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The biggest known hole in the universe has left a coldspot in the

The biggest known hole in the universe has left a coldspot in the


article image Strange gigantic supervoid or Cold Spot found in universe

Could cold spot in the sky be a bruise from a collision with a parallel universe?

'Cold Spot' Anomaly Billions of Light Years Across --"Caused By a Collision With Another Universe"

Unexplained Missing Universe Supervoid a Cold Spot in Space

An artist's impression of 2MASS J2126, which takens 900,000 years to. Photos: Wonders of the universe

Meet UGC 1382: What astronomers thought was a normal elliptical galaxy (left) was. Photos: Wonders of the universe

A patch of stars appears to be missing in this image from the La Silla Observatory

Is the Eridanus Void a “Universe-in-Mass” Black Hole One-Billion Light Years Across?

Caltech researchers have found evidence of a giant planet tracing a bizarre, highly elongated orbit. Photos: Wonders of the universe

Scientists and observatories around the world were able to trace a high-energy neutrino to

Peering through the thick dust clouds of the galactic bulge, an international team of astronomers

In March 2016, astronomers published a paper on powerful red flashes coming from binary system. Photos: Wonders of the universe

A massive galaxy cluster known as SDSS J1038+4849 <a href=". Photos: Wonders of the universe

Biggest map of giant voids and clusters in the universe solves major cosmological puzzle

The biggest known hole in the universe has left a cold-spot in the cosmic

Figuring out the mysteries of the universe, one galaxy collision at a time. (NASA, ESA, SAO, CXC, JPL-Caltech, and STScI)

Mysterious 'cold spot' in space could be proof of a parallel universe. The Cosmos News

Could Cold Spot In The Sky Be A Bruise From A Collision With A Parallel Universe

Artist's impression of how the first stars in the universe may have looked. N.R.Fuller, National Science Foundation

Biggest structure in the universe is huge hole, scientists find | The Independent

This image shows the elliptical galaxy NGC 4889, deeply embedded within the Coma galaxy cluster

Astronomers have discovered powerful auroras on a brown dwarf that is 20 light-years away. Photos: Wonders of the universe

An artist's illustration shows a binary black hole found in the quasar

Tech. Mysterious 'Cold Spot': Fingerprint of Largest Structure in the Universe?

Astronomers noticed huge waves of <a href="http://. Photos: Wonders of the universe

Have scientists ...

An artist's impression of what a black hole might look like. Photos: Wonders of the universe

Using powerful optics, astronomers have found a planet-like body, J1407b, with. Photos: Wonders of the universe

At the furthest-most reaches of the observable universe lies one of the most enigmatic

'Bizarre' Group of Distant Black Holes are Mysteriously Aligned

A bight blue cloud of dust and gas in deep space

Mysterious “Cold Spot” in Space May Prove the Multiverse is Real

This NASA handout artist's illustration shows a black hole at the upper left and its companion star is on the right

A photo issued by the European Southern Observatory showing how a typical galaxy appears at different

“Great Cold Spot” Discovered on Jupiter | Smart News | Smithsonian

As one can see from the image in the above section, voids are very common in outer space. Because of the huge filaments that intersect each other, ...

Radio ...

Is Another Universe Sitting Too Close To Us On The Multiverse Bus? - Universe Today

Nighttime sky view of the future galaxy during the collision 4 billion years from now

'The Unknown Universe': From Stuart Clark's Fascinating Guide to Modern Cosmology

Stephen Hawking is reportedly taking steps to trademark his name

According to theories surrounding the Big Bang, the infant universe had warmer and cooler spots of various sizes. However, a spot this large and so cold was ...

ESO 461-36 - A dwarf galaxy isolated in the Local Void

Hubble ...

Kaku and Guth say they believe it's possible that a white hole shooting out matter from anther universe could have resulted in the Big Bang that created our ...

Hubble at 25: the best images from the space telescope - in pictures

Cosmic soup glow anomaly 'weirder than we ever thought'

9The Newfound Blob

supervoid. Astronomers have found evidence of a giant void that could be the largest known structure in the universe.

... the universe so cold? Black hole

Great Cold Spot discovered on Jupiter

Searching For The Culprit Behind The Universe's Great Cold Spot - TNC Network

NuSTAR finds cosmic clumpy doughnut around black hole

big-dark-cloud.jpg700x615 82.7 KB

In this artist's illustration, an intermediate-mass black hole lies in the middle of

The black holes will eat up everything else in the universe. I'm Robbert Dijkgraaf. I'm the Director and Leon Levy Professor at the Institute for Advanced ...

List of largest cosmic structures. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Cold Spot in the cosmic microwave background radiation has led astronomers to speculate the possibility of parallel universes.

Impression of overlapping multiverse



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Seeker. Our Universe: It's the ' ...

Surrounding this singularity is a sphere-like region known as the event horizon, from inside which nothing can escape, even if it moves at the Universe's ...

Supervoid: Astronomers have discovered a massive hole 1.8 billion light years across (Image: NASA)

Alignment of Supervoid and Cold spot including Quasars support the idea of

Above Image (195 KB)

The Universe's First-Born Stars Had A Cold Nursery

The Hubble Space Telescope captured images of Jupiter's three great moons -

The universe

Our Universe Was Spinning on a Rotation Axis in a Larger Space Relative with Other Universes when the Big-Bang happened, says Michael Longo | Plasma ...

Map of dark matter (light blue) digitally superposed on a photograph made by the

deep space objects KIC 8462852

The Boötes Void

Galactic Views (67)

Just 28,000 light years from our planet, a black hole labeled H1743-322 is hurling cosmic bullets into space at lighting speeds.

Big Empty Space

The Universe is littered with them. They have speckled the darkness of intergalactic space for

The traveling black hole

Weekly astronomy news

Have Astronomers Found The Largest Structure In The Known Universe ? | IFLScience | Science Stuff | Pinterest

Larger ...

Black Holes

Astronomers discover largest known structure in the universe is ... a big hole | Science | The Guardian

NASA's NuSTAR telescope array generated the first map of radioactivity in the remnants of an exploding star, or supernova. Blue in this image of Cassiopeia ...

Parallel universe, parallel universes, multiverse, universe, space, science, galaxy,. NASA first discovered the baffling Cold Spot ...

Black hole? Or wormhole in disguise? | CosmOnline