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The best known encaustic works are the Fayum funeral portraits

The best known encaustic works are the Fayum funeral portraits


Roman Egyptian Mummy Case Portrait of a young woman from the Fayum Cemetery. Around period of the Antonines. Encaustic on wood, 33 x 20 cm P 212

The History Of Encaustic Painting. EncausticPortraitWoman[1]

Portrait of a man with a mole on his nose Period: Roman Period Date: A.D. 130–150 Geography: Egypt Medium: Encaustic, limewood Dimensions: H. 39.4 x W. 19.3 ...

The Fayum Portraits: Greek and Roman painting style, encaustic (εγκαυστική) (from enkaio “to burn-in” ) on wood, part of the Egyptian culture (funeral ...


Mummy portrait of a bearded man, Romano-Egyptian, 140-160 AD.

Fayum mummy portrait of a young man in encaustic on lime wood About AD 140-60

Fayum Mummy Portrait of a Girl - Roman Egypt AD; Wax colors (encaustic) on sycamore wood.

Fayum mummy portrait mod


Fayum Funeral Portraits

Fayum funeral Portrait (Egypt - Ier-IVè AD)

An Egyptian encaustic on wood mummy portrait of a woman. Hadrianic period, c.

Unknown Fayum Funeral Portrait of a man Greco-Roman from Egypt

Fayum portrait - non-indigenous Egyptians / Africans but instead from Graeco-Roman occupationsMore

2016 contact for encaustic and enkaustikos paints Fayum Funerary Portraits: ...

Fayum Funeral Portrait from the 1st-3rd century B.C. Encaustic ...

The Fayum Portraits | WorldArts

Fayum burial portrait

Unknown Artist Encaustic Fayum portrait

Fayum Mummy Portrait Roman Egypt (c.) Encaustic on Panel, x cm. The British Museum, London

... tempera paintings, such as the yellowing, embrittlement, and gradual oxidizing of drying oils, do not exist in encaustic paintings.

Header Sidebar. Search for: Home / Learn About Encaustic / The History of Encaustic Painting from Fayum Funeral Portraits ...

Mummy portrait of a Woman, Egypt, Fag el Gamus(?

paint colors with encaustic Left: Faiyum mummy portrait of a ...

Fayum funeral Portrait (Egypt - Ier-IVè AD)


This mummy is intact with the panel inserted over the face. mummy with encaustic Funeral Panel

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Mummy portrait of a woman from Fayum, Hawara, modern-day Egypt. The portrait was painted in encaustic on wood. Roman, AD 300-325. The British Museum, London

... the Fayum funeral portraits. 2and3

"Fayum Mummy Portrait Mask," Egyptian, ca. second century CE, painted. “

An Egyptian encaustic on wood mummy portrait of a bearded man. Hadrianic period, c

... powers and demonstrating her intense passion, gave the students two wonderful lectures this last month. Her first, The Mysterious Fayum Portraits, ...

The single specimen of Gayet's mummy portraits from Antinoopolis for which information on its archaeological context is available. The heavily gilt portrait ...

Fayum mummy portrait 7 by Lijah ...

Mummy with an Inserted Panel Portrait of a Youth from 1st Century A.D.. mummy with encaustic Funeral Panel. “

Detail of a Mummy Portrait of Isidora shown in raking light

Egypt Roman Period Fayum Mummy Portraits Man Encaustic

End of the mummy portrait tradition[edit]

A painted wood Fayum portrait of a man. Roman period, c. 80-

Portrait of the Boy Eutyches

Moreover, encaustic had a far greater durability than tempera, which was vulnerable to moisture. Pliny refers to encaustic paintings several hundred years ...

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Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Funerary Portraits through Modern Technology | The Getty Iris

Man with sword belt, British Museum.

This mummy portrait – like many others – shows signs of having been cut down from

Female Mummy Portrait Mask Roman Period Faiyum, Egypt 2nd century CE

Ancient art portraits. “

Anonymous, Funerary Portrait of a Woman 'The European' (c 80 - 200

REVIEW: Mummy portraits or Fayum mummy portraits (also Faiyum mummy portraits) is the modern term given to a type of naturalistic painted portrait on wooden ...

... Saatchi Art Artist Sarah Emam; Painting, “fayum portraits” #art

I attended The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts last Fall 2008 and wrote a blog post at the end of the semester expressing my strong desire to return to the ...

Fayum Funeral Portrait, Mummy Portrait of a Woman, Antinoopolis, End of the Reign

Exhibition :

... Marina el-Alamein suggest that mummy portraits actually were known throughout much of Egypt, so that the term "Fayum portraits" is no longer valid.

Fayum Portraits (Art Memoir)

Fragments Of A Mummy Portrait Of A Man


An Egyptian encaustic on wood mummy portrait of a woman (Hadrianic period, 2nd century

#fayum hashtag on Twitter

Detail of a portrait within its mummy wrappings, Metropolitan Museum of Art, discovered by Flinders Petrie in 1911.

Fayum mummy portrait 3 by Lijah ...

Anonymous, Funerary Portrait of a Woman 'Isidora' (c 100 - 110 CE

Almost as if these portraits served their indelible purpose, thousands of years later, it is impossible to view them without feeling connected to the ...

Mummy and Portrait of Demetrios , 95-100

The faces of antiquity in the sale rooms of New York

Egyptian Fayum portrait of a man, Roman Period. 2nd century AD. Fayum are

Fayum mummy portrait 6 by Lijah ...

These Fayum funeral portraits date from around 100 years A.D. According to the Metropolitan Museum:

Portrait Greeting Card featuring the photograph Fayum Mummy Portrait by Petrie Museum Of Egyptian Archaeology,

For a long time, it was assumed that the latest portraits belong to the end of the 4th century, but recent research has modified this view considerably, ...

One of the Fayoum portraits depicting a boy, 2nd century, Warsaw. Encaustic on wood

3 Fayum Funeral Portrait, Mummy Portrait of a Woman, Antinoopolis, End of the Reign of Trajan, 98-117 A.D., Wax portrait on wood.

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Fayum burial portrait

caustic painting was practiced by Greek artists as far back as the 5th century B.C. Most of our knowledge of this early use comes from the Roman historian, ...

The Fayum portraits are a collection of paintings discovered in the Fayum, a valley near Cairo, dating to the Roman period, from the early 1st century AD ...


Three-dimensional funerary masks of painted plaster from Faiyum (1st century), Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

The Walters Art Museum: Mummy Portrait of a Bearded Romano-Egyptian Man Faiyum Egypt

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Yapitta by Judy Vars Encaustic Beeswax ~ 12 x 12

Found broken and wrapped within the bandages of the same



Mysterious Fayum Portraits: Euphrosyne Doxiadis: 9780810933316: Books - Amazon.ca

Portrait of Demos, young woman who died at 24, encaustic painting on wood,

Mummy Portrait of a Bearded Man Roman Period Faiyum Region Egypt 170 - 180 CE Encaustic


Mummy Portrait of a Youth

Art & Design

The Mysterious Fayum Portraits: Faces from Ancient Egypt: Euphrosyne Doxiadis, Dorothy J. Thompson: 9780500282175: Amazon.com: Books

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