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The first official Australian stamp the 39kangaroo and map39 stamp

The first official Australian stamp the 39kangaroo and map39 stamp


Australia 1915 Kangaroo on Map Fine Mint SG 39 Scott 50 Other Australian Stamps HERE

Original Gum

australia unissued reject first kangooro stamp. See More. AUSTRALIA - Kangaroos - Second Watermark 5/- Deep Grey & Yellow Watermark Inverted,

Australia 1929 Kangaroo on Map Fine Used SG 108 Scott 97 Other Australian Stamps HERE

Blue Moon Philatelic Stamp Store - Australia 2 Stamp Kangaroo and Map of Australia Stamp AUS 2-1 USED, ...

Australian 6 pence stamp issued 1913

Australia 1913 SG 1 Kangaroo on Map Fine Mint

Australia 1913 SG 3 Kangaroo on Map Fine Mint. KangaroosPostage StampsCommonwealthChildhood ...

Australia, Kangaroo and Map, gray (SG Scott C of A watermark

File:Australia stamp 1913 2pd kangaroo.jpg For most, Australian philately proper begins

Australia 1915 SG 5 Kangaroo on Map Fine Used SG 25 Scott 4 Other Australian Stamps

An early Australian stamp (c1913)

AUSTRALIA - Kangaroos - First Watermark 10/- Grey & Pink few blunt perfs, mint, Cat $2,000. Dealer Phoenix Auctions Auction Starting Price.

Kangaroo SG 73 3rd watermark 6d chestnut

The retouch is to the four lines above N (at least).

Lot Number: 1523

Australia postage stamp 1913 Kangaroo and Map

Australia 1915 2d GREY Kangaroo & Map Third Wmk - SOME SHORT PERFS - FINE USED

Australia postage stamp 1913 Kangaroo and Map - SG 16 £2 Black and Rose. Issued on 8 Apr 1913

An early Australian stamp

Australia 1913 SG 4 Kangaroo on Map Fine Mint

Australia SG 27 Scott 41 1915 VF Used 9d Violet Kangaroo & Map 2nd Wmk SCV

**2013 Australian $10 Kangaroo on Map stamp fine used**

Australia 1915 2d GREY Kangaroo - Roo Map - Third Watermark postage stamp Used

Break in top inner frame adjacent to the right inner frame.

Australia 1932 Superb Lyrebird SG 140 Fine Used .

Australia: Multiple Crown C of A Watermark, chestnut in fine mint Ash imprint block of four, the upper left unit displaying 'white hairline from value to ...

Australia's first national stamp issue - the Kangaroo and Map

Lot ...

Australia 39 U Animals, Kangaroo and Map

Issue No. 322 / May–June 2013. World Stamp ...

Australia_Kangaroo_1d_Double_Print_Forgery1. “

Australia postage stamp Kangaroo and Map

SG 1121b 39c Tourism, Living Together colour control circle gutter pair (AF1/238). Home > Australia > Australian Specialist Stamps > ...

I suspect this is Brisbane CTO?

Australia postage stamp 1913 Kangaroo and Map

Lot Number: 5231

Kangaroo & map. Image via Wikipedia. The “Roo” stamp

Australian State & Territory Stamps

Australia SG 110 Scott 98 1929 VF 2/- Kangaroo & Map Crown A Multiple


Australia 1913 2d GREY Kangaroo & Map First Watermark postage stamp Used

Australia_Kangaroo_1d_Double_Print_Forgery2. “

Australia 1913 1/- GREEN First Watermark Kangaroo Roo Map postage stamp Used



Lot Number: 5241

SG O39 ACSC 71S-SA Official 1d Pale Rose Salmon Eosin Die I King George V Head with Drury Certificate (PKJG/1)

Kangaroo SG 35 3rd watermark 2d grey

Lot Number: 1631

Lot Number: 5242

Postage stamp of Australian Kangaroo

Rare Postage Stamps and Stamp Collector Investments


Kangaroo & map. Image via Wikipedia. The “Roo” stamp


Lot Number: 1630

Lot Number: 1604




Glen Stephen's Page 1 article on the sale March 26, 2007 in "Linn's Stamp News".

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2013: Centenary of the First Australian Commonwealth Banknote Set of 2

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Lot 403

Australia 1931 SG 127w King George V Head Booklet Stamps Fine Used .

Lot Number: 5237

Lot ...

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AUSTRALIA: Kangaroo on Map, 1d Red die 2, Crown over A, first


Lot Number: 1603

Kangaroo. Surcharged OS


Page 1

Australian Mint Stamp Variations David Mallen



A Swedish 8-krona stamp (Scott 2415) and a 34¢ United States stamp (3504), a joint issue for the centenary of the Nobel Prize. Click on image to enlarge.

Lot 21

Australia - 1/6 Black, Hermes & Globe, Airmail stamp, 1949

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Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith's Flights SG 122 Fine Mint .

AUSTRALIA 1916 9d VIOLET DIE II KANGAROO (third watermark) S.G No 39 Used (

Victoria Beer Buty 1/6d Blue (1892) revenue BOB VFU L%$

El Salvador


ESTATE: Guernsey collection heaps , great mix - great item (6948)

An Australian History Through the Postage Stamp

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Australia 1936 SG 159 Telephone Link SG 159 Fine Used .

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