog Body on Display in the National Museum - ©

These are bog body hair samples. Strontium ratios offer “perfect geographical GPS.” (Christian Als)


Paar van Weerdinge (Drents Museum)

Excavation of an unidentified bog body in 1896

Bog Bodies: The Ancient Dead - Listverse

Red haired Grauballe Man, celtic bog body

Take a look at the Tollund Man

Bog body - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A limited number of bogs have the correct conditions for preservation of mammalian tissue. Most

Veeneiken zijn (veen)lijken van eiken die honderden tot duizenden jaren geleden in moerasbossen

Preserved bog wood at Camowen

The Tollund Man

World's oldest mummified bog body found in Europe

reproduction of 2 century B.C. hairstyle denmark. bog body :elling woman. her hair